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Vice pops out while walking around?

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  • Vice pops out while walking around?

    Hi All,

    I'm new here. Around a month ago I began my prostate massage journey. I started with an MGX, then got a Syn, and a Vice online for a good price during Cyber Monday.

    While I have many questions, the one question that keeps nagging at me is about my Vice. While I am new to anal play, the Vice goes in fairly easily with enough lube. Now the issue arises when I attempt to walk around the house with it, it keeps trying to pop out! I've done things around the house with the MGX and Helix Syn just fine, but this one just seems to want to escape.

    What gives? Too much lube? Fatigued anal muscles? Aliens?

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    In total ignorance I would suggest that the PC and anal sphincters need strengthening. Do Kegels while the vice is in place. I think your anal sphincters are not used to gripping while wide open, so they let "it" go as they normally do!
    Do wait for other better advice.


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      I dont know I would have said Aliens.

      Have you noticed you have been probed by something up your rear in the last month or so?
      I suspect the answer is yes.
      This is a normal indicator that you have encountered aliens.
      Just be thankful you have been returned ,probed but unharmed.

      If this answer is unacceptable then go with what isvara said, it also sounds good but not nearly as exciting!

      P.S. Yes I have too much time up my sleeves but people are here and I cant have a session.
      P.P.S. You have got it in the right way around haven't you?


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        Thank you for your replies!

        @isvara: Hmm that definitely seems like it could be the issue, since the base of the Vice is quite thicker than the base of the Syn or MGX.

        @brave: yeah, I'm pretty sure I've got it in the right way, though I have no idea how to switch the modes on the vibrator from inside myself. getting the K + P tab in all at once was tough too :P

        but yes, it does seem to be inserted the right way, with the "point" pointing towards the prostate. I had thought about this, but I assume it would be pretty uncomfortable putting the Vice in the wrong way (backwards, not upside down :P)

        So is that the cause? I have weak sphincters and I need to strengthen them? There was a member here that said he used his Vice while walking around in a shopping mall, if I even tried that it would fall down my pant leg and probably get me some extremely weird looks.


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          Hey both of us are relative newbies. Only just under a year of use so dont take our word for it.The bloke you speak of that walked around the shops is a aneros jedi master I think from memory.
          If you type a @ in front of his name like you have done in your last post the forum alerts him that you want him to know you are talking about him. Good way to get his attention. Or go to your inbox and private message him.

          Besides that just wait for other more knowable persons.
          I dont have a the vice yet so have never come across the problem.
          Kegal exercises are important. The stronger your muscles down there the heavier load you can carry and the easier it is to reach orgasms. In theory anyways....

          Social no no. Letting your alien fall down and out of your pant leg especially if some little person picks it up and says whats this mummy and proceed to put it in their mou......Dont go there girlfriend!


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            Some threads recently said that Vice and I think Ice work very well when doing Kegel's


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              Hi Caveman & welcome!

              Above are good answers regrading muscle conditioning. I can't speak to the alien problem as I've not yet ventured to Area 51 while packing an Aneros.

              I think that most 'large toy' (Maximus / Progasm / Vice) ejection issues are the result of not being totally relaxed with the toy. It took me the better part of two years to really get cool with Progasm. That small amount of tension can tell one's rectum and colon that there's a foreign body here that deserves an "assisted exit."

              Consider getting horizontal for 10 minutes of deep relaxation before you sally-forth to do the housework.


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                @bravenewworld: I lol @ the social no no paragraph hahahaha

                @isvara: this is good information, I'll use it in my strength training ;D

                @rook: this very well could be the situation, since it does feel uncomfortable even after relaxing or a session. I guess it will take my body to get accustomed to this E.T. regardless of the reason lol