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P Tab slightly bent to the side

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  • P Tab slightly bent to the side

    I have recently bought a Helix Syn and when I took it out for the first time I noticed that the P tab was bent slightly to the side when looking at it straight on. I believe it has to do with the fact that when it was packed into the box the P tab was pushed in further than the rest of the massager in order to make sure that the lid would close over it.

    I know that it is normal for the P tab to slip or move to one side of the perineum but I wanted to know if my P tab being slightly bent will cause problems and also if the P tab will go back to it's intended shape if left outside long enough.

    Thanks in advance.

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    if it it new contact support they may replace it.


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      @crazyphuka - I'd contact Aneros support. They are very good about taking care of their customers.


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        Sounds like mine is the same. The Helix-syn p-tab is quite flexible and seems designed to bend rather than 'anchor' in the sweetspot. (Earlier Aneros toys had a stiff p-tab and that acted a pivot point for the entire toy.)

        Rather than rock back and forth, my Helix-syn mostly moves in and out; yet, very slightly. This seems quite logical when one considers the silicone surface and its interface with the rectal walls.

        I sense that my rectal musculature plays a larger role in the subtle movements of the '-syn' where anal sphincters shared more of the motive power behind the Helix (classic). It's now a different ballgame !

        Using rather stiff lubes (Crisco and Vaseline) yields a new feeling as the rectal muscles, next to the prostate, exert oscillatory pressure waves against the -syn -- the physical movement of the toy is negligible. The flexing of my muscles is what drives my pleasure from the -syn. I think this accrues from the silicone cover, a narrower stem and the 'flex tab.'



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          Mine was bent a little too. Has made no difference. The Syn is so subtle, probably due to the silicone surface. My lube is called Maximus from Lovehoney uk. It is water based and I dilute it two to one with boiled water, cooled. It is 9.99 for 250 mls. It feels like Astroglide


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            Thanks for the advice guys, I will send a message to support and see what they say.


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              The abutment arm on the SYN is far more flexible than on the rigid models. Consequently it has a certain amount of recoil (back away from the body), that is quite normal. However, it should not be bent off axis right out of the box. I too would recommend contacting HIH.

              BF Mayfield


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                I have sent a message on the contact page of the website but no reply yet.

                As for how far it is bent off axis I would say it is a slight bend, probably less than 5 degrees.


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                  @crazyphuka - The p-tab arm on the Helix Syn is very flexible and may become slightly bent, but this is normal and will not have an affect on the performance of the product.

                  During the development/testing phase, we made the slightest adjustments to get it just right and I have bent quite a few of them to the extreme to test flexibility and durability.

                  You should actually be able to straighten it out by bending the arm in the opposite direction, but if you feel there is any issue with the product, we would be happy to replace it for you.

                  Someone from support should have responded by now, but please send me a PM with your contact info and I will look into it further.



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                    Thanks for the info CT it is quite reassuring. I have sent a PM as requested.