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preferred model for intercourse?

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  • preferred model for intercourse?

    I know that there are some members here (and others) that will use the aneros for traditional intercourse. I would like to know from those that have the experience, which model(s) are best for coupled sex. Which is your favorite and why? Which models would you avoid using and why?

    Thank you all, in advance!

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    Hello, fortwayne.

    We've got a bunch of Aneros models; Helix, Syn, Vice, Ice, Eupho and Peridise Advanced, plus Fun Factory Duke. Over the past two years, all have had their fare share of use during partnered sex. Although my wife likes the vibrations that get though me to her with Vice and Duke, I don't appreciate the level of concentration required to maintain an erection with all that buzzing in back. It's distracting.

    Most of the time, if a prostate massager is in play, I prefer the Eupho. It gives plenty of stimulation without overwhelming penile sensations. And, it's small enough in diameter that it doesn't press too hard during ejac, which has been a problem with Progasm Ice and Helix.

    Best Regards,



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      I will have to agree with Dave on this as well. The Eupho seems to coax me along and then at just the right moment hammer one home! The Helix on the other hand seems to want to "force" things, and similar but less dramatic with the MGX as well. The Progasm hasn't been used yet but seems to large for me to be agile enough for good sex. I'm still getting used to the thing.

      The Peridice was interesting but really did nothing for P-Spot stim. My wife likes it though.

      When the going gets weird, the Weird turn Pro. (Hunter S. Thompson)

      Laughing Hawk


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        Any of the prostate toys can generate p-waves and occasional dry-Os during foreplay. They are also worthwhile to spike an erection during extended foreplay.

        We started with Helix and stayed with it for three months. As Ten_s_nut noted, during ejaculation the larger toys can compress the prostate and obstruct the free flow of semen. Both my wife and I enjoy a maximum surge so, we 'graduated' downward to SGX.

        Helix is also a bit head heavy and during quick physical moves can be a source of mild discomfort.

        SGX works well for me. Always available if I suck it up for prostate contact or it can be pushed down the canal for just anal presence when my interest and focus is elsewhere.

        Peridise is also a cool anal toy but as LaughingHawk mentioned, the prostate gets a bit 'lonesome.'


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          Thank you, gentlemen, for your thoughtful input! It is greatly appreciated So it seems that where intercourse is concerned, small/slim and agile (SGX and Eupho) is best. Additionally, are there any modifications that make these models (or others) better equipped for coupled sex?


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            I suggest dealing with the tail. The normal tail restricts movement - you can't roll over on to your back and it could get tangled up in the sheets and get pulled out. It certainly hampers spontaneity. My tails are about 3/4 inch proud, docked and curled over so there are no sharp ends


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              good point isvara for picking up on something I didn't mention - my SGX is 'de-tailed' to just a smooth nub.

              early on, when we were using the Helix, we attachd a long shoestring to the tail of the Helix. My wife used that to 'attract' my attention. rook


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                @rookHaha you were on a leash!
                Here butt fuck here boy! LMAO.


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                  I have tried all of the MGX, Helix and Eupho (each with its tail docked), and have found that the Eupho is way ahead of the others during intercourse, especially when lying on my back. On one occasion I came close to having a second orgasm while the Eupho was inserted!


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                    Looks like we have to buy a Eupho. We have been using a Helix during intercourse, and enjoying involuntaries, but it is def, as noted in other comments, very heavy handed at orgasm. I do love how it holds off my inevitable orgasm though. She appreciates that also, as you can imagine.


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                      I had surprising success with SYN. Sort of accidental but worked very well. Of course I need all the help I can get!
                      I have found Tempo and the acetal models feel very hard. SYN felt very comfortable..


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                        Thank you all for your helpful feedback! Was curious if the p-tab is an issue--seems that thrusting or changing positions suddenly, might make it behave differently or veer off center. For me, the P-Tab has never hit my "sweet spot" (overshoots it and rests too close to my scrotum)...and was wondering if this is more of an issue (or less) during intercourse. Thanks again!