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  • Feed back from older guys

    I am and older guy in my 60s and i enjoy my sessions with my Helix.
    Just wanted to hear from some older guys out there to what there sessions are like,I know that as we grow
    older our bodies change and I would not want to be looking for something that is not possible

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    "... I know that as we grow older our bodies change and I would not want to be looking for something that is not possible."

    I'm 65 and am also aware of the gradual changes occuring in my body as I age. Likewise, I have noticed how my reactions to my Aneros use have changed as well. This is where it gets complicated though. I have noticed a lessening of intensity of feelings over the years but I am unclear about the cause of this effect. It could be age related, it could be health related (I had radiation treatment for prostate cancer a few years ago), it could be habituation related, it could be an evolving psyche pulling me toward more spiritual pursuits and away from my past physical pleasure pursuits. It could be any combination of those factors or others (unknown) which alter the experience.
    In any event, each Anerosession is still an adventure in which I embark trying only to look for what appears, not look for something specific. I am, of course, desirous of receiving pleasure in this voyage (and I almost always do) , it is the mystery of the unknown feelings yet to be experienced which fuels my continuing sensual quest. I am not concerned about what may or may not be possible because that just contributes to thoughts of expectations and more 'mind noise' which is ultimately non-productive.

    Really, there is no way of knowing what is or isn't possible with your Aneros use unless you close the door on the possibilities with your own thinking. IMHO, if you remain hopeful, optimistic and open to all your sensations, your body will continue to astound you with unexpected feelings and revelations.
    Good Vibes to You !


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      I just enjoy the feelings i get now.


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        I am 73 and embarked on this journey just over three years ago.

        I like to think that I have been able to experience what most Anerosians less than half my age have been able to experience and even believe that I have had a super-O or two.

        I have to admit that most of my sessions result in not much more than some very nice body buzzing. Most sessions involve the use of a Peridise (ostensibly) for control of haemorrhoids. (In these sessions I expect nothing but at least receive some nice feelings along the way).

        If I have abstained from sex for a week or so, I can expect to have a special session with my Eupho or Helix and this can result in some wonderful AOs.

        To 'mack' I would say, 'if you believe that anything is not possible, then it probably is'. I seriously believe that anything is possible.

        There is a member of this forum who goes by the name of 'mog' whom I believe to be close to 80. He has been my inspiration since I am sure he regularly experiences super-Os. If he can do it, I am damned sure I can!

        While I commence any Anerosession without really expecting a mind-blowing outcome, on those occasions when it actually happens, I count my blessings in extremis!


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          In my 50's here, mack. Been doing this 3 years. Got started as a way to help prostate congestion symptoms from less frequent sex and to help keep mild hemorrhoids under control. But like so many, got intrigued with seeing if I could have prostate orgasms with it. Took almost a year of training to get "re-wired" but man are they fun and helpful to the old sex life when you're in that down time in between sex with your wife but you'd like to keep your sexual responsiveness "up" and going without masturbating and getting off your load with the "uninterested in sex for awhile" refractory that follows.

          Biggest two things I've noticed are incredible urine flow with the ability to sleep through the night without getting up to pee and also an incredible increase in morning erections. I literally feel like a teenaged guy again in the mornings. Don't know why it does this, but it's a big boost to how you feel as you're older.


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            mack, I'm in my late 50's, and like slimjim, started out for health reasons about a year ago. After one session it became clear there was more to this thing than expected and found this forum.

            As for my sessions, I haven't a clue where I am so I just wander from session to session. When I think it starts to fit in with what others describe, it changes. I can say, it is intense, it varies, it plateaus, then takes off again. Always fun.

            I am experiencing age related changes too. Prior to finding out about Aneros, the only thing I knew about my prostate is that biopsies hurt. Since starting with the Aneros, I don't think I've ever been this aware of my body and sensuality. What a blessing to reach this point in life and find something new and so wonderful to explore.

            Thank you for reaching out. You have found the other, unexpected pleasure of your new toy, this group!



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              I am a recently "retired" man at age 63. I heard about the Aneros last fall as a device to enhance my Kegel Exercises. I roused enough courage to begin my Aneros session with the Helix Syn on June 3 just past. Three weeks later, I began experiencing P-waves. The Helix Syn has been a great instructor for me in helping experience the pleasure of my prostate. Things got even better when I started using the Maximus in early August. Then about a week ago, I started using the Progasm Classic for the first time. rook has given me many helpful instructions in how to use the Progasm.

              I look with great anticipation to each Aneros session. In recent weeks, my walks have been more buoyant because of the Aneros. Often now, I experience chairgasms, bedgasms, and walkinggasms. The Aneros has improved my general health and even my physical and mental health.



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                I love the sound of a "walkinggasm"!

                I guess you would have to select your venue for this with some care. You wouldn't want to be in heavy traffic or be in a crowd would you?


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                  To answer your aging question.
                  I have used Aneros for 10mths.
                  I get nice feelings with a suggestion of more to come. Prostate has made good friends with my various Aneros but nothing more.
                  I am 73, BHP, ED, partnered
                  It is all working so much better now. Easy wee, less stressful/painful ejaculation, improved PC/BC muscles, better sphincters, hemorrhoids reduced to almost gone, soothed prostate. I use an Aneros almost every night. I am much more creative, happier, more positive. I enjoy sex even more now, partner pleased and and happy for me to care for my prostate! All this since I began my Aneros journey.
                  I sleep with Aneros, or she puts me to sleep when I am restless. Helps focus away from problems, helps centre me on my core self.
                  I am on a plateau at the moment rewiring an old house takes time!!

                  It is a dawning of a new day when thought the sun was setting.


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                    Now in my fourth year of the "Journey," I am within arms reach of age 80. I feel 'chronologically endowed.' I had my first Super-O's in my 13th month and now enjoy a rich variety of orgasmic paths.

                    My experiences are much as described by Isvara and Pommie. At one time we formed a sub-group of the Forum for the 'over 60' club. It tended to wither as we found that while there some physiological differences between guys 20 and 70 our mental processes, preferences and Super-O responses are not much different. If anything, us "oldsters" seem to have excellent focus on very subtle feelings.

                    While my physical and energy reserves do not support long periods of time in intense orgasm. I savour and perhaps more deeply appreciate what I experience in the "pleasure and joy" department. Spirituality counts !

                    My responses to sensual stimulation are better balanced than they were in my 60s. I've grown from simplistic stimulation of my penis and anus. Now, nipple, thigh, perineum, prostate, testical, lip, mental imagery and even foot-sole targets play major roles in my Aneros and sexual practices. I'm starting to work on Artform's soft-pallet routines.

                    I can now enjoy rolling over into a belly-down position without triggering an ejaculatory orgasm... a pretty hot anal-f***ing sensation that plays well for me but that I'd not have been able to do when I was in my 50s.

                    Another advantage... I've realized how important aerobic reserves are in this game and that's put me back on the jogging path or treadmill on a daily basis. Byproduct... I'm 15 pounds lighter and sex is a whole lot better than it was ten years ago... my wife likes that !


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                      I'm 62 and starting using an MGX in July and then this month the Peridise set . I've made steady progress and just this week have been experiencing orgasms better than anything I have ever felt with penis stimulation. I think the answer to your question is, it IS possible at our age and beyond. We don't have to be distracted by the raging hormones of a younger body.


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                        Thanks for the informatin guys,makes me feel alot better knowing
                        there are still bright and exciting sessions a head,can hardly wait.


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                          I'am 69 started using my progasm 4 weeks ago and also bought a helix 2 wks ago .I like them both ,but pefer
                          the progasm. I have never felt this kind of feeling before. I have been very close to having a super O.
                          I just need to practice more. Having alot of fun learning. Thanks for all tips that are posted here.


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                            I agree with chuckN about the decreasing distraction from the raging hormones of youth. You reach a point with this that you can explore the sexual responsiveness of your body without getting inevitably focused on your penis and that's where the adventure can really begin. I couldn't imagine in my 20's, if such a thing could have existed at the time, allowing myself to get focused enough anywhere but on my penis to have something like this work.


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                              I am 73. My Aneros history has been posted as A 73 year old: Adventures Unlimited. This sort of expresses my 10 month almost daily Aneros experience. My age has coincided with 4 major opportunities. 1. An opportunity to consider we have a body to enjoy. 2. Just as ED was coming upon me Viagra arrives on the scene. 3. Easy testosterone supplements available and a friendly GP. 4. Just as BHP was making life painful and difficult Aneros arrives as a properly thought out Prostate stimulator that has the added bonus of providing the amazing sort after life fulfilling experiences. This is probably an older persons order.
                              I have not had any of the amazing experiences that occupy much of the forum but my prostate certainly is beginning to respond and giving me experiences I never thought/dreamed possible. I have sex ttw but don't stress myself if I don't Ej. This is good because I retain all the build up, retain the interest, libido kept on track, the 'wanting' remains and my partner is happy if I don't and happy if I do Ej. I am very happy. So I look forward to another day, another base energy experience and feel so much more whole?