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  • The choice of lube

    Hey Everyone,

    Its been a while since I have posted but im still enjoying my aneros. I have been testing various lubes most recently Maximus and have also tried sliquid organic natural water based lube. I usually give myself a clean out with a douche but I recently often find the lube dries out pretty quickly, I'm currently using maximus. I was wondering what lubes have proven to be very effective and anything else anyone can tell me would be great

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    the best lube i have used is flaxseed. You simmer 1 tbsp of flax seed in about 3/4-1 cup of water for about 7-10 minutes, then strain the seeds out.


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      The primary function of the lubrication is to assure a minimum of friction between your Aneros and you. Since the rectum produces very little in the way of natural lubrication, it is necessary to provide supplemental lubrication to assure a comfortable and irritation free buffer. Understand the amount of Aneros movement generated by your internal muscular contractions is actually very small, so in that sense it doesn't really slide much at all (except upon insertion and extraction). The concept of the Aneros moving freely is just to make sure there is no encumbrance to these small movements.

      There has been a continuing discussion on the Forum about lubrication types and issues. Next to discussions about the Super-O, lubrication is probably the next most discussed topic. I recommend you re-read the Lubrication paragraph in the Getting Started chapter of the Aneros WIKI and then read through the Bestlube..., Need Help with lube choice, Coconut Oil or Unrefined Shea butter... threads for additional information and insight into this topic.

      There are many choices for natural lubrication, it is more a matter of personal preference which particular lube you choose to use. Olive, coconut, walnut and almond oils are all popular alternative natural lube choices, shea butter is another popular natural lubricant. These natural lubricants do not contain glycerin which can have a laxative effect on many men. The rectal wall is a highly permeable membrane, easily absorbing water and the chemicals therein. While natural oil lubes do get absorbed like water based lubes, the absorption rate is slower and as the viscosity of the oil increases, the absorption rate decreases. Hence lighter weight (low viscosity) oils like grape seed and olive oil will be more readily absorbed and disperse more rapidly than heavier oils (higher viscosity) like almond oil or canola oil.

      Personally, I am concerned about the uptake of the various chemicals in commercial 'personal lubricants'. Since I've developed a sensitivity to the glycerin found in many of the commercial lubricants, I've switched to using the 'Natural Jelly' formulation. I've also found a 50% almond oil - 50% shea butter lube effective as well.
      Good Vibes to You !


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        I'm a big fan of a combination of Probe Thick and Rich (available online and at some Walgreens locations in gay areas of town in the U.S.), Alboline (also at Walgreens or CVS in the U.S.) but in the make up remover/moisturizer aisle and Vaseline.

        I guess you could say I've got kind of a lube up ritual going on. I warm the Probe in some hot water in the sink for a few minutes then use a children's medicine dosing syringe to squirt 5 to 10 mls of the Probe in my rectum. I then put a coating of Vaseline around my anus and a bit on the Aneors of choice along with a thicker coating of Alboliine on the Aneros and in it goes.

        This system produces consistently great results for me and has no purging effects like was so common with glycerin-based lubes I tried when I first started.

        Probe says it contains natural, plant-based ingredients so I don't worry at all about it.

        The other thicker lube I use many times is coconut oil, which smells great and is supposed to be a home remedy for a host of irritable bowel conditions so you might want to try this. It's a solid at room temp but melts into an oil consistency upon contact with your body.


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          Slippery Stuff Gel and Vaseline is what I like best. Slippery Stuff Gel is super thick, super slippery, super long-lasting, and anal safe (no glycerin). Shoot some inside with a Lube Shooter-type device, and rub a thin layer of Vaseline over the Aneros.


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            Just brought some 100% pure Organic Shea Butter Unrefined and 6 200ml bottles of pure almond oil food grade on all for 16 will last me a while and gives me a chance to test both out.


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              The almond oil arrived today looks to be of a high quality came in a 6 pack so I have plenty of it now , the shea butter should arrive tomorrow.


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                ok the shea butter and almond oil worked great


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                  @Rocketman10 - Just wondering how you used the two. Did you mix them in the ratio that @rumel mentioned above?


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                    How important is the viscosity of a lube when using your aneros? Some silicone lubes, despite being long lasting, are quite thin. Is it worth ignoring these in preference for something a lot thicker?


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                      For me the choice of lube thickness has varied widely over time and with different toys. For two years I was held captive by a compound of Shea Butter and Coconut oil for any Aneros session. For several months last year I preferred a combo of a thick lube like vaseline overlayed with a thin oil or water based lube.

                      More recently, with the -syn I've liked a stiff combo of Crisco on the sphincters and vaseline on the toy. This minimizes movement of the toy and the sensations are mostly those of the ano-rectal musculature involuntarily skidding along the silicone surface of the -syn. An added advantage of this thick lube has been elimination of the need for a cleansing douche before a session.

                      I like a lot of toy mobility for bph therapy massage with the Vice so still have an use for shea_coconut. Likewise, an emulsion of vaseline and Slippery Stuff (gel) gives Progasm or Maximus some added mobility that wouldn't otherwise exist.

                      No one "right" lube for every occasion. Enjoy!