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    Hey guys,

    I'm writing this because of the influx of posts about frustration and whether or not this is all an elaborate hoax. Before I get started a little background info: I'm late 20's, hetero, and have been using aneros for 6 years (so I was early 20's when I started). I'm not particularly spiritual, I don't practice Tantric sex, nor am I multiple orgasmic via KSMO or any other method. All things considered, I'm just a regular guy. I've read countless posts, have tried several models (MGX, SGX, original Helix), none of which particularly stood out for me. I've tried modifications, aural enhancement, audio hypnosis, the "Quick and Dirty path," the "condom method," watching porn, abstaining, different lubes, do "nothing", sleeping, smoking, name it. No Super O. So why am I eagerly awaiting my Eupho and Progasm in the mail? I'll tell you soon enough. You just got Tarantino'd. Haha.

    I've had my doubts. Believe me. But I truly think that this is real. I am the king of skeptical, over-analyzing, and taking things at face value thinking. I have seen this forum evolve into something even more amazing than it was when I joined 6 years ago. Look at all the posts, the different personalities, writing styles, sex toy awards, questions, answers, descriptions, and testimonials. Either this is real, or its the most elaborate, well thought out, and executed scam the world has ever seen. These people should be working for the CIA if this is fake. With that being said, if it IS a scam, then they deserve every penny they get, because they are geniuses of the highest order.I don't give people that much credit. I KNOW there is something to this.

    I mean no disrespect to any of the following people, but some posts can be very discouraging if you are struggling. We have some people who seem to have reached some sort of God-like sexual state where they can have Super O's on demand with what seems to be any model or even without an Aneros! I remember reading some guy's post recently who was having multiple O's while driving to and from work without an Aneros. I read that and think to myself, WTF dude. Really? I'm trying to get some involuntaries going over here and you guys are orgasaming your faces off any time you please with or without a device. Meanwhile, some other posters (again, no offense intended) are "complaining" about having involuntary wet O's. And trust me, I get it. Derailing from the super O path isn't what you want. Refractory period, starting over, etc. But I think the rest of us would kill to have something like that happen. So after all of this....why did I just order 2 new models? Well besides the great deal they just had, I have reason to believe this works and I have a Plan.

    The Plan...
    Don't think that in the 6 years of using Aneros that I've felt nothing. I strategically left this part out during the rant above. I may not have had a Super O yet, but
    believe me I have seen glimpses of it. I know that it exists. I have had some AMAZING feelings that jump all over the Wiki Milestones list. Pre-cum Leakage, sudden rapid heart beat, some crazy endorphin cascade a few times, generally good feelings, the feeling that I was right on the edge of a traditional orgasm, etc. The problem is that these have been VERY inconsistent, far between, and the paths there were all very different. I don't know how to recreate any of those feelings nor do I have a formula. Well my friends, all that changes now. I just bought a Euhpo and Progasm and I have a plan. The following is a combination of my Plan and some things I've learned on this journey:

    - use a variety of very different models: MGX, Eupho, Progasm (the SGX and Helix didn't survive the 6 years)

    - practice consistently: I'm going to shoot for 3-4 times a week. One of my biggest problems is not using the Aneros enough, or consistently. I know...seems so simple.

    - No more ending sessions in traditional O's. This has been very difficult for me but I'm going to do it! Bad for the rewiring process.

    - Get on some sort of Kegal program. Need to find one online or if you guys can provide a good starter set that would be cool. Way too many people report results from this to not incorporate it.

    - Change my perceptions. This is a big one, and one that I have already started. I'm more mature than I was when I started this journey. I was too impatient and everything that comes with it.....strong contractions, trying to force things to happen, high expectations etc. Penis, NOT is an important post and should be sticky'd.

    - Take mental note of small, seemingly insignificant gains. I.E. insertion is getting easier, relaxing is getting easier, adjusting to the device, etc. Almost how a
    bodybuilder can get motivated to work through a plataeu by looking through a log book of weights/reps to see how far he's come. Small gains are still gains, and they accumulate.

    - Don't be discouraged/jealous by the success of others. Instead, look to the veterans for advice. From what I've seen the people here are always willing to help. And if you could have multiple O's on demand wouldn't you want to share it with others! I know I would!

    - Don't get hung up on inconsistencies/contradictions in advice or beliefs. Example: The Eupho is regarded as advanced because of its thin size, the Progasm is considered advanced because of its large size.....huh?! Who cares! Try whatever model you want. One size doesn't fit all. Example 2: "Do nothing" oh wait I mean do nothing until you feel X then do Y. Imbalance is key! Balance is key! Breathing is key! Rectal contraction, PC contraction, pelvic floor, nipple stim, aaaaaah! Don't sweat it. I say try everything, and once in a while give "nothing" a try. Keep at it and find what works for you.

    So you've figured it out. This isn't just a Plan. It's a rant. A declaration of determination. An attempt to inspire someone out there like me to keep trying. Maybe I'm not the Average Joe. Maybe my experience is unique and I don't represent the masses. But to all of you doubtful, skeptical, and frustrated people out there....LET'S DO THIS THING! YOU'RE NOT ALONE! I'M GOING TO HAVE A SUPER O AND IF NOT I'M GOING TO HAVE A HELL OF A TIME DOING IT!

    And most importantly enjoy the ride, its a ride we all take together.

    Thanks for reading this never ending post. Hopefully this helps someone. I know just getting this all in writing has helped me.



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    What a beautiful post, Ruger. I began my Aneros sessions early last June. I have had wonderful experiences with the various Aneros models and lots of supreme pleasure, but no Super-O. Trying to enjoy the journey nonetheless.



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      Ruger: As one analytical guy to another, I think you're going about this exactly the right way.

      You make a very valid point. Those of us who have got over the learning hump tend to forget how difficult it was to get there in the first place. Then there are the lucky so-and-sos who seem to get instant results. And we tend to crow about our successes whilst glossing over our periods in the doldrums.


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        @Ruger84 - Fantastic post! And thanks for finally joining us here at the Aneros forums. I'm also almost at six years of Aneros use and have not super-O'd yet either. Although I'm farther along in terms of results than what you describe. And between the incredible non-orgasmic pleasure I get from my sessions, and having experienced two mini-O's a few years back that I haven't been able to replicate since, I know there is very much something to this.

        I think you've got a good plan of attack. The few things that really helped me along:

        Good non-glycerin lube that doesn't get absorbed or dry out. For me that turned out to be Now Foods 100% unrefined shea butter.

        Daily Aneros sessions as much as time and my body allowed. The more you practice the quicker you get better at something.

        Ejaculation abstinence. This helped with keeping my arousal states high, as I was previously masturbating daily. And also kept me from not constantly super-Ting during my Aneros sessions.

        Where this has currently left me is that now I have fairly constant involuntary anal contractions that are exquisitely pleasurable and with most sessions I get at least one or more peak that makes me feel rather close to going over the edge into some sort non-ejaculatory orgasm. So now I'm just trying to be patient and allowing it to happen.


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          Loved the rant, Ruger. Lots of us in the same boat, so thanks for your strong words of determination and your positive outlook. I share your optimism! BTW, I'd say you're way above the average Joe! lol


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            Good post Ruger.

            Here's my Top Eight Tips to Multiple-Orgasmic Prostate/Anal/Rectal/Full-body Glory I've gleaned from my five-year+ journey...
            1. Cleanliness is next to godliness...nothing slows down a session like junk in the trunk and I do mean junk. A warm water douche is the essential first step for me, every time.
            2. Non-glycerin based lube (agree with Love_is) is an man's anus's best friend. This is essential ingredient #2 imho. I use Probe Thick and Rich (available at Walmart and comes in very big bottles and is much more affordable than any other lube I've seen and it's natural, made from plant seed extracts) warmed up to slightly above body temp in a sink of warm water and insert about 5-10 mls in my rectum with a kids medicine syringe.
            3. Warm that bad boy in, put the Aneros in the same warm water bath you're using to warm up the lube. Nothing says "Ahhhhhh...." like the feeling of a warm Aneros going in.
            4. Coat the Aneros with Vaseline and a little Alboline to make it glide with ease
            5. Love your nipples, they'll love you back. I could not imagine as session without tickling and stroking my nipples. Maybe that's just me but the do nothing method does nothing for me. I use Alboline on my nips, which is marketed as a make-up remover but is a really effective body lube/moistureizer made out of Vaseline, mineral oil and wax. Also available at Walgreens or other fine drug stores.
            6. Yes to your switching out different models. Like muscle memory, which can hamper gains from lifting weights, I think our prostates/anuses develop a sensation memory, where they become accustomed to and a bit desensitized to one particular model after a while. Changing thinks up every once in a while keeps our gspots and a-holes off balance, on their toes and feeling fine.
            7. Massage, Rest, Repeat. I cannot stress this one enough. Having a 45 or even 30-minutes session early in the am, pulling out and resting for an hour (and enjoying that blue ball/horny ache in my balls and groin-area in the meantime) then doing it all over again always ramps the second session into overdrive.
            8. Hold your wad...yes to not finishing with a traditional O. Yes to keeping from shooting a wad for a couple days. A semen-engorged prostate always feels great when it gets a little love and stroking.

            Those are my tips and I'm sticking to 'em.


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              You're all correct. It is not a myth, trickery or imaginary.

              I love it, I love it, I love it, I love, love, love it.

              Strive on, boys...strive on. And as I've often said, DO NOT SEEK the Super O. When you're ready, it will find you.

              Believe, practice and trust.



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                Thanks for the comments and advice guys.

                HAHAHA oh my god. I was about to start ranting about how I was supposed to get my stuff today and didn't. I watched the mail man come and go.

                As I was writing this he came back with my package. Awesome!

                Anyway guys, I have to go....uh....return some video tapes.....


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                  Haha this is a great post. I remember being in denile about MMOs. Thinking that is was fake or just entirely exaggerated. It was when I started reading this forum that I took note of the hundreds of different writing styles, personalities, and the huge amount of activity on the forum that I became a believer. While I've had my helix for about a month now and no Super - O yet, I have had my fair share of "There definitely something special about this" moments.

                  Just yesterday I had a wet orgasm from pushing deep onto my prostate externally. My helix was in, but it was very different from a normal orgasm. Even though I believe it to be a wet orgasm, all of the pleasure was focused on my prostate. Its really awesome and relieving going from thinking "Only women can have multiple orgasms" to "My body can do it too!!".

                  Gotta love the 'ros


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                    hey Ruger, good plan. You cant say it doesnt work until you've tried everything LOL. One thing I would like to say though, is that for a long time I was hung up on the fact that I thought the super O was something way way better then a tradiontal orgasm. Its not necessarily. Its different. Maybe better, maybe not. If you read the definition supplied in the wiki, a super O is just a different kind of orgasm, so try not to compare it to a tradional O. I have more dud sessions then I do successful ones, but the feelings along the way are so different and great, it keeps me going. This is a quote from the wiki which I've had to read over and over to understand and it definately helped me put things into perspective.

                    • The dictionary’s #1 definition for the prefix word “super” is simply : “over, above, on top of”. It does not imply any particular degree of “over, above, on top of”. In the definition of the Super-O there is a key qualifier in the very first sentence "...may involve:" further on it states "Super-O's come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued." In other words Super-O's come in all flavors and colors. The important differences between a traditional orgasm with ejaculation and Super-O's are their non-ejaculatory quality and they last longer than the traditional. A traditional orgasm with ejaculation lasts a precious few seconds, a Super-O experience could last for minutes to an hour or more. A Super-O may or may not be more intensely pleasurable than a traditional orgasm but it is usually much longer lasting and there is no refractory period to deal with.
                    • Based upon reading the glowing testimonials and hyperbolic descriptions of users experiences with these devices a new user or someone who has not yet tried the Aneros may easily develop very high expectations for immediate, fantastic success with these prostate massagers. Many new users of the Aneros massager believe they should have a Super-O within the first few times they use it, just by sticking it in their rectum. The truth is that few users have such immediate success. A man needs to understand that a Super-O is a qualitatively different type of orgasmic experience compared to the traditional penile orgasm with ejaculation. It most often takes time, sometimes many months, even years, to learn the keys to un-locking a man's Super-O capability.
                    • There is another equally frustrating aspect to reading about the Super-O, that is, if you have not had one, you may build your imagination into expecting some kind of grand, mythic orgasmic experience that is unrealistic and impossible to attain. Not all users will, nor should they expect to, experience the kinds of sensations described in other men's testimonials. It would be a mistake to dismiss an actual Super-O experience in lieu of the imaginary one you think you should have.
                    • Experienced users who have developed the ability to have regular Super-O's, acknowledge that even they do not always have a Super-O session.

                    I hope this helps. And FYI, love the reference to American Psycho! LOL


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                      Great rant, Ruger!

                      I've said it before and I'll say it again: the guys who persist for years at this game should get big discounts from Aneros or medals or something.

                      I thought Aneros was a scam for the first 7 sessions (1 week, daily). No feelings, zip results. Then, it started to happen. There seems to be a huge range of time to adapt for these devices; from no time at all to never. I wish there was a formula.

                      As for the Kegel business... After 2 years of trying, I still can't do them unless I have an erection or am peeing, which means they are kinda useless for me in terms of ramping up to a Super-O.

                      Good luck and best wishes,



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                        How goes it with your new tools?


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                          @ruger: great post! You have a good sense of humor, ranting or not. Aneros comedy.

                          I agree with you on swapping out models. I really like the Eupho, but on a whim dusted off the Helix recently. Wow. It really hit some new spots that weren't as sensitive last time I used it. I get very different experiences from the different models.

                          I got into this for the health benefits without knowing about the fun part. After a few sessions I found this site and had the same reaction you did. Something interesting was going on though so I kept the faith. I feel I still have the training wheels on, but this has been quite the experience.

                          Keep posting!