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Soreness? newbie question

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  • Soreness? newbie question

    I recently got my Aneros MGX, and while it feels great on my prostate I get some soreness in my sphincter/rectal area. I know it isn't a problem with lubricant, as I am using nonallergic water based. Is there any way to accustom myself to this soreness, or is it something that will fade with time?

    Many thanks.

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    Welcome to the Aneros Forums!

    If you are new to anal play and using the Aneros massager for the first times, then it is quite natural for you to be unaccustomed to some of these new sensations. Depending on the duration of your Anerosessions it is natural for you to feel some irritation as well, you are just not used to this level of stimulation yet.

    There are generally two types of soreness one may encounter with Aneros use. 1.) Soreness generated by irritation of the mucous membranes (could be by friction or mild allergic reaction to a type of lubrication). 2.) Soreness generated by muscle fatigue (caused by voluntary or involuntary muscle contractions). In either case these are generally very low levels of discomfort (pain) which dissipate quite quickly (less than 24 hours). If you experience pain that persists or is more than just a mild soreness you should first discontinue Aneros use and then consult with a professional medical practioner to resolve the cause. Aneros use should NEVER be painful.

    The SGX & MGX models are the only models in the Aneros lineup which have grooved rings around the shaft in the anal sphincter area. As such, these rings, while providing additional stimulation during usage, also provide an increased tendency to irritate the sensitive membrane lining the anal sphincters. Through repeated practice sessions the unusual sensations (now being felt as a type of soreness) should abate and be transformed into pleasurable sensations as your mind sexualizes them and associates them with the pleasure your prostate is generating. Until your body is inured to these anal sensations and you have psychologically sexualized/eroticised them, I recommend you use copious amounts of lubrication. IMHO, it is better to use too much rather than too little lubrication when first learning.

    DO NOT USE ANY DESENSITIZING GELS, CREAMS OR LOTIONS! These can mask the subtle sensations which you DO NEED TO FEEL to advance your learning.

    P.S. I sent you an introductory PM with some additional hints and tips to get you started here.
    Good Vibes to You !


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      Hi combineelite
      I am a junior member.
      I have had a similar discomfort. For me it seemed that the inner sphincter resisted the MGX. It was happy with the not much smaller SGX. At first I had the angle incorrect that did not help, and I still get it wrong from time to time. I now sort of have the p-tab just touch the perineum as I begin the entry. But I have BHP to get around. I have since changed the lube to an oil based one. This seems to work for me better. It is the inner sphincter that I have to relax more. I like using the MGX.


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        Wow! Thank you for your responses. I get the impression that this isn't something you want to rush - small steps at a time and all that.
        I will say that I am already a satisfied customer, however. My prostate feels alive, like someone flipped a switch and now I just have these electric tingles running through my body. I think I understand why so many ancient philosophies tend to place the 'core' of human energy near the prostate.


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          I will say as another newbie (5 weeksish) that I was mildly sore after every single session at first. I now am NOT noticeably sore after sessions, although If I have sessions too often I can feel the soreness when the Aneros is in me.

          What is most important, especially when starting, is that you should wait until you can't feel ANY KIND of soreness before attempting another session.
          Even give yourself an extra day even if you think you're "okay". I've had sessions where I realize a small soreness is still there, only after getting into a session. Even though the soreness might only seem noticeable for a second or two and not a big deal in comparison to the pleasure, Its very rare these sessions have much success, and I really haven't listened to these small signs enough.

          Better to stop and give yourself more time between each session!


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            Hey guys,

            rumel wrote, "...
            I recommend you use copious amounts of lubrication. IMHO, it is better to use too much rather than too little lubrication when first learning."

            What's been said in this thread makes me think of lube insufficiency, not with regard to just amount or type but, where it's being applied.

            I'd offer, Lube like a man and don't be dainty ! However, follow the recommendations in the Wiki and try to minimize the lube on your perineum.

            During the first weeks (or months) of practice, relaxation isn't the forte of most nubes to anal play. And, if they are not properly lubed, sphincter penetration can trigger spasm. Self inflicted bruising may be an outcome if a poor insertion angle is combined with poor lube.

            Aneros toys are very forgiving due to their excellent design, smooth contours and surface texture. Comfortable insertion, easy play and a cool 'morning after' is largely dependent on pre-lubrication -- --

            About a year ago, I was sometimes triggering my inner sphincter into spasm when starting a Progasm session. One night I complained about that ssue in Chat. Fortunately, a gent very experienced in anal penetration offered that I should hand lubricate my sphincters at the start of every session.

            For me, that now involves dipping two fingers into a lube jar or slathering them with gel, reaching inside my anus, opening the inner sphincter and circling that 'ring' with a coating of lube. Then I lube the toy. After that I inject to meet the needs of my session. Just coating the toy or putting a wad of lube on the tip of the toy isn't sufficient.

            I don't like to open a session with greasy hands so cover my fingers with plastic wrap -- a glove or condom would work as well.

            Lube like a man ! ...rook