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    Hello. I am a newbie to the forum and Aneros use. I bought a Vice a few months back but really didn't understand its proper use until I stumbled upon the forum a few weeks ago. I started my journey two weeks ago and I think I am making good progress. I now have a Vice and Eupho and try and alternate them. I have done 6-7 sessions so far and I am getting P-waves, mild involuntaries and twitching, and a fair amount of motion of the massager. Each session has been an education thus far with a range of interesting sensations. I am starting to get better at relaxing during a session. I have managed to fall asleep twice and awake to some neat feelings. I woke up with a RAGING hard-on with the Vice that did not seem to want to go away.

    I want to thank everyone here for the wealth of knowledge that is available. It has been very helpful. I also took the advice right away about discussing this with my wife. She is very understanding and said she would be willing "to do a threesome". We haven't tried it yet but I have had one Super-T (shot about 5 feet!).

    I'm looking forward to the upcoming journey.

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    Welcome to the forum @kolbenstange. Keep up the good work your doing great.
    Good you told wifey. The truth will set you free. And it did!


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      Welcome to the Aneros forums. Sounds like you are well on your way. And have educated yourself quite well. Glad yo u joined us here.


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        welcome kolbenstange, glad to hear your having good progress. Dont forget to ask questions if you have any and read the forums, and check out the chat section.


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          @kolbenstange sounds like you are off to a good start! The involuntaries and massager movement show good progress. And congratulations on sharing with your wife - you now have the opportunity to share some wonderful experiences together.

          Keep posting!


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            That's neat, kolbenstange, and congrats on the great super-T. Makes you feel young again, doesn't it? Of course to get prostate O's coming, you gotta give yourself some time, be super-relaxed, not touching your penis at all, and--at least in my case--it helps to use the smaller diameter massagers with your Eupho being an excellent choice. What helped me the most when I was at your stage in the rewiring was to do gentle PC contractions (that is, gently pulling back on your urinary muscles like cutting off urine flow--not trying to contract your anus muscle) while lightly tickling my nipples. This really helped get that anal quivering feeling and then the funny rectal involuntary sucking in feeling going that pulls the Aneros in which over time and with continued practice causes the warm internal orgasmic feelings to come.

            I'm married too and it's fun working these new found sensations and responses into sex with your wife. Just remember if you've got your toy in and you're doing missionary, use minimal lube, not a lot of injected stuff that can seep out and run down and cause her a urinary tract infection. She can participate in the rewiring training sessions too by helping tickle your nipples and other parts of your body--just not your penis.