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  • after thought idea

    So I was thinking about getting my girlfriend one of those "rabbit" dildos, the ones with all the vibrating, rotating, pulsing do-dads...Has any one of you thought to use one of those? Specifically the model with the rotating beads on the inside?
    I figure, if you are going to give yourself a prostate massage, and you use your finger in a side to side motion (from what I've read (I might have been reading it wrong)), if you positioned those rotating parts in the proper area, whouldn't that massage your P-state? Or if the technology was developed, couldn't an aneros, like the Progasm or maximus have a little rotating motor in there (patent pending...okay not really, but I will expect a free model).
    Let us discuss and dream

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    @Orgasmo333 - I don't recommend you try this on yourself. The anus is a very delicate area back there. You could really end up hurting yourself. I personally believe that our bodies with an Aneros inserted are quite capable of doing prostate massage that way. No moving toys or parts needed.

    Why not get your girlfriend an Aneros EVI and Peridise? I would think those two in combination would be pleasurably deadly.


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      I wouldn't have tried the rabbit idea, way too much goin on for me, but I know some guys on here are into more vigorous pleasure, so I thought I would shoot out that idea.
      I figure if the aneros team did develope something like that, it would be very subtle. It does make me think of the possibilities, but I still have a way to go on my journey...
      I think the fact that I don't know where I'm at (on my journey) yet, kind of relects that I have some searching to do with out the aid of moving parts. I have great feelings; full body clenching, possible P-waves, and I just made it to the involuntaries last night...but nothing that I can remember after the fact, if you know what I mean


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        Oh, and I never thought to look into the EVI, I'll have to do that. Thanks for the idea!