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There is no edge, but what am I meant to feel?

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  • There is no edge, but what am I meant to feel?

    So I've been using these things for since April 2011. I have had many interesting feelings some strong and some subtle. I have felt pleasure and I have felt pain. I have felt odd sensations like i have a tens machine stuck up my ass and other like I have caught my cock in a water jet whilst having a jacuzzi. Boy! Did it hurt so good!

    Each time it's different and I can never get back any of those feelings I had at the points I consider to be break throughs. It's like I gain a little each time but say good-bye to something mind blowing.

    Is this what the journey is like?

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    You sound lost and disheartened. maybe this might help you see where you are in your journey.
    Remember You might miss some sensations and or they will not be in the right order.
    Everyone is different but it may give you some direction at least.


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      I am sort of in a similar situation. I have some nice experiences that promise so much but they never get anywhere. I started in February 2011. I have not had any things as dramatic as you have had. I spend a lot of time on a plateau, but often find I am in a valley - seem to be going backwards. I am in a valley at the moment. Even changing the Aneros is not making any difference. I am hoping that this is all part of the change process. I have lowered my expectations and am trying to surrender to what ever is happening with my prostate. I use an Aneros most nights. It usually feels good and I often sleep with it. In the valley I just keep using it. I trust one day there may be something significant to post. This is just where I am. It may help a bit to know that for many of us it just takes a lot of time. So I try to enjoy the journey.


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        I guess I am(was?) feeling disheartened and little disappointed. Ever since I had a very powerful and long dry-O about year ago I've had such great expectations. I am coming to the conclusion that just like regular sex that a good 80% of this is of the head. If you can't let go of expectation you'll end up being full of anxiety and doubt and things won't happen that pleasantly at all!
        @braveneworld thanks for the link to the milestones section on the wiki. I haven't looked at that since I first started using my MGX a long time ago. It was good to look at it again and see how far I've come.

        I've revisited the hypnaerosession mp3 during my last 2 sessions this week which really got me out of my rut. No super-O yet but none the less more enjoyable than I remember. @isvara have you tried that yet?


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          In my experience, seconds before I orgasm, I feel a great sense of buildup. I feels like Im getting "wound up" I concentrate on not clenching hard like my body instintually wants to do. Doing that basically snuffs out the potential orgasm. As I keep building, eventually I reach a point where I no longer control the pleasure and I'm simply experiencing it. I only realize I have past the "edge" several seconds after the fact. There is certainly no feeling of finding the edge and willing myself over it. Hopefully this helps you! Good luck, and don't lose hope! (it took me well over a year too)


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            I have had similar frustrations, mainly due to the fact Ive been trying with a fair few aneros products to get somewhere for the past 3 years and got nothing, nada... no sensations (at least nothing pleasurable)! however recently i have started some new techniques and something different is happening, please if those that have mastered it/made it see if i'm on the right path...

            I currently use the SGX as its the ONLY product aneros make that doesn't cause some degree of discomfort, i'm smaller than most men my age (31) and think i need a smaller device.

            What i now do is this: i become acclimatised to the device and reduce my expectations to zero so i can be totally relaxed. I then take it in and release, which produces nothing but a knackering stress on my internal muscles and generally tiring me out after 30 mins and for the rest of the day. BUT if i take it and clench the device and hold it for around 30-sec to a minute i start to get these mini 'micro' movements in the device, in an almost automatic fashion. Is this just a sphincter muscles contracting or something a little more?

            I find that this is even more tiring however i feel something pleasureable.... nothing approaching anything remotely orgasmic but it nonetheless feels rather nice. If i do this for 90 mintues (holding it for 30 secs-45 secs and then releasing for around 2-3 mins and repeat for the 90 minutes) it begins to get more intense in terms of the level of these 'micro' movements, if i feel the device with my hand whilst doing it i can feel it moving slightly, so it almost feels automatic yet it isn't quite as i have to clench first.... I also should mention that this would only work when i was lying on my front with my penis on my stomach/bed and baring down however after doing this for around 3 sessions or so i can now be in a sitting, standing, kneeling, fetal etc position and it works, previously i had tried these positions and it would not work but now it seems to happen no matter how i am positioned.

            When i do release as well, each time it feels like i can feel the burn of a long run, with the blood rushing back into certain parts of body but in this instance it rushes back into the muscles inside maybe? which feels warm and again feels quite tiring inside there. Though each time i do these sessions the tiring feeling isnt as strong/or as much...

            What i want to know is, am i finally getting somewhere? and also is what i am doing safe? i do not want to damage anything in there. I must also stress that this is the ONLY thing that works, that feels good or that even approaches anything that isn't boring or has zero feeling whatsoever.


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              @fapjack agreed wound up and not clenching. Good explanation . I feel exactly the sameBut getting it right is the hardest thing, more fails than getting it right.
              I guess my body is still learning.
              There is no way to fathom the experience until it just happens . You can not tell someone how to do it coz they can not have a hope of understanding until it happen naturally.
              They just have to follow the path like we had too until yippeee!


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                Today I felt my helix almost rub rhythmically against my prostate instead of just make contact with it and just produce pressure.


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                  @hywel I suspect the aneros is contacting almost all the time but your brain does not know it.I am going out on a limb here. I could be wrong but humour me.
                  I suspect you are lying on your back with your knees bent. Good guess or not?
                  If so move onto your side. Exactly like being on your back but just rowel over in the same position and lay there for 10 minutes.
                  I hope this increases your prostate feeling of pressure.
                  If I am on my back the feeling just wither away. When I first started there was no feelings.
                  maybe your a side person not a back person experimentation is the key.

                  Hope I have helped and not just made a big assumption and got it wrong.
                  Keep going its a long road but the rewards do await you.


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                    @braveneworld You guessed right! I'll give that a try next session. Thanks for the tip.