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    It may be that the beginning with Aneros coincided with a change in the traditional sex release that you were used to. They may not actually be directly related. For me after a incredibly sexy peak 18 month ago I went into a steady decline until I started with Aneros. In the last couple of months I have picked up again much to my surprise. Sometimes we are guided to a new experience because the old is diminishing. It is a subconscious adjustment if we are open to it. Without Aneros my life would be a bit sad - I.e I would let myself get old!
    Mind you my Ej is not every time I have trad sex.


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      Penis Health:

      Wow, this thread is really germane to much of my experience with E.D. over the last 13 years. I think I've hit most of the bumps in the road that are mentioned here. And, like isvara it's been a slow roller coaster ride.

      I know severe Early Ejac. (aka P.E.) and related that to lack of a firm erection. My Uro once mentioned that P.E. seems to be related to glans hypersensitivity in men who aren't erecting fully.

      I suspect that poor penis health makes me less sensitive to Testosterone during the natural erectile process (the mental shot of nitric oxide isn't working as well as it used to.) That, coupled with a reduced 'T' level (now in the high 300's) is causing me to be slow in responding to Levitra. Doc just switched me back to Viagra.

      I think that, Anerosians in general tend to become Penis-phobic when first taught to, "keep their hands off." As one of the club, I've tended to place less emphasis on general Penis Health. This thread has been a good reminder of what I've been taught by my Urologist.

      When I had my first Uro visit for E.D. some eleven years ago (I went there in tears) he handed me an inexpensive penis pump and told me to insure that I had 20 minutes of erect time each day. (Nocturnal erections and sex count toward that total)

      Now retired, I've been lax about maintaining my morning penis pump ritual during tooth brushing, shaving and showering.

      Tks for sharing guys. Looks like it's appropriate to get back to basics and indulge in a bit of 'shaft worship.'

      Thanks guys for shariing !!


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        Tomasheen - well it was just a thought, and some of the contributors to this thread did mention struggling to ejaculate. When energy is this low, I just thought it might be an idea to not ejaculate, and store up sexual energy instead - but I can see it will not work for everyone, especially if they don't already ejaculate. Good luck to all you guys.


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          A very kind and generous thought. Thank you Linum. I did have a very pleasant love-making session with my partner this evening. We had intercourse and though I didn't come, we enjoyed it all very much. I am so blessed with her. She gets great pleasure in pleasuring me. with both her hands gently stimulating my penis and scrotum similtainiously? I just sigh and groan into a blissful trance. In many ways it is more satisfying that my Aneros sessions.


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            Thanks rook, I have read to have daily non-viagra erection is important. I did not think a pump induced erection counted. Very good info. Tried - not going for tight but did drench the P with fresh blood.
            I think there are several agendas here I will try to separate then.


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              Hmmm, I don't equate to old yet, but heading toward experienced. I have suffered from low testosterone for years. Due to very high PSA, my doctors agree that HRT is not a good idea. It's been an adjustment to not ejaculate during love making. I' m learning to take pleasure in pleasuring my partner. Ejaculation doesn't happen every time, but enough that when it does, it's cherished.

              Usually, V and L work. For the first time this week it didn't. I'm hoping it was stress which also impacts my sessions. I credit my sessions for helping to maintain an erotic attitude which would be suffering by now. I'm feeling very excited and recharged by my "new" discovery.



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                Your post is very touching Isvara. It is so open and honest. Your attitude is to be commended. Taking pleasure in pleasuring so so rewarding. I am excited for you too! Keep going. Tomasheen.


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                  I have suffered from ED for a number of years due to many years of Diabetes. I don't even miss ejaculation much since Mangina and Aneros, either each alone or together give me all the self-pleasuring I need. I have never been married nor partnered, and am newly exploring my neglected life-long attraction to men, so have had some sexual experiences. I can get hard, if desired for play with a guy, with my pump and cock ring to hold it. Ejaculate then (have only experienced oral so far.) Very seldom do traditional masturbation alone anymore.


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                    Tomasheen: Just looked at some of the replys.... " I'm 19 years old with 43 years experience " that translates to 62.... I'm a geezer but don't feel like one.