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I heard Aneros High is good - what type of weed?

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  • I heard Aneros High is good - what type of weed?

    First Post! Howdy howdy howdy.

    So, I was reading this post =>

    And I'm curious what type of weed (Indica, Sativa, a hybrid) people think would be the most fun. I also made a batch of brownies yesterday that I'm looking forward to trying out. Hurray for legal weed.

    Also, I read a counter point to the referenced post, that you should be sober when you play with the aneros because you don't want to reduce your sensitivity. Thoughts?

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    Eating a brownie or cookie with an Indica strain (high CBD to THC ratio, ) of marijuana is probably your best bet for Aneros use. Eating it slows down the onset, allowing you to relax and transition your session as the weed takes effect. The sedative and analgesic effect of CBD ( ) leads to a whole body feeling as opposed to a head high and it also tempers the mental rush THC can cause. The idea here is to get so into the ride that you forget the high, not get so high that you forget to enjoy the ride.


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      Well, as a casual user, I'm not always sure what type of weed I'm getting, and in a state that has not yet legalized it, it's hard to tell anyway. Pot luck, you might say.

      Having said that, the weed I get is pretty damn good. I usually smoke it, just a small amount in a pipe. It's about an hour high, but as a pretty experienced Anerosian, my sessions during a weed induced high are nothing short of spectacular, and I can pretty much be assured of a non-stop one hour orgasm. It's really something. The neatest thing, for me, is that I can do it twice...two one hour orgasm sessions right on top of each other, with two different toys. I usually start with my Progasm or Helix and then "choke down" to my Eupho for the second go-round.

      Pretty damn intense, that's all I can say.



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        Agreeing with Imp, I've had good sessions with indica strains, eaten. But I also smoke which lets me meter out the amount to get just the right effect without going overboard. Too stimulated will not work well.


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          Thanks for all the replies!

          I ended up giving it a shot after querying here, and while I did get super high and had a great time - even after a couple hours I hadn't even started to get close to an anally related orgasm. I've had a few from playtime with an exgf but never from the aneros.

          This weekend I'll try a thick indica bowl and these tasty brownies that I just baked up, and keep trying out the Syn.

          I bought the Vice first and I like that its a bit bigger... but that's why the Syn is for noobs right - because its weight makes it easier to move around?


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            i have found that a light weed high works well. i have gotten higher and that can work too, i get lost in crazy erotic hallucinations, like seeing a picture of a young guy facing the camera with a big fat boner as a fertility god egging me onto erotic heights.

            but i would think that higher is not necessarily better, as you could get distracted from your main mission, which is flowing into the O-zone.



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              Main Mission, that's what I'm working on! I've gotten high a lot of times in my life but have never had that super-Orgasm and that is my Main Mission right now.

              I've had a couple of times when the pot I ate (too much or too buzzy a strain) made me impatient during my session. I felt like I was clock-watching, thinking "when's this going to happen?" Distracting to say the least.


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                Personally my sessions are better WITHOUT weed. As I get too horny and try to make the super O happen more. Perhaps thats just me though.


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                  My personal preference is to consume an edible for the long-lasting body high with slow onset, and as that starts to kick in I'll vaporize a small bowl of primo sativa for immediate effect. Best of both worlds.


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                    I am very sensitive and particular about the kind of weed I consume and when I do it. Durban Poison is like espresso, Violator Kush is like a strong sedative sleeping medicine.But, interestingly, I don't find the effects on the sexual experience to be that dramatic. I have heard Blueberry recommended for arousal, but I haven't tried it. My overall favorite strain is Green Crack - tons of energy, pleasure and euphoria with no energy zapping effects. My favorite for doing yoga is Golden Goat... Its energizing and it also has significant CBD content, thus good painkilling effects that allow me to stretch tense muscles further than usual. Golden Goat is easily the sweetest and most exotic smelling and tasting herb I've ever tried - like intergalactic soda pop. for indicas I really like Hashberry and Cheese... Both are potent, but not 'knockout' stones, that can be enjoyed!

                    Jah, Rastafari!


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                      I'm also curious to know which type is best.