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Eupho tail/handle removal or modification

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  • Eupho tail/handle removal or modification

    Hi folks,

    The Eupho is the latest addition to my Aneros stable, and I've chosen to keep it intact for the time being. But have noticed that the tail/handle is rubbing, or being held in place by the bed when I lay on my back. Which is the only Aneros position I use.

    So I'm curious...
    How many of you have completely or partially removed, or modified in some other way, the tail/handle on their Eupho? And how did you like the end result in terms of how it works in an Aneros session?

    My concern is that because the P-tab is the same style as the Helix, which I own and have completely removed the tail/handle, that I would have the same problems of the P-tab wandering off center during Aneros sessions. I also feel like through using the Eupho intact that the tail/handle seems to help encourage more firm P-tab pressure which is fine by me. So it seems that if I were to modify the tail/handle, it would make sense to either remove just enough to keep it from rubbing on the bed, or heat up and bend the loop part of the tail/handle towards the P-tab to try and accomplish the same result. But I'm not sure if this would work as well as it seems. Or perhaps the performance of the Eupho is just better without any tail/handle at all?

    Would love to to hear peoples thoughts and/or experiences about this. Thanks.

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    @Love_is I have the same models and are modified the same as you and are looking at doing the same for my new eupho.I am going to cut the tail at about 1 or 1.5" as this is what another user has done. He sleeps with his anero often.
    I think coz it is so skinny it needs a tail to keep it straight.
    I also thing it needs to have a bit of tail to act as a spring.
    My helix has the tail removed right at the shaft and if I had my time again I would have left a inch of tail on it.

    How are you finding your eupho compared to the helix.
    My fist session was a dud but last night blew my mind, multiple massive erections and the thing got moving so fast it felt like it was flicking my prostate. It also felt like the tip of the eupho was in my penis. really weard feeling but awesome.
    She is my new favorite! \/


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      After months of "rewiring" and practice it was getting the Eupho that put me over into orgasm land, so for over a year with it being my favorite "go to" model it was hard to bring myself to start cutting on a $100 piece of plastic. Finally did though and removed the tail right at the shaft leaving just a smoothly filed off nub and was it ever like a new piece of equipment! I never knew that thing could wiggle and tickle my insides like that and as to my fears the tail was useful in serving as a rudder to maintain stability and prevent the P-tab from wandering about on my perineum, my fears were totally ungrounded. The P-tab never moves but the whole thing dances about inside like never before.


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        All my Aneros devices have had their tails docked just above the loop. Except the Progasm and Vice, that is, as they don't have tails.


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          So @slimjm are you saying that the eupho was better without the tail or you had not tried it with the tail so therefore could not say for certain.I get best results on my side so I am not sure it matters but it does make it easy to move around without getting jagged with my helix.
          It is of real interest that you say the p-tab stays put...... :-?


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            For what is worth: at 160*C you can bend the white plastic tail. Don't use a flame. Heat gun is good. It gives you an option before a terminal cut! I do this to all my acetal massagers. I can sleep with them. Of course the tail can always be removed later if desired.


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              @braveneworld - That was exactly my thought for both of those reasons. I also would have done the same with my Helix, as far as leaving some of the tail on if I had known at the time. Oddly enough, my MGX has no such problem of the P-tab wandering off center even though its handle/tail has been completely removed. But I suspect it has to do with it's much more aggressive P-tab holding it in place.

              “How are you finding your eupho compared to the helix.”

              It's quite different. I've had some real promising sessions that shows it's potential, and others that did nothing. It definitely moves quite a bit more than other models. I'll need to work with it more before I have a good feel for what it can do. Mind you, I haven't achieved super-O's yet, so no idea of it's orgasmic potential.

              @slimjim – That's great that the P-tab stays put for you without a tail/handle on your Eupho. I wonder though if this issue varies with each person? Do you have a completely tail-less Helix that the P-tab also stays put for you?

              @isvara – Thank you for the idea. So are you saying that I could potentially soften the plastic near the shaft, bend the tail/handle out of the way temporarily to test it that way, and bend it back to it's normal position if I don't like how it perform without a tail/handle? Also, would a 1500 Watt hair dryer on high heat setting get hot enough to accomplish this? I don't own a heat gun.


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                Maybe it didn't come across clearly enough that I used the Eupho for over a year "as is" out of the package all the while it was my favorite. When I finally brought myself to cut on the thing and removed the tail it was even better, night and day different. And yes, the P-tab still stays put and doesn't move out of position. As to position, nothing happens for me on my side. It's all on my back. But then I don't experience violent movements of the massagers. Just long in-strokes during involuntaries that bring on breath-taking O's.


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                  I have a Eupho and it does me very well. I cannot see the benefit of removing the tail except that if you are sitting inclined or always on you back it would be less inclined to cause hurt. I am a side user and I have tried different positions to no avail. Also I use a small cushion to lift my bent knee off the bed. This helps to give my penis a little more room for free movement when it wishes to erect and go down. I find that most useful. I am reluctant to alter what is a rather expensive item. Also I think it looks rather nice with the two end curves!


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                    I tried a hot hair dryer it is not hot enough. It does soften the tail a bit but not enough to erase the plastics memory. Yes I heat the tail near the stem and bend the tail sort of back a bit. I also heat and tighten the curl into a ring so it is more contained. The tail on my modification it about 25mm proud of the stem. Takes a while. I think could reheat and return it to its original profile. I experimented quite a bit and did not have any breakage. In theory acetal melts at 180*C. I am not sure of the Aneros composition, it may have a higher melt point. 160*C seems safe.
                    Acetal is the white plastic as in the MGX. I think the Eupho is acetal. I have not got mine yet -still coming. It also worked with red plastic of the Helix-SYN.

                    I did this because I thought the tail was needed for balance. It seems from the above posts it is not. Perhaps its function is to enable less agile folk to get a hold on the massager to remove it!!

                    Not sure if I can post a picture or if the forum will allow a 'mutilated' Aneros to be posted


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                      Before the site crash earlier this year, there were several images posted in this forum of many Aneros tools that had been modified, so it seems that the authorities have no objection! I reckon they took the view that if a user found it worked for him to modify them, then why not?

                      I have actually modified all of my MGX, Helix, Eupho, Maximus and SYN models by removing just the curly bit of their tails. Although I don't find the "lying on my back" position to be the best for me, I still find that the extended tail to be a distraction. I still do feel that some tail is necessary to provide 'directional stability', rather like the tail fin of an aeroplane! Keeps the nose pointed towards the prostate - so to speak!

                      As to movement of the P tab, with or without the tail, the tab of the MGX still seems to move off-centre if I change position and I invariably have to reposition it after shifting. This is odd as the P tab of the MGX is larger than any of the others except the Maximus.


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                        The rough top image is due to my inept photoshop skills.


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                          @slimjim – I understood your first post, but thank you for the further clarification. What I was trying to find out is whether you have a Helix with the same complete removal of handle/tail, and if the P-tab stays in place for you. If this was the case, then perhaps your body type and what you do with the Aneros allows this mod to work for you with this same type of P-tab design that these two models share. Then in that case I'd be inclined to think that I'd get the same problem of the P-tab wandering off center if I completely removed the tail/handle on my Eupho, just like my Helix does. Seems to make sense...

                          @Tomasheen – You are absolutely correct. I'm always on my back, other positions don't work for me. So the tail/handle does get in the way. Mind you, you did remind me that I should try the intact Eupho with a folded up towel under my buttocks to see if there is a difference in performance without the tail/handle catching on the bed. Thank you!

                          @isvara – Thank you for the information and pictures. Very helpful! Unfortunately, without owning a heat gun, it's not something I can do. But it makes sense as a better mod for complete tail/handle removal without losing the ability to easily remove the Aneros. Assuming I ever do modify my Eupho, I'll probably have to settle for cutting the tail/handle near the curl and smooth the cut end with my Dremel tool. At least this way I could go in steps so if I was not satisfied with it this way, then complete removal would still be an option.

                          @Pommie – I totally agree with you that some amount of tail is necessary for directional stability. Although judging from what you and slimjim have related and my own personal experience, it possibly depends on the person and the Aneros model. Although I will say that in my experience, any of the Aneros models, whether intact or not, shift about when changing positions. As long as it stays put when not changing position from it's normal range of motion.

                          Anyone else want to share some photos or information of Aneros modifications they have done?


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                            So my current solution that works for now, is to use a folded up towel under my buttocks. It keeps the tail/handle from being interfered with and hindered by the bed surface. Oddly enough, I thought this would allow the Eupho to move more freely in and out. But what I found, is what it does do is allow the Eupho to auto position itself with the P-tab closer to my anus than would otherwise not be possible with the Tail/handle resting against the bed surface. That being said, the Eupho is now my current favorite in place of the former MGX. I've had some really amazing sessions with it so far, even though I've yet to achieve super-O's. I still progress and am amazed at what I feeling in my sessions.

                            I think though that I will leave the option open to partially remove the tail, as having a folded up towel under my buttocks doesn't put the lower back in a good position. Especially when having long sessions. I'll update here in the future if I do so.


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                              Love_is, I had a tailless Helix I gave away. Being 6'2" it never seemed to reach the "spot" inside the way the somewhat longer Eupho could, with or without tail for either model. But with the larger diameter and more aggressively forward pointed "head" on the Helix, its P-tab would migrate some on my perineum with the tail removed, which with the rounder, less forward pointed "head" on the Eupho is not the case. The Maximus, for which I've not ever removed the tail, with its even more aggressive shape inside wanders "off center" the most.

                              So I think its more the difference in models than an internal difference in me. Does that help any?