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Progasm, and use to cure PE

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  • Progasm, and use to cure PE

    I am considering getting the progasm. My question is, will it help to curb premature ejaculation? I have been suffering with this for some time and it is taking a toll on my psyche. Let alone that my wife is suffering too (got to love her, says it does not bother her but....).

    Thanks for your input.

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    That's a big one to start off with and I don't know that there's any consistent track record so to speak with any of the Aneros products as to slowing ejaculation, but in my experience with the smaller models, which I find to be far more comfortable and effective, learning how to produce dry orgasms from prostate stimulation with these helps me control traditional ejaculation better during sex with my wife, but that's just my personal experience. Others' may be different.

    These products can be "worn" during traditional sex but the Progasm tends to slip out and the smaller models do much better at "staying in" and not becoming painful during the powerful anal and pelvic muscle contractions that occur with traditional ejaculation.

    I'd suggest something more typical for starting out like the Helix or new Helix Syn, or the older widely used MGX. These are more middle of the road size and would probably give you more of what you're looking for.

    Stay in touch on this forum with what you do decide on as you'll probably get lots of useful imput from other users.


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      I find the SGX very helpful for sex with my wife. It is one of the smallest. It tucks in nicely, never feels it will slip out,, has a gentle pressure on my prostate. It makes me work a bit harder to orgasm, which my wife likes. I am 70kg and around 5ft10. It also helps me control my orgasmic tension.
      If you do get one, it may take a while for your body to adjust so the result you seek may take a little time, but the journey is half the fun. You will also have to see how to get your wife onside.
      slimjm is always good in his replies. We find him very helpful.


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        The Aneros massagers are not necessarily a "magic bullet" for premature ejaculation but they can be very helpful. Flexing, toning and strengthening the PC muscle has long been regarded as a viable method for controlling ejaculation and the Aneros products can be used as tool (much like a Kegelsizer) to accomplish this. Beyond that, the Aneros is an essential element in establishing ones Multiple Male Orgasm practice. While this takes time, discovering this alternate arousal pathway can ultimately enable a mind and body focus that allows for much greater control over ejaculation. Imagine being able to turn off the ejaculatory response and have orgasm after orgasm (non-ejaculatory) while having intercourse. The Aneros has made this possible for me.

        In addition to that some men have found that the very presence of an Aneros massager during intercourse provides a different focus that in essence diverts ones attention from ejaculation. One catch to this...some guys have precisely the opposite response, i.e. the presence of the Aneros makes them cum quicker (at least initially). In any event you won't know until you try. With respect to your choice of the Progasm, if you are accustomed to larger fare...go for it! If not, you may want to choose something smaller.

        BF Mayfield


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          i think premature ejaculation is nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone go's thru it at one point or another. If I'm having sex with my wife I can only last maybe 5 minutes tops, hey what can i say it just feels too good. But If I want "her" to get off, well then it just takes much more prep time. Women are very different in that sense then men, we tend to just want to get off, whereas women need to be warmed up. I guess i'm saying this cause I dont think a prostate messager will help in the long run with premature ejaculation, just my personal opinion. I think you would do better learning different techniques to get her warmed up and at the brink of orgasm before penetrative sex. That way when you do, hopefully not being able to last real long wont really matter. I have read tons of things from womens perspective on sex and you would be amazed how differently they feel about it then we do. Dont get me wrong, im not telling you how to have sex with your wife, just explaining my situation so that it may or may not help how you feel about the situation and maybe some things to try out. If I want my wife to have an earth-shattering orgasm, we usually start out with a long massage, body rub. Then from there move on to passionate kissing, fondling. You would be amazed how much it turns a woman on by spending the time to get her close to the brink. That also includes using your tongue if you know what i mean :P. Focusing on one area for a while and moving on to another, but always going back to her vagina. Women have many erongenous zones on their bodies, and if you learn to play their body like an instrument and pay attention to her reactions and signals, it can only lead to good things. Anyways i hope my info helps. But either way, definately look into a prostate massager for yourself! Its well worth it!