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    So I actually did take my own advice and had a session just now. I didn't really meditate in the traditional sense. I queried my body about how he liked the way I was treating him, and he had some interesting responses. Pardon me for referring to my body in the 3rd prrson but I don't really own him like I own my car. I have influence over him, can move him where I want to go, but he doesn't always want to do or be where I want. So anyway I started the session in my usual way which he's gotten used to and approves of. When we're completely eroticized so that every movement and sensation feels good, I ask him how he feels I've been treating him and he says that sometimes he feels like I'm raping him, sometimes I'm ignoring him entirely, sometimes starving him for affection or other nourishment, put the wrong toy in, often I just forget about him and treat him like a possession. He then shows me what he likes sexually, how much, how fast, where, etc. Apparently he likes me to talk to him dirty, who knew? Anyway you get the idea.

    I'm back in my body again. I got the idea of treating my body like a beloved boyfriend, courting him, seducing him, ect., you get the idea. So putting on my straight hat, you would treat your body like your favorite girlfriend, the one you would marry maybe. Treat her as you'd like to be treated, ask her what she likes, how that feels, are you doing it right. My point is not to be weird but to pay attention to your body's wants as if they were your own, because they really are. To do that I kind of dissociate myself a little and watch and listen. I find that the more I do this, the more my body cooperates. Sometimes it just doesn't want to have the session though so I don't bother.

    I don't know if my analogy will work for everyone. You may have to modify it to reflect a certain sexual partner or kind of sexual preference. I don't know. Let me know if this makes sense and if it helps to let go. The idea is that we usually feel safest in the arms of our beloved, we need to feel safe to let go, and our body deserves our love.


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        Thanks, AneRico. I wrote that as a kind of feverish experiment on myself. I don't know if I could maintain that kind of dialogue in a blog. I did find that it was useful to carry on the dialogue with my body since I wrote that. I'll let you know if how it goes. What do you do that's similar?


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          This is soooo paradoxical. Thanks for the tips and links.


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            It is in an Anerosless or Aless session, that I can let go truly, have fun and pleasure at a very deep level.

            Aless sessions prepare me for Aneros session. They all are so good!


            P.S. I forgot to say that Aless enables me to savor all the very good posts above in this thread. Thanks, guys.


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              I think this process of letting go, can be extremely gradual and incremental. For me, my journey has now lasted 4 years, and the process of change is continuous and shows no sign of stopping, and was not a single event that is analogous to death and rebirth. Over time though, it could be described this way.

              I suspect that euphemistic's "how do I feel safe" may also apply to me. As a dominant introverted intuitive (Myers-Briggs INFJ), I have a very future-oriented preference, and if my intuition was not sure about the safety of a particular approach, then I am pretty sure this would work its way into my conscious decisions, affecting the speed of my progress.

              However, it would seem that incremental changes, allow slight adjustments to be made, which by definition are less risky than the "act of faith" required in a full blown ego-death and rebirth.

              I should think further on what those incremental steps were that have allowed me to get this far, and to have gained so much (not just sexually).

              @euphemistic - on a side note - I understand entirely how coming to terms with being gay can be life changing, and in a positive way. I feel that this process (some 30 years ago now for me) was in retrospect, one hell of a gift - challenging your core self is something difficult but rewarding, and not something that everyone gets to do. In a sense we are doing something similar with our multi-orgasmic quests - challenging all that we previously supposed to be true. Good luck on your continuing journey, and thanks for your thought provoking posts.


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                @Linum --- It's important to challenge the status quo! We either create our own reality, or it is created, and thrust upon us! Our ability to recognize the shear beauty of nature; of both the male and female form; of the human mind and, of the sense of curiosity that motivates us to become more than just mindless rutting animals are tremendous gifts that few really know how to appreciate IMHO! Orgasm on!



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                  @Theme_Gasm - I totally agree! It gives zest to life, and prevents complacency.