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Recently, my prostate feels bigger...

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  • Recently, my prostate feels bigger...

    Apologies for already doing another topic but could do with some advice▒ (and the subject matter is bigger in scope than my previous one)

    But yeah, when aroused, I can literally feel my PC muscle bulge more than usual, and my erections have become way more stiffer. Today I used the MGX, and the bulge REALLY pressed against the p-tab. Aches!! (Nothing TP can't solve...)

    I googled it and...'Prostatitis'/prostate cancer came up in the search results. Uh oh.

    Bear in mind I'm 23 years of age, and I swear the oddity with the prostate felt recent:
    Last Monday, I had a session wherein I focused on the fundamentals of breathing + contracting. I kept focusing on where the Aneros was and what it felt like and eventually good feelings crept back.

    Then, on Wednesday night whilst resting in bed I was still horny so I tried something. (This is outside of an Aneros session) I used my vocals to say things, such as the most erotic parts in imagery*. I mumbled things that I'd find arousing. Suddenly I grew extremely horny, and p-waves in my pelvic region were going higher and higher. I kept imagining my anus being fingered* until I crunched forward from sensation overload. Was washed over by a HUGE pleasure wave. Was left with butterflies in my stomach non stop and slightly breathless. Couldn't really fathom what just happened.
    From that night till a day later though, I kept having a tickling sensation in my abdomen and frequent stiff-hard boners.

    Question itself:
    Now, since then, that's when I began to notice changes in my PC muscle size, warm, sensual feelings in my prostate (not sure if it is prostate but likely) and really stiff boners. It's possible this may have occurred before that night, but I definitely felt it after. I'm worried this may be some form of infection in my prostate gland, causing it to swell. I have abstained for just under two weeks now, and since September have had a continuous itching problem around my rear.

    Could be this a medical problem or is it that supposed prostate awakening?

    Thanks all!

    * This probably weirds you out/frightens you, sorry! Felt necessary to detail everything.

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    I'm not a doctor but I doubt you have any kind of prostate infection. If you had an infection I am fairly certain you would be feeling pain and NOT "...having a tickling sensation in my abdomen and frequent stiff-hard boners." or "...a continuous itching problem around my rear." Those are much more indicative of an awakened prostate than an unhealthy one.

    From the Aneros WIKI - Glossary -> "butt buzz is persistent, even insistent, energy in your anus, rectum, prostate, perineum, scrotum/testicles area, sometimes experienced spontaneously apart from an Aneros session. Faint to mild muscle spasms leading up to an orgasm may also occur." Doesn't that sound familiar?

    I think you're just fine, enjoy and revel in your body's ability to produce these amazing sensations on your behalf.
    Good Vibes to You !



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      Dont worry. I had similar experience like you. As soon as I sat down or even relax my prostate started grow, got really swollen, my anus started to contract and it was a machine down there. I couldn't stop it. I had be active to hold it in place. It started to bugging me. I couldn't sit with my kids in the lap, sit watch tv with fiancÚ or anything. I made a bad excuse of not feeling well and went to bed to get it overdone with. Well it was a session without aneros. But it didn't help. It was still going on. I had this for about a week and was really worried. I know the feeling you are saying about the prostrate. To me it was like having a golfball to a prostate. I asked Rook about this experience and I was told not to worry. He thought it was a rewire. It passed after a week, so give it time and stop searching the net about the symptom, it will only show you medical statement which is not a good answer to this. As Rumel say and yourself, tickling and hard bone stiff erection. That is from something that is a positive new experience and your body is working it. Don't worry about cancer or other stuff. Give it a week to calm down.


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        If you are worried about it maybe you should go to the doctor and have a physical . Get the doctor to take bloods and or use his/her finger. At least you would be sure and you can stop worrying about it for good.After all now that you have started using the aneros are you really still scared of someone poking their finger in at your prostate. I dont think so!
        Having a total physical is a good thing , bloods can pickup all kind of problem that you might have but not know or can make you happy and reassured that is all ok!
        You dont have to tell them you feel something is wrong.
        All you have to say is it is time you had a complete physical. You would like a full blood work done.


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          I don't think you have anything to worry about. I find my prostate swells when I am really aroused.


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            Hopefully you are seeing a doctor for regular physicals including a prostate exam. Most men in their 20s don't and that is a big mistake. If you are worried, follow @braveneworld's suggestion so it doesn't cause you stress.

            Otherwise, it sounds like you have just become aware of your prostate for the first time and are having pretty good sessions to boot. The feelings you are having are common and can be pretty intense. Congratulations on finding out about the pleasures your prostate can produce at such an early age, many of us were much more experienced before discovering the secret.

            Enjoy and let us know how things progress!



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              In recent weeks, I have been focusing upon how my various Aneros models massage my prostate. I have noticed recently that after insertion and as the massage action gets going, my prostate begins to swell, get hard, perhaps erect in a similar way as my penis would get erect when sexually stimulated. I have noticed this especially when I use the Helix Syn, Helix Classic, and Maximus models because all three massage my prostate directly. Of course, my big guys, the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic massage my prostate somewhat but still effectively

              Of course, when my prostate responds in this way when I Aneros, there is hardly any pain whatsoever but only lots of pleasure.

              Have over guys noticed this about their prostate when they Aneros?



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                Yup. You're right, it does swell in the same way a penis would erect! It's why I've avoided the MGX for now because the P-tab presses too much into the PC muscle causing serious aches. Hear the Helix Syn's tab is softer, so I ordered it. Mail tracking tells me it was delivered to me on Monday sign. Hopefully just the holiday breaks.

                Thanks to everyone for the feedback as well, I'm glad to hear that about the prostate!
                Unfortunately I might have contracted thrush or worms in the process since my anus has been itching madly for the last two months. I've caused some bad rashes from rubbing too much, particularly with toilet paper. I say this because I tried to use the Progasm and given the girth...yeah, inserting it was a serious pain in the ass. Literally. Usually the pain the discomfort settles down after a bit, and it did somewhat - but not by enough to enjoy. It's a bummer but I'll sort things out. Just hope the Helix Syn doesn't cause the same agony in the sphincter.

                But if this really is awakening the prostate it sure has changed things. Not sure how long I've abstained but I can probably do it for a few more weeks - now I see what the advice means by moving away from penile centred orgasms! It feels bizarre but really good, this warmth and slight shortness in breath when contracting PC muscles.


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                  @BigGlansDC - Yes. That is the same that I experience.

                  @DarkEngine - If the itching madly problem has been going on for two months, I'd say it's time to go visit your doctor and have them diagnose what is going on.


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                    Hi DarkEngine, I have posted an answer here but I had to add more. I dont know if this is the same problem, but the last 4 days I have had an extremly tensed PC muscle and my prostate has felt like a big ball. When im walking around and is active the feeling has been more less in the tension and the prostate. But as soon as I stop and relax I can feel my prostate is swollen and the PC muscle is tensing up, and it feel like my prostate is beating. If I start to breath more deeply it goes stronger and I get a hardon and precum starts to drip.
                    Well today it stopped.

                    I think the reason for me was that I had a session a couple of days ago. I have had a hard time lately with my sessions but particular the one I had on monday was better. When I was done I went to sleep, I didnt finish it off by ejaculate. Next morning I start to jerk off and I was in the middle of the ejaculation when my fiance was heading the room and i just stopped ejaculate because I got surprised.

                    On the midday I had an anerosless session cause I felt my prostate was swollen and had tingeling feelings. PC muscle was extreamly tensed. This have been accelerated to a point that it was driving me crazy. Today I have had a semi to a full hardon and pulsating prostate, swollen as a hard big ball and a stiff PC muscle. I went in to the bathroom and layed on the floor to experiment cause I was horny at the same time it was bugging me. I pulled back my forskin to watch my glance. Started to breath deep and i got really big, bigger/more swollen then ever. My precum just dripped, pulsating prostate hard PC muscle but everything got so strong that it hurt.
                    Then I sat on the toilett cause it felt llike I had to pee so I did, but still the same feeling. Then did realy really hard strong contractions and pushed downwords really hard like I hade to let loose a really big,,,, you know what I mean. I did this many times and suddenly I pushed out jizz/sperm. I could feel it crawl thru my urethra and it hurt abit. It was not normal sperm. It was coagulated sperm. Like the consistency of a jellyfish. I startet to jerk off and I came and it was like a plugg got released and then normal sperm came. Instantly the pressure from the prostat vanished and my PC muscle is now fully relaxed.

                    Now to the conclustion, I knwo a long answer, sorry for that. Thru my last sessions I have had some erotic process, meaning ok feelings, but not extraordinary. I havnt finished off once, it's almost like I have collected sperm and precum. Then when I got interupted in the middle when jerking off I felt there was sperm that got stucked, didnt come out. I think that sperm has acted like a plug and have been thicker and thicker and it have been irritated my prostate somehow.

                    I dont know if this is the case for you. But I wanted to share in case.