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  • B's Keys to the Backdoor

    Dear Fellow Forum Members,
    The following thread is a distillation, of both of my Keys to the Backdoor threads that formerly appeared in the STICKY section at the top of the forum. In putting this together I have attempted to separate the wheat from the chaff and make this area as informational as possible while preserving the contemporaneous nature of my own personal journey to the Super O. Consequently, I have removed a great deal of the email correspondence that was initially a part of these threads. Those that still remain are there only to give context to my comments. If you should wish to view the original threads in their entirety you will be able to see them in the archive section.

    You may notice that I have not followed the original chronology of these posts, but in doing this, I trust that you’ll find that this thread flows better. Be advised that I have kept most of the original content intact save for a few typos that I was able to catch this time around. In several instances I did change a line or two or add some additional content to add clarity.

    P.S. Be sure to check out the B’s BEST OF BEE LINE thread also. The first post in that thread is the closest thing to an Aneros Primer that I’ve written (and it is fairly current as well)


    BF Mayfield

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    My experience has shown me that this Backdoor to Ecstasy is not opened with a key, but with a combination! I have posted previously that I was lucky enough to stumble into the Super O the very first time I used the Aneros, only to be frustrated by my subsequent attempts. For months I sought in vain for the one factor or "key" that distinguished my first efforts with the device, but to no avail. In my own case I was luckier than many, since I knew what was waiting for me out there. Yet that knowledge only seemed to set me into trying to force it to happen. Ultimately I was successful once more when I started to conceptualize it all as a sensual journey, the final destination being this Super Orgasm. In the end I found that there were numerous factors that are necessary to encourage this kind of experience. And in this way it all seems more like trying to find a "combination" to the lock rather than any single key.

    First I decided to adopt a "beginner's mind" for the task. This involved not only putting out of my mind all of my previous efforts with the Aneros, but more importantly, the process by which I achieved a traditional penile orgasm. I really tried to clean the slate, and in effect open myself to different forms of sensation. Sensations that WOULD NOT INVOLVE ANY DIRECT PENILE STIMULATION WHATSOEVER. I also removed from myself the burden of expectation that plagued me for many months of frustration. Another element that became clear to me over time was that one cannot force this to happen, but rather encourages it. So faced with that realization, I made the conscious decision to enjoy each of my sessions with the Aneros for what it was as opposed to what it wasn't. After all, even absent this Super Orgasm, I was having a lot of fun just trying to find my way, and the consolation prize of a traditional penile orgasm with the Aneros (ejaculation with the Aneros inserted) was(is), well,... not a consolation prize at all, but an intense, fantastic, experience in its own right.


    The first key in this combination lock is to start your Aneros sessions aroused! To facilitate the experience I always start my sessions by relaxing in a good hot shower, which is also a good place to get squeaky-clean too! Very often I direct pull my cheeks apart and direct the shower stream at my anus. The water creates wonderful sensations, and sometimes I find myself almost grinding into it. If an enema is necessary I do this prior to going in the shower. Next, I find that viewing some good erotica is a great way to get aroused while practicing some rhythmic breathing. This kind of exercise for me takes the form of breathing into and expanding my lower abdomen, with a gentle "quivering-wave" like motion, almost as if one is sobbing. It’s important to stress that this is not about hyperventilation, but rather about getting myself excited and in tune with sensations that are abdominal-rectal in origin. At some point I start to introduce gentle anal contractions as well, contracting and holding as I breathe in this way. Soon after, I start to become aware of ”fullness" or swelling of my prostate, which I try to focus on mentally. As I become more aroused I start to pull on my nipples. When I am really in the mood, I am fully capable of having a very intense orgasm with the technique alone! Go to Jack Johnston's for more info. (I developed my own technique after experimenting with his methods which involves sound, mine does not)

    After getting suitably aroused, I generally retire to my bed where I have prepared everything for my session with the Aneros ahead of time. Those items being: one or two towels (one covering the bed) a tube of KY and the Aneros, cleaned and ready to go. It is essential that this preparation be done beforehand, because you do not want to cool down your arousal by having to do it once your session is underway. I then lubricate the Aneros liberally with KY jelly. On some occasions I precede this by prelubricating my anus/rectum with a small amount (4 or 5 cc’s) of KY liquid. Depending on my state of arousal, the insertion of the Aneros itself can in some cases kick start the involuntary anal twitching that are the precursors of the Super Orgasm.

    The second key is then to encourage involuntary anal twitching by paced gentle anal contractions. How many and how long you hold will be determined by your own self-discovery. While I’m experimenting with these contractions I normally engage some of the rhythmic breathing (as described above). The important thing is to take your time and remember if it doesn't happen for you in this session it will in another.

    With regard to the instructions that the manufacturer has given, they are a good starting point, but don’t be concerned with following them to the letter. They are really just an outline, intended to help new Aneros users (newbies) and those unaccustomed to anal play. They will undoubtedly get one going in the right direction, but ultimately your own success will be tied to your own personal self-discovery, so don’t be afraid to deviate from their instructions. Experiment, explore, have fun with it!

    So your anus is twitching,… so what now? Key number three, sit back and enjoy them! I've found that the twitching alone can give you kind of a high of it’s own. But importantly, now is not the time for heavy/strong contractions, again you can't go back into the penile ejaculatory model for cues here, that is, more (contraction) is not necessarily not better. Be observant, be patient, work in subtle and gentle ways and allow things to develop.

    Key number four; after experiencing and enjoying several of these waves of twitches MAKE SURE THAT THE PERINEAL ABUTMENT TAB IS CENTERED ON YOUR SWEET SPOT. What is your sweet spot? It’s my name for the perineal acupressure point, a dime-sized area located half way between your anus and scrotum. Well the good news is that for most people the Aneros takes care of the vertical location for you. All you have to be concerned about is the horizontal orientation of the tab. Generally it is located in the center of you perineum. More specifically, once you start to have the twitches you will hopefully have the makings of a good erection. The erection makes finding the 'sweet spot" easier. Move the tab and find the middle of your perineum. Move the position a little; sometimes it’s not exactly in the center. When you do find this spot you will experience a tingling sensation that you feel SIMULTANEOUSLY inside your penis, through your perineum, your anus and prostate. Try to keep the tab in this position by gently using one or two finger to the side of it as a guide. However, DO NOT PUT ANY PRESSURE ON IT WITH YOUR FINGERS! The reason why is that any pressure that is exerted on the tab must come from your the anal twitching and/or your anal contractions ONLY!

    Key five is about putting it all together. It is the involuntary anal twitching coupled with proper tab placement with an aroused user that starts the neural feedback loop that generates the wave that becomes the Total Body Orgasm. Knowing how to contract in order to keep the twitches coming, once more is where your own self-discovery is involved. Remember, this is an individual experience, and to a certain extent we are all "wired" differently. However, in previous postings I've likened this stage to the principle of harmonic motion that is seen in a playground swing. With a swing, when force is properly applied, only a small amount of force is necessary AT SPECIFIC TIMES to make the swing go higher and higher. The same can be said for the Aneros experience too, as this is final key that will unlock the cascading effect to the Super Orgasm that we all desire.

    Some things to avoid: 1) DON'T TOUCH YOUR PENIS AT ANYTIME DURING THESE SESSIONS. IT WILL ONLY REDIRECT NEURAL IMPULSES AWAY FROM THE AREA THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO STIMULATE. (If you're finishing off afterwards or if you're discontinuing your session and want finish with a penile orgasm...go for it! 2) Don't use anything (alcohol, drugs) that will dull your senses, you will need to be focused and alert to what comes your way. 3) AVOID VIBRATORS. Vibrators will simply bury the sensations that you're looking for. Again, you're dealing with specific focused neural impulses. Using a vibrator in search of this Super Orgasm is like using a chain saw to cut butter! It obliterates everything! However, as means of magnifying a traditional penile orgasm (ejaculation) with the Aneros in place....go for it. 4) Allow yourself the time you need free of disturbance. 5) SCHEDULE SESSIONS WHEN YOU'RE RESTED AND READY FOR THE EXPERIENCE. It can really make a difference in your success! 6) Put a day or two between your sessions, your body will use this time to recharge, and you will find the accumulated arousal that comes from this, put to good purpose in your next session.


    BF Mayfield


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      It took me many months of experimentation to arrive at the same approach that you have outlined, so it should help many jumpstart their aneros experience.

      The most important things to know are that the pleasurable feelings are NOT like those of penile stimulation and that attempting to achieve satisfaction by forceful stimulation will be counterproductive.

      Unfortunately, the manufacturer's instructions lead you to believe that if you follow the numbers, success will be at hand leading to expectations that will result in failure. The most important thing that you can take from the instructions is how to control the aneros and the relaxation exercises.

      Having said that, I'm really not sure that peak of my aneros experience corresponds to what you call the super O. The definition of conventional orgasm is the building of tension followed by it's sudden release. That is not what I experience with the aneros.

      Perhaps you would be so good as to comment as to the physical nature of your super O.



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        The orgasm that I experience shares the same criteria (build-up and release) with the penile counterpart, however it is MUCH more global in nature and far more intense. It goes something like this.

        The build-up starts with waves of anal quivering and the abutment tab creating a strong tingling sensation in my perineum, anus, prostate and rectum simultaneously. Soon after I experience a tickling sensation in my abdomen and find myself contracting my abdominal muscles. In short order I feel a paradoxical sensation of my anus pushing outward while the Aneros seems to be drawn INWARD! All of this builds and suddenly I feel my erection get much harder. What happens next can only be described as blissful waves that encompass my whole body. (an endorphin cascade) The duration of the orgasm is much longer than a traditional orgasm as well and I may even experience another orgasm coming on top of the first one! Unlike a traditional penile orgasm it does not have a "refractory period" where one must wait a period of time before ejaculating again. I also notice that after having this kind of experience I am sated yet energized at the same time! This stands in stark contrast to a traditional penile orgasm where I feel relaxed but somewhat lethargic. Of course, I'm not knocking penile orgasms at all; it's just that the Aneros is (for me) a more intense and ultimately more fulfilling experience.

        Today, for example, I experienced somewhere around eight of these orgasms, four that were extremely intense and three to four others that were smaller in size. (They all felt incredible.) This all occurred within roughly an hours time. The traditional penile orgasm that I finish myself of with is itself too, much more intense than I had previous known.

        I should mention that for a while I was under the impression that the sensation that accompanies the anal quivering was the Super Orgasm that I had read about, it is not. This Super O, or "non-ejaculatory orgasm" as the manufacturer calls it something quite different.


        BF Mayfield


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          From your description, I'm at the stage you once thought was the peak. At this stage I often have strong involuntary contractions that last for several seconds, similar to a conventional orgasm, then subside. Feels great, but there is no release of tension. There is also no refractory so this series of strong involuntary contractions can occur over and over until I'm totally breathless and worn out.


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            The following is a copy of my thread entitled "In Search of the Sweet Spot". Since locating this area is so essential to the building a Super O I felt it would be better placed with my other postings that deal with technique development. - Mayfield

            posted: 2003-12-06 15:45:05

            To be clear the "Sweet Spot", as I call it, is not an intensely pleasurable area in and of itself, say like the head of your penis, or the clitoris for women. Touching this spot doesn't necessarily make for a spontaneous orgasm either. It is however an area that is essential for generating the "non-ejaculatory orgasm" or Super O. The "Sweet Spot" is the neural plexus, an area of convergence of a series of collateralizing sensory nerves, nerves that serve the penis anus and prostate. I have described how the area may be most easily found, by finding the rounded ridge on the underside of your penis and following it down to your perineal area and then yielding pressure over the center of it (most easily done when you have at least a modest erection). Alternately you can start an inch from your anus and work your way up. Again it should be in the general perineal area, (if you're on your scrotum you've gone too far!) One should experience a tingling sensation that runs in the center of your penis down to your anus, and prostate somewhat simultaneously.

            I have previously stated that the vertical location of this spot was provided by the abutment tab of the Aneros itself and that all one had to be concerned with was finding its' horizontal location. On the basis of several users comments and my own experimentation over the last month or so, I now believe that my statement was inaccurate. I am now coming to the understanding that the "Sweet Spot" may subject to a lot more individual variation with respect to its location, (vertical and horizontal) than I had previously thought. Some user’s comments speak to a higher location on the perineum for the "spot", while in my own case I have recently concluded that it's a lower vertical location than what the standard MGX Aneros provides for. In general, I believe that the Aneros works for many "out of the box" in this regard, but not for all.

            So what to do? Well first, find your "spot" (as described above) Once this has been done you'll want to insert the Aneros and find out where the abutment tab touches, relative to the area that you found with your finger.

            As user TJ has pointed out the Aneros can be adjusted (bent) to increase or decrease the area of engagement slightly. BE GENTLE with it. Experiment, find out what works best for you. Maintaining the horizontal location will always be a little more of a challenge since the perineal area, particularly when it's engorged is irregular in shape (rounded, ridge-like) so the tab will always want to slide to one side or the other. As I've covered previously, if you use a finger or two as guides you shouldn't have any problem. REMEMBER, it's crucial not to let you fingers exert any pressure on the tab while they're guiding it, the tab MUST be powered and responsive to your anal contractions ONLY. It is this that sets up the sensory feedback loop that is essential to generating the Super O.

            B Mayfield

            (Since I wrote this thread last year the manufacturer has modified the original Aneros MGX providing the redesigned model with a shorter tighter abutment tab. For many this will make finding ones Sweet Spot an easier endeavor. For those with the original design MGX or "MGX classic" as I call it, modification is still an alternative (see "ANEROS MODIFICATIONS" later in this thread.)

            submitted by B Mayfield, 2004-06-05 20:01:12

            The Sweet Spot as I call it, is not an intensely pleasurable area in and of itself, say like the head of your penis, or the clitoris for women. Stimulating this spot by itself doesn’t make for a spontaneous orgasm either. It is however an area that can be essential for generating a non-ejaculatory orgasm or Super O. The Sweet Spot is the neural plexus, an area of convergence of a series of collateralizing sensory nerves, nerves that serve the penis, anus and prostate.

            Be aware that the precise location of the “sweet spot” is given to a certain amount of variation from one person to the next. So finding your “spot” can truly optimize your chances for a successful Super O session. I’ve determined that having some engorgement in your penis is a good starting point for the search. A full erection is not at all necessary, but some engorgement will yield a more sensitive perineum. Thereafter, the “spot” may be located by finding the rounded ridge on the underside of your penis with your finger and then following this ridge down just to where your scrotum ends. Now start yielding a pointed/modest pressure as you slowly work your way down towards your anus. Work downward on the center of your perineum, incrementally, just a fraction of an inch at a time, using the tip of the finger, and while holding a position rocking back and forth on the first knuckle (so that the tip of the finger digs/ rubs/vibrates deeply.) Alternately you can start an inch from your anus and work your way up. Do keep in mind that you want to focus your search in the general perineal area, (so if you find yourself on top of your scrotum or anus you've gone too far!) If you start to experience a tingling or numbing sensation that runs in the center of your penis down to your anus, and prostate simultaneously, STOP, you’re on the spot.

            If you are still having a problem locating your “sweet spot” try squatting of kneeling (with your knees on the floor next to your bed and your torso laying down on the bed). Both of these positions tend to engorge the perineal area making the “sweet spot” easier to find.

            What next? Believe it or not, I recommend marking the spot with a felt tipped pen and whipping out a large mirror so you can actually see where the spot is located. Thereafter, you must insert the Aneros to find out where the abutment tab touches, relative to the area that you marked. At one time I had stated that the vertical location of this spot was provided by the abutment tab of the Aneros itself and that all that one had to be concerned with was finding its' horizontal location. Indeed, for some users the original Aneros or MGX Classic as I like to call it, has worked right out of the box in this regard. However, many others (myself included) have experienced distinct problems with the height of the tab on the Classic making the vertical location of the Sweet Spot difficult if not impossible to find.

            So you’ve inserted your Aneros and the abutment tab is engaging your perineum at a position that is higher than your pen mark. This problem can be remedied in one of several ways; 1) purchase a New (redesigned) MGX which has a shorter tighter abutment tab (virtually all of the MGX units that are sold on the Aneros site are now of the redesigned type) 2) consider modifying your MGX Classic (see my posting entitled ANEROS MODIFICATIONS) or 3) try the SGX version of the Aneros which also features the shorter, tighter tab design. . Be advised however, that the body of the SGX is smaller and may offer less prostate engagement for some users.

            If your pen mark is higher than where the abutment tab touches, you’ll want to stay with the MGX Classic if at all possible. In this case the modification required is a little simpler to accomplish, and involves bending/rocking the abutment tab backward slightly (away from the body). This gives the arm a little greater reach. Again this should be executed after applying heat to the abutment arm (preferably with a heat gun). If you are looking to purchase an MGX Classic contact the manufacturer directly.

            The idea in both cases is to make the abutment tab hit the mark.

            If the tab is on the mark,.... but you're still not getting any stimulation from it (not enough pressure) some adjustment is required (see ANEROS MODIFICATIONS).

            Horizontal Location

            Maintaining the horizontal location is more of an ongoing endeavor since the perineal area, particularly when it's engorged can be irregular in shape, especially when engorged, (rounded, ridge-like) so the tab will always have a tendency to slide to one side or the other. If you use a finger or two as guides you shouldn't have any problem. Again, make a V with your first and index fingers and straddle the abutment tab on either side…voila`! Think of it as a continuous fine-tuning. REMEMBER, it's important not to let your fingers exert any pressure on the tab while guiding it; it is critical that the tab be powered and responsive to your anal contractions as much as possible. It is this freedom of movement that enables the sensory feedback loop that is essential to generating the Super O. For those who still can’t hack the minimal effort of sustaining the horizontal stability of the abutment tab in the fashion I've described, there are several types of “anchors” that have been devised by users that can be of some assistance. (See ANEROS ANCHORS AND STABILIZERS) Be advised that such devices do have some drawbacks!

            B Mayfield


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              I've had my MGX for about a week now and am in search of my "sweet spot" (I didn't think it would be this difficult). Is it possible not to have a sweet spot? I can feel my prostate and I've read and tried all the methods listed in the forum but the most sensative place for me is about 1 1/2" from my anus--3/4" out of reach for the perineum abutment on my MGX model. The spot really doesn't tingle or send feeling to the inside of my penis and prostate--it's just the most sensative by default. If indeed this is the spot, I can try to do some modifications the MGX as suggested but don't want to risk breaking the abutment if I haven't found my sweet spot. Any ideas? Thanks


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                Sweet Spotless (great user name!)

                In fact, my sweet spot is located pretty close to where you've described. Often times the sensations that I have written about are not obvious until there is a certain amount of engorgement in the area. Try getting your penis erect and then do some hunting around and or squat while you do so. This has a tendency to make the neural plexus move closer to the surface of the skin while under the pressure of the surrounding engorged tissue.

                You've stated that you have an MGX, is it a Classic model (the old style with the longer abutment tab) or the New MGX ? If it is the the Classic model it will have two raised bumps (nodules) on the inside surface of the body of the unit near the tip. If you do have this model, it will indeed require modification before it will function properly for you (given what you've said regarding your sensitivity so near your anus.

                Fleshjoe (a contributing member in the forum), has recently discovered his Sweet spot after presuming (for many months), that he too was spotless . See his comments below.

                Another tip that works best for me with the SGX (the smallest model). With the aneros fully inserted, push the perinium tab gently downwards towards your anus as far as it can go. It should come to rest on the upper side of the ring of muscles lining your sphincter. Now do the hip rocking motion I described earlier. You will be surprised that when your involuntary contractions start, they will be accompanied by extremely pleasurable sensations from your perineum. Added bonus: the Aneros feels positively huge when used this way, it feels like a 4-by-4 in your backside, but in a very very exciting and pleasurable way.

                I re-emphasize: GENTLY push the perinium tab down towards your anus. If you encounter any resistance whatsoever, stop. You only need to do this once, before you start rocking your hips, and shouldn't have to do this repeatedly. It helps if the perineum tab is wrapped in a piece of tissue paper to absorb excess lubricant that may leak out, that vastly reduces the tendency of the perineum tab slipping forward towards your balls due to the perineum area becoming slippery with lube.

                Final word: GENTLY. Do not use any force.

                Hope this helps,

                BF Mayfield


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                  As many of you know, the manufacturer has long recommended the side lying position as good place to start in one's quest for higher orgasmic fulfillment via the Aneros,(the Super O). For those familiar with some of my previous postings I have been somewhat critical of this choice for one reason; it had never worked for me! I have seen numerous comments from other users who have had a similar experience with it as well. Well as my last posting (see above) will attest my opinion on this has changed. As a matter of fact, as of this last weekend, I thoroughly recommend the position.

                  For those who have been successful with this position from the start, the following may not apply, but for those, (who like me) had long ago discounted its use, and found success with some other position, there is good reason to revisit this approach. First, don't bother with trying to initiate your Super O's by this method, but once you've had your first one, (in some other position) and have "awakened" your body, try shifting to the side lying position. Strangely, where I found it impossible to "start-up" this way, it was a much simpler matter to have subsequent orgasms in this manner. Furthermore, I found that the orgasms that this position affords are VERY intense indeed! The position seems to naturally allow one to internalize and focus the "pleasure waves" for building and maximizing a Super O. I also found myself pressing my knees together and sort of squeezing rectally at the same time, which yielded some incredible new sensations too.

                  Again, if you've been otherwise successful in having Super O's and haven't tried the side lying position for a while, give this a shot. For those you are still in process of finding their way, I still think that some of the other positions are more productive.

                  BF Mayfield


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                    In my last posting I made mention of being open and ready for this new experience. To me this has several meanings. The first of these (which I’ve discussed previously) involves setting aside some the traditional notions about how to achieve an orgasm. It also means, quite frankly, feeling sexual. I’m quite certain now that the use of the Aneros is greatly enhanced by being aroused PRIOR to its introduction. There are instances where this arousal may be generated, through use of erotica or with a partner or sometimes it can just arise on its own. When I feel aroused, I am able to actually sense fullness in my prostate. I then try to mentally connect this fullness with the pleasure waves that I create through timed breathing and subtle, low intensity, anal contractions.

                    Recognize however, that there will be times when YOU ARE NOT READY for this experience. One, when you are not appropriately aroused, you’re tired, not feeling well, have things on your mind etc. None of these things in and of themselves would normally stand in the way of a traditional penile orgasm, but when it comes to the Aneros experience, I believe you really need to “feel 100%” in order to allow it occur. The second instance where “you are not ready” for it, is when you are TOO AROUSED! Yes, I know it sounds like a contradiction, but being too aroused can lead to impatience and impatience is a “deal breaker” here. How? It can cause you to ignore the subtle sensations that should be the focus of your attention. You need to combine, and summate these smaller pleasure waves to make larger ones, and so on. With both of the above you must be honest with yourself with respect to where you at. The appropriate questions to ask yourself are then, " I up to this tonight?" or " I trying to hard?!!" In the end, making this simple determination will save you time and frustration. But never fear, there is always a Plan B!

                    On the occasions where I’m incapable of sufficient arousal or too aroused, I generally skip right to a traditional penile orgasm (with the Aneros in place) and I have a terrific (albeit traditional) ejaculatory orgasm effortlessly. And there’s no shame in that!

                    Now for something completely different…

                    TO SHAVE OR NOT TO SHAVE..that is the ?
                    This may seem like an odd one at first blush, but when I sat down and tried to think of all the things that I do in the way of preparation, that I hadn’t already mentioned, this came to mind. Am I suggesting total “pubic depilation” (removing all one’s pubic hair) ….not at all! What I am suggesting however, is making sure that your perineum is pretty much hair free. For many men this may not be an issue at all since they are not particularly hairy around the perineal area. Why do I feel this is important? First, I believe that a clean-shaven perineum offers a better surface for the Aneros’ perineal abutment tab. It is easier to keep dry (which is essential for maintaining proper placement) and offers greater stability. I have found that a clean-shaven perineum is more sensitive also. Lastly, shaving also prevents any discomfort that might be caused from an errant hair being pulled by the abutment tab.

                    As an aside, my wife has been waxing for years and I’ve encouraged the practice…makes for easier navigation down below don’t you know! Nowadays I keep a somewhat “cleaner profile” also, and she has made it abundantly clear that she appreciates the reciprocation!

                    BF Mayfield


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                      IS ANEROS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY?
                      (No..but 1st Class beats Coach everytime!)

                      There have been several postings that have asked whether one can practice without the Aneros or if the Aneros is the only way to have the Super O experience. My answer is YES and NO (respectively). I am now thoroughly convinced that we all have this ability (for the Super O) inside each of us just waiting to be called upon. I have stated previously that I, and many others that I am aware of are able to have a form of the non-ejaculatory orgasm without the Aneros, (from posts in this forum and Jack Johnston’'s

                      Last night, in particular I had no less than 4 such orgasms before introducing the Aneros into the equation. The first three were accomplished by focused breathing and timed abdominal contractions combined with very subtle anal contractions. The only use of my hands was involved in pulling and pinching my nipples (which seems to kind of push me over the top.) All this occurred while viewing some erotic videos.

                      This method begins with a low level anal contraction, (so low that’s it’s just above the level of relaxation). I will use this as a “base level” and always come back to this low intensity contraction even if I should try a stronger contraction. The breathing that I’m referring to involves taking in air while expanding into the lower diaphragm (the area from your navel and below). I try to think in terms of breathing into this area. While I’m drawing in air, I do so in a way that vibrates the diaphragm (almost like one would do if one were sobbing). I then hold the air for 10-15 seconds while gently “bearing down” abdominally and to a lesser extent, rectally at the same time. IMPORTANT…I never hold my breath for very long (just several seconds at a time), remember, anoxia is not the goal here. The “bearing down” is accomplished by the contraction of my abdominal muscles while yielding a gentle pushing down motion toward my rectum. I may upgrade my anal contraction to a low-moderate size for several seconds, (always returning to the “base level” afterward.) I may or may not exhale all of the air that I've taken in and regardless of which I chose to do, I normally try to keep my lower belly extended at all times once I have started.

                      At some time during this process I will usually notice a pleasant tickling sensation similar to a kind of “butterflies in the stomach” sensation, only lower in my abdomen, slightly duller and somewhat deeper. It is this “pleasure wave” that you are looking to perpetuate and magnify as much as possible. Now that I am very familiar with this sensation, I have realized that I've experienced it countless times before in my life, but simply ignored it (while stretching for example). The reason being, that on its own a single “pleasure wave” of this type doesn't resemble anything that is overtly sexual. However, when it is focused upon and built up, one wave on the next, it becomes something very different and very powerful indeed! Around this time I usually try to focus my awareness on my prostate and try to channel these sensations deeper and deeper in its direction. Hereafter, it amounts to mixing it up and trying various combinations of this kind of breathing coupled with the “bearing down” and gentle anal contractions that ultimately build an orgasmic wave. A linkage of abdominal, anal/rectal and prostate sensory pathways takes place that makes the non-ejaculatory orgasm occur. I will even have the “anal involuntaries” with this experience.

                      Last night this happened 3 times while I was sitting in a chair, and again all of it occurred without any touching of my genitals. The 4th time was something totally different. Immediately following the last orgasm, I went to prepare for the Aneros by cleaning up in the shower. Even while I was getting into the shower I could still feel remnant “pleasure waves” in my abdomen. I soaped a washcloth in order to clean my anus, and soon found myself doing some gentle anal/perineal massage. Quickly I got an erection, and found myself using my fist to push against my anus in an inward-downward motion so that I was massaging my anus and perineum at the same time. I also noticed that with each gentle thrust, my now erect penis was bouncing up and down. It felt exquisite. I soon had a great “non-ejaculatory orgasm” STANDING UP!

                      SO WHERE DOES THE ANEROS FIT IN?

                      The Aneros is a device that can generate, focus and magnify these “pleasure waves” to an even higher level still. You can almost think of THE ANEROS as A TOOL FOR “HOT WIRING” YOUR BODY! When properly positioned the Aneros is put in direct contact with the anus, perineum and prostate simultaneously. In short, it facilitates a sensory synergy that leads to the most intense orgasmic experience that I've ever known!

                      So getting back to my story…

                      After the shower I was off to my bed and the Aneros. Even as I was inserting it I could feel another wave building, and within a minute or so I had the first of what would be TWELVE DISTINCT, NON EJACULATORY ORGASMS. (No I’m not kidding, it’s my record so far!). I have discussed previously the notion of “crossing over” to this level. Interesting enough, when you do get onto this level there don’t seem to be any special techniques that are required to make more orgasms occur. Specifically, all that’s required at this point is a little mental focus, and the Aneros seems to take care of the rest. Sometimes it helps to “actualize” the orgasm by telling yourself that you feel yourself coming…. yes positive thinking pays off big! Of the twelve orgasms that I experienced, 7 were immense in magnitude Super Orgasms and 5 were slightly smaller (still incredible though). The majority of orgasms occurred on my back, with 2 in the kneeling position (thanks Max), and one in a prone position (butt in the air and face in my pillow). During most of the session I had my eyes closed, but I swear I actually saw fireworks a couple of times. (I have heard that such things are generated in the optical cortex in the brain in response to certain stimuli) This session took place over roughly an hour’s time.

                      As is my custom now, I “dove-tailed” the last Super O into a traditional penile orgasm that was the most intense and most “voluminous” to date! I could barely walk afterwards, and the afterglow…well, it continued for hours. As a matter of fact, as I have been sitting here composing this text I can still feel some small sensations in my abdomen and twitches in my prostate (aftershocks) nearly 18 hours later!

                      As my previous post on this thread asserts, being “in the mood” is critical to your success, creating the proper level of arousal, that is where the technique comes in.

                      BF Mayfield


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                        As I have discussed previously in this thread (see above..IS THE ANEROS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY?), it is not only possible to have a "non-ejaculatory"/ Super O without the Aneros it is a terrific "warm-up" as well as a source of tremendous pleasure in it's own right. I recently had an experience that takes this one step farther.

                        A couple of days ago, at the end of a long day, I had laid down on the floor and started doing some stretching in order to release some tension in my back. I had planned an Aneros session for later but for now I was just trying to relax a bit. After about 10 minutes or so of doing some exercises, I noticed a warm limber feeling in my lower back. Just for grins, I decided to do a little rhythmic breathing coupled with a little mental focus to see if I could generate a "pleasure wave" or two, just lying there. To my surprise, with very little effort I soon felt the warm tickling of a wave starting up. I then started some gentle anal contractions to encourage more waves and a moment later I had mentally connected some of those sensations in my back with those I was generating in my abdomen/anus/rectum.

                        Soon I found myself building very nice orgasm with more focused breathing. To make a long story short, I went through 2 more orgasms like this, one building on the other until the 4th one came along. At this point, I had more less decided to transition and finish myself off with a traditional ejaculation (after all, I was still planning on the Aneros for later on), so I started stroking my penis, fully expecting the "non-ejaculatory" response that was starting, to be extinguished and replaced (after a minute or so) by the familiar sensations of a penile orgasm. This time however, something really strange happened, the penile orgasm did not take hold! As I was stroking my penis, I noticed somewhat diminished penile sensations, yet I found myself stroking faster and faster. It was odd, because even though the sensations I was experiencing were NOT penile centered in the least, the stroking was helping me build a larger "non-ejaculatory" orgasm. Soon I noticed that I was breathing harder and harder and the "pleasure wave" was becoming larger at the same time. When the orgasm finally broke loose, it was absolutely enormous! An earth shaking, total body experience! So much so that I thought I was going to pass out! After 10 or 15 minutes or so of basking in the afterglow I decided to finally finish off with an ejaculation. I can truthfully say that when this one came it was without a doubt the most intense orgasm (of the traditional type) that I've ever had! Honestly, it was hours before I felt normal again, and even the next morning I felt little "aftershocks" from it all.

                        Needless to say, I never did get around to using the Aneros! So does this approach replace the Aneros. Not at all, remember, "variety is the spice of life". Besides, I credit the Aneros in part for enabling me to "wake up" this "nether region" of my body. Moreover, all of these things complement one another anyway. What's going on for me now is a sensual journey whose itinerary began with the Aneros, then stopped off with Jack Johnston's, then to some months of experimentation to produce my own breathing techniques. These breathing techniques would later facilitate more consistent Super Orgasmic results with the Aneros. Presently, I am now having wonderful, intense, yet different experiences both with and without the Aneros.

                        As an aside, I know that in the past I have strongly cautioned against incorporating any penile stimulation in one's Aneros sessions if one is attempting to have a Super O. Not withstanding my comments above, I remain steadfast in that assertion. Call this new experience an "advanced technique" to be employed by "advanced users" only. Again, for most users, I still believe that penile stimulation initiates a deeply ingrained physical response, which for most people ends in a traditional ejaculation. That is, penile contact generally derails the "non-ejaculatory" phenomena. There are numerous comments from Aneros users that support this notion. However, in my own case, over the last 15 months, I've succeeded in "tuning" my body for some altogether different physical responses.

                        I am firmly convinced that the key to it all lies in focused breathing coupled with the proper anal/rectal/abdominal contractions. It is the synergy of these stimuli that enables you to build larger and larger waves that create the Super O. (Remember the analogy of the playground swing). What is absolutely essential is learning your body's OWN unique rhythm. This can only be accomplished through experimentation and practice. The good news is that once you have discovered your own rhythm, generating a Super O will become as easy as having a traditional penile centered orgasm.

                        The journey's not over yet....,more to come later!

                        B Mayfield


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                          Last week, while in the midst of one of my Aneros sessions, I stumbled across something really different. It involved combining two methods of stimulation. The first is the technique of spreading ones butt cheeks as a means of generating "involuntaries". For those unfamiliar with this, the concept is that spreading your cheeks (while the Aneros is inserted) further destabilizes the Aneros in a well lubricated anus such that it slides in and out VERY easily, causing your anus to fight to hold on to it. Between the voluntary contractions that you make in trying to hold on to the Aneros and the degree and amount of spreading that you do, you can give your anus a nice workout and by doing so tune-in some involuntary contractions fairly easily. I like to think of this method as a way of getting your anus to transition to involuntaries.

                          The second involves using skeletal muscle tension, and focused breathing. More precisely it is the buildup of sexual energy through muscle tension and rhythmic breathing and its timed release to orgasm. The origin of such methods can be found in Tantra. Jack Johnston ( has discussed this method as well as a part of his “Key Sound” technique.

                          While “mixing it up” one day I came across a position/technique that I’m calling a SLINGSHOT (for reasons that will become clear later). The position starts with you lying on you back (with the Aneros in place). Pillows may be used underneath your upper back to give some elevation. Arms are set tight to your sides and both hands go under your buttocks. Both hands grab a cheek and spread. Experiment with the degree and duration of the spread, but remember, you must use your anus to hold on to the Aneros, so don’t let go! Play with it for a while, and notice, that by simply opening and closing your cheeks and/or by varying your level of anal hold/contraction you are able to slide the Aneros in and out rhythmically. After this “warm-up” try holding the Aneros in with an anal contraction while executing a rectal contraction (the pushing out contraction). You’ll notice that these contractions work "antagonistically" (against each other) one pulling in, the other pushing out, so that the net effect is greatly heightened muscle tension with very little net movement of the Aneros. The idea here is to be continually ratcheting up muscle tension.

                          The next step is to elevate both of your legs just like you’re doing leg lifts, and while doing so elevate your torso as well (if you have pillow under your upper back you may not need to work as hard in this area). Use your hands and butt as your center of balance. At this point you should have your arms to your sides your hands grabbing your cheeks your torso lifted and your legs lifted at the same time, much like you are trying to form very widened out letter “ V “ with your body. Be aware you don’t have to lift very far in either direction, just enough that you are able to get and maintain a good abdominal contraction. If you are doing this correctly, it takes less abdominal energy than you might think, mainly because you are really balancing (teetering) on you butt.

                          YOU’RE NOT DONE YET!

                          While maintaining this position, spread your legs apart as far as you possibly can. No I’m not kidding! Now, when you have all of this in place, start spreading your butt checks once again and work your anus to hold on to the Aneros. Try spreading your cheeks as hard as you can! In this position you’ll find that that your glutes are naturally engaged so you won’t be able to spread them very far. Nonetheless you will find that all of this activity further ratchets up the muscle tension (which you will release later). Once again, much as you did in the warm-up try alternating holding and releasing contractions combined with the cheek spreading, stopping occasionally to see if your anus starts any contracting on its own. To change it up you might try holding your breath, bearing down (rectal contraction) an anal contraction spreading your cheeks and legs wider at the same time. Now exhale, but start immediately with some rhythmic breathing or vibratory breathing as you inhale. As you inhale mentally focus on your anal rectal and abdominal sensations and visualize energy being drawn-up into the very center of your being. If you’re like me very soon you will be having many "involuntaries". In my own case, I was in this position for about 5 or 6 minutes when I had my first orgasm (Super O), In all I was able to maintain the position for about 20 minutes. Over that period of time I had 4 orgasms.

                          By the 4th orgasm my muscles were finally fatiguing and so as I felt it coming on I decided to let go, (legs down torso down), but maintained my anal contraction. It happened simultaneously, that is I pretty much collapsed, but as I did this the forces (anal/rectal/abdominal/legs) that were in balance just moments before were no longer so, and the result was that the disproportionate force of my anal contraction thrust the Aneros, like a "slingshot", deep into my rectum. Almost involuntarily I clamped down with an intense anal contraction and held it down hard as I was catapulted into one of the most intense Super O’s ever.

                          I find this position unique. I love the way it feels being all spread-eagled having orgasms, it’s almost too intense to describe. It’s rewarding in both the buildup and release. This one’s a keeper!

                          Advanced users and newbies alike, don’t be scared off by the apparent amount of exertion required for this, again, it’s less than you think, and if properly timed, can yield exquisite results.

                          Check it out!

                          B Mayfield


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                            ANEROS MODIFICATIONS

                            The following post was originally written concerning the MGX Classic. The techniques described herein may also be applied to the MGX (new style), SGX and Maximus models should they require it (although their tabs are shorter and tighter than the “Classic”). The Helix and Eupho feature a different style abutment tab that should not require such extensive alteration.

                            Over the last year I have read comments by others and written extensively myself about concerns with proper abutment tab placement. It has been my contention that proper placement; vertical and horizontal orientation along the perineum coupled with the necessary pressure, is an essential element for facilitating the neural feedback loop that generates the Super O. In the past I have dubbed this pressure point the "sweet spot", not that it in and of itself feels so pleasurable, but for its crucial role (when properly stimulated) in facilitating the larger orgasmic experience. The problem appears to be that whereas the position of the prostate is fairly consistent from person to person (regardless of one's stature) the location of this "sweet spot" may not be so. I discovered that my own "spot" was much closer to my anus than the standard MGX model provided for. Last month I read a posting from TJ (See my thread "In Search of the Sweet Spot") who indicated that he had identified a much higher location for his spot than the Aneros provided for.

                            So what to do? In TJ's case he found that by simply bending the Aneros' abutment tab backwards resulted in the tab engaging his perineum higher. In my own case I found that obtaining the SGX (PS2) model did the trick. This smaller version came with an abutment tab that presses on the perineum in a lower position, and more tightly I might add. Nonetheless, I still slightly missed the MGX's larger girth and length. Again, I had heard of others modifying the Aneros, but had been reluctant to do so myself, not wanting to permanently damage the device. However, given the fact that I now also own an SGX unit that works very well for me (a backup if you will), I decided to throw caution to the wind.

                            First off, I was lucky in that I was able to get a "heat gun" from a friend (really a glorified hair dryer capable of more intensely focused heat). In evaluating my needs I realized that what I was really after was a shorter and more forward protruding abutment tab. To affect this I applied some sustained heat near the bottom part of the ascending loop of the abutment tab first so that I was able to move the tab backward (away from the main body). I then applied heat to the upper outside curve of the tab, so that I was able to bend it inward/downward. In essence, it was like taking the top of a letter " S " rocking it backwards, then curling the top part down in on itself. On my first "test drive" of the modified unit, I noticed that Aneros would not insert completely (as it had prior to my modification). From this I gleaned that I had bent the tab too far forward. I figured out that the tab itself shouldn't overhang more than about 5 or 6 ribs on the Aneros' main body. Any more, and the unit will not insert properly nor move naturally.

                            After some further tweaking the Aneros was ready for another "test drive" and this time it was incredible! Finally, more pressure from the tab in just the right place! Unbelievably I was even able to achieve 4 Super O's in the side lying position! Although this position has been the one the manufacturer has recommended from the start, it has never been one of my favorites. However, on this occasion, with my modified MGX, this position came alive for me. With each "involuntary contraction" I could actually feel the Aneros bouncing all over my prostate.

                            So, am I recommending that everyone modify their units? Absolutely not! As a matter of fact I would actually RECOMMEND AGAINST IT UNLESS you are: a) absolutely certain where your "sweet spot" is, and b) fairly certain that the abutment tab is not hitting it. I would also add that you must have a good plan together prior to making any modifications, as to what you need to change and how to execute it. Furthermore, before you change anything take some notes on how the Aneros is configured from the factory, Make some measurements; distance between the underside of the tab from the ribbed part of the body. How many ribs does the tab overhang (counting from the base) etc. This way if you get into trouble you'll have some reference points to come back to. Just remember that the Aneros has been "engineered" to perform in a certain way according to the relative proximity of your anatomy. Also be aware that underlying any modification is the risk that you may alter the functioning of the unit for the worse, so all factors must be carefully considered prior to attempting this.

                            As for me, I think I'm off of my SGX and on to my MGX (MOD) for a while at least.

                            BF Mayfield


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                              Originally Posted By: b mayfield
                              I am curious, how is your body positioned when using the Aneros? Are you predominately on your side or on your back?

                              Actually I've found that the best position for me is kneeling.

                              I find that in the side position the aneros doesn't make good contact with the sensitive spots, has limited range of motion, and is harder to control. An aneros that was 1/2" shorter would work better for me here.

                              On the back, I find it awkward to find a position where the bed isn't interfering with the looped handle. Strategically place pillows or pads can help, but finding the right combination of comfort and freedom of motion has been difficult.

                              For me, the kneeling position overcomes the above problems and has additional advantages. First, gravity comes into play, which allows the aneros to slide out to a degree not possible in the other positions. It also means that greater effort is needed to hold it in place during contractions and this seems to help the muscles to quiver. Not only does the aneros now have a greater range motion, but I do too. I can move my hips back and forth, side to side, and bend at the waist to find the sweetest spots. And, again, I think my anatomy is such that I benefit from the shallower penetration possible in this position.

                              I can, however, obtain the involuntary spasms I described in any of the above positions.