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Today I had a great experience with my aneros.

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  • Today I had a great experience with my aneros.

    Today I had a great experience with my aneros.

    I've been practicing Aneros usage for a few years. I started
    with the SGX, then got the Eupho and finally the Helix.

    To be honest they all have their moments. But through the
    years, I've come to realize a truth, that really was only learned after many,
    many months. Though all can be ecstatic, the SGX is kind of like the "King
    of the road" to me. I'm quick to mention, I'm on the shorter side, 165 CM
    (5 feet 4inches). Of course the SGX is made for my height, so thatís probably
    why it 'fits so good'.

    So, as I said, they all "have their moments" but I
    really only have, what I'd call a prostate orgasm with the SGX. The others
    produce very pleasurable sensations, for hours, if I let them. Dry orgasms, all
    kinds of thrilling rides. But I'd have to say the SGX has an edge, for me, at
    least for "prostate" orgasms. Maybe the other ones produce
    "anal" orgasms(?)

    Normally my sessions are like this: The pleasure kicks in
    very quickly after insertion and I relax. No waiting around! That lasts for a
    while, and then, depending on the session it gets even better, or stays the
    same, or tapers off. So there was an initial pleasurable part, and then there
    seemed to be a point where I'd get a little lost, like things became a bit hazy.
    The first aprt lasts about 20 minutes or so. The latter part, maybe 40-50
    minutes, or occasionally longer at times.

    On my last session yesterday, at this point, between the fun
    beginning and the hazy part, I determined that there must be a reason, some
    "destiny" if you will, in my Aneros journey. There must be something
    beyond this initial great feeling that I get. I think I can say that I've
    already had multiple orgasms (always dry) and the health benefits through the
    years have been very evident to me. But still, what was over the rainbow?
    Today, when reaching that mid-point, I determined to follow the thread, not to
    settle back and "see what happens" but to follow that feeling, and
    find the source. I followed and followed and it got better and better to where
    I was frozen in motion having a very long, drawn out, protracted dry orgasm.
    I've had those before, occasionally, but it went on and on, following that
    feeling and I had a very unmistakable hands free ejaculation. It was dry though
    it felt very much like the traditional one, but very slow and dreamlike and
    exquisite. It had a definite tension and release, just like the traditional
    ones, but very very intense and very slow, like time stands still. It was the
    first time that I have ever had this, apart from in my dreams as a youngster. I
    was very happy and excited afterwards, like I had made a breakthrough.

    I just thought I'd
    share this.

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    @Bill Bately - Congratulations! I like how you explain it. I suspect I'm at the point where I'm still following the feeling to find the source. Sometimes it seems so close.


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      Good post Bill,like you I experience wonderfull pleasure within 15 sec. of insertion,after about 10 min. I have the really bad itch that loves to be scratched. It is kinda like my body wants to orgasm but the pleasure is so great my brain won't be able to stand it.I use deep belly breathing very slow,which usually causes everything to let loose,and I have at least an hour of eyes rolled back pleasure.I recently cut a slit in a soft rubber ball and slide it over the p-tab. This puts soft but firm pressure on my p-spot. I seem to need pressure on a bigger area then the tabs provide.What a shame Drs. dont recomend this to all men.I have no more night trips to the bathroom and usually at a 75 degree angle when I get up in the morning.I cringe when I hear about the nasty side affects of the "man" drugs . Have a happy thanksgiving


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        A truly wonderful post Bill. So well expressed.