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  • Contractions

    I am a newbie to aneros...How long does one hold the contraction? maybe im not doing this correctly...i just contract slow and release but dont know if to hold or not. Whats the best aneros for beginner? im using eupho.

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    I know nothing about your anatomy and wouldn't feel qualified to give advice in that connection anyway. But, most experts in this field suggest that the Eupho model is for more experienced users. I like the Eupho because it is a smaller model and I don't often feel the need to be "filled up"!

    I think you will find that the general advice is that the SGX or MGX models are the best for beginners as they are aimed most directly at prostate massage. Many users have also recommended the Helix as a good alternative, possibly because it produces better prostate contact for them than either of the other two. I actually came to the Eupho only a couple of months into my journey but can now admit that I didn't really have much success with for the first two or three months with it. In fact, I had quicker responses from the Helix which I began to use a month after my first experience with the Eupho.

    To answer your question about the length of contractions, I think the best advice is to vary them. Try not to think that any given length of contraction is better or not as good as any other. IMO, the purpose of contractions is to help the tool to provide massage to, not only the prostate, but to all of the area in the area near that organ. Probably, for most of the time each contraction might last for just a couple of seconds. At times, you may find that the muscles of that area tend to clamp firmly onto the tool so that an individual contraction might last for over a minute, (perhaps even longer). I actually now find that I am almost not aware of my voluntary contractions any more since they are so gentle that I can barely feel them, (almost akin to doing nothing)!

    As rumel has said in a recent post, just keep experimenting, relaxing. experimenting, relaxing.

    Hope that helps.


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      Yep what he said ! I am just too slow at typing. The contractions are a workout for the muscles. Most likely nothing will happen for a few months but when the muscles get strong It all starts to get GOOD!Keep at it. Every time will be different.
      Not sure that I would say the eupho is the best to start with but you will be glad you own one anyway in the end.


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        One thing to remember is not just to do contractions. Add periods of deep relaxation. Let yourself take notice of the sensations that are happening to your body.


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          Welcome djmcd and congratulations on making this life changing step !

          The Wiki is well written and understood by most Aneros users so, we can better communicate with a common language when we rely on descriptions and recommendations in that document. No need to invent a new dictionary. Suggestion: always return to the Wiki and then vary your practices around that 'center point.'

          Your most direct answer is in the Wiki in the paragraph, Contraction Exercises: -- ses --. IMO, that practice is easiest with either the SGX or MGX tools since both 'connect well' with the anal canal where beginners can produce their strongest voluntary contractions. The Eupho is an "advanced design" toy designed to be more responsive to involuntary contractions. Until your autonomic nervous system and reflexes are producing "involuntaries" don't expect rapid progress from Eupho. I'd guess there are some grand SGX/MGX or Helix sessions and Kegels in your future before you really respond to Eupho.

          The Helix shares the Eupho's 'advanced design' with a lower stem and base that slides easily through the anus. That quality enables Helix to automatically adjust of one's height. While the Helix has enough bulk to respond to voluntary anal contractions, it and the Eupho are also influenced by one's breathing, gravity, involuntary inner-sphincter contractions and smooth muscle responses in the rectum. Eupho has less mass and bulk so responds quickly to very subtle vibrations in the rectum and perineum and less to voluntary contractions and gravity. Eupho has a lot of what I call "waggle" and is less predictable/repeatable/dependable than the other toys. It's like a race car with a wet noodle for a steering wheel -- sometimes you have control but most of the time you are just along for the ride.

          IMO, Helix and Eupho are better suited to the "do-nothing" approach described in the 'Alternative Exercises" part of the Wiki. Click on the above link and scroll down the page to find this section.

          All of that said, you may find it good to put that Eupho in a safe place for a few months. Make sure you've got a good grasp of the 'Basics' and 'Getting Started' sections of the Wiki. And of course, the more inclusive discussions in: -- --

          blessings and enjoy! ... rook


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            Thank you all for the advice.