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  • Energy going to the feet but not to . . .


    I began using the MGX several months ago because I was looking for an effective way to deal with symptoms of a moderately enlarged prostate and pelvic floor tension, the primary symptom being urinary retention. I also got the SGX, which seems to be a somewhat better fit. While my primary objective is to address my prostate symptoms, I have also been open to and curious about the sexual benefits. I will also share that I have a steady meditation practice and have in the past derived benefit from Taoist Tanra techniques, in particular withholding or delaying ejaculation.

    I've followed the advice from some of the articles on this site with respect to lubrication (using a syringe to put ky jelly into the anus as well as applying it liberally to the device) and usage: I spend about half an hour per session, just deep breathing until I start to feel things happening and then doing light contractions with my breath. Once or twice I've had some climactic experiences that were pretty intense and took me by surprise -- I screamed so loudly I was afraid the neighbors would hear and call the police. But mostly, I just get deeply relaxed, almost into an altered state of mind, and have small tremors. Just doing light contractions is actually quite pleasurable. While I can't report great success yet with the prostate symptoms, it does seem to help relax the area at least temporarily. And then recently, when masturbating the usual way, the same kind of screaming orgasm happened (yes, I screamed again spontaneously and was worried the neighbors would call the police) .

    But something strange has happened. It's a bit hard to describe. For one thing, using the device seems to have opened up an energy channel to my legs and feet, so that I often (even when not using the device) feel energy running through my feet. It's also as if my body has developed this sort of relaxed and flowing feeling with the sexual energy. When I have sex or masturbate, I require noticeably more direct manual stimulation to become erect than I'm used to. And while I or my partner is directly stimulating my penis, I can feel the energy flowing through my feet more intensely, as if the energy is going to my feet instead of to my penis. It's as if using the Aneros has gotten me to turn my sexual energy more inward than outward. It's almost as if my penis isn't so interested or something. I'd almost say that using the device has decreased my libido.

    So, I'm getting a little freaked out about the change in my pattern of arousal arousal when not using the Aneros. It doesn't sound like anything I've read about on the website.

    I would be grateful if anyone could share similar experiences or shed some light on what I'm describing.

    Many thanks.


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    I'm no expert in energy moves but the following might help. This is just something I use to 'redirect' a session when I sense more energy in my lower legs then in my core.

    I am able to drive energy up my leg by scratching the sole of one foot with the large toenail on the opposite foot.

    I place the toenail just forward of the heel and move it forward to the ball of the foot.

    This yields a surge of energy, akin to an electric shock, straight up the leg and into the Perineal Chakra.

    hth....blessings... rook


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      @rook: I'll be darned. That really worked! I have continuous energy running down my legs and feet. Pretty intense too. That little trick caused it to stop for the first time in nearly a year. I'm not too sure where it has been redirected to, but this is pretty interesting.