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  • Progasm insertion question

    Hi guys,

    Earlier this morning, I tried to insert the Progasm up my butt for the first time. However, I need the guidance of guys who have used the Progasm.

    My Progasm Classic comes in a standard red, Aneros box. In this box, you will notice that the head of the Prograsm faces slightly to the right. Also on the right side is a K-tab that is slightly raised. However on the left side of this model is a K-tab that is greatly raised. Do you insert this model with the more prominently raised K-tab massaging the perineum or visa versa?

    Thank you,


    P.S. I can't wait to begin using this model correctly. Also I am making great progress in using the Maximus :-)

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    If on your back, you need to insert it so the head points up.


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      viewed from the side, the head of the Progasm should point toward your belly button when inserted.the tab 'below' that is the p-tab (perineum) and the other tab just below your tailbone is the k-tab.

      Suggest not to make any tab modifications until you have a lot of experience under your belt

      Tips for your first few sessions with Progasm (from a guy who is rather tite-assed):

      1. Be satisfied that you are well cleaned out and relaxed. Lube both your inner and sphincters with a 'durable' lube like Vaseline or Crisco. Coat the Progasm with a thin covering of Vaseline or Crisco.

      2. Inject a liberal amount of your fave rectal lube. I started with 6ml and later found that 8ml worked better.

      3. Assume a comfortable posture where you can relax for several minutes. Do some relaxed breathing with the 'nose' of program just playing your anus. Breath in a bit, push outward on your anus to open it a bit and apply gentle inward pressure to the Progasm. Push more with your anus so that it slides around Progasm's head. Slide the head of Progasm into your Anal Canal and relax. Get accustomed to having just the head of the toy in your anal canal. rock the toy a bit for some anal pleasure.

      4. "Scoop" manuever: Rock the Progasm with some inward pressure to massage your inner sphincter. With a breath and a small inward shove, open your inner sphincter and slide the head on up, through the inner sphincter and into your rectum. Breath and relax. Then gently press Progasm on inward until you feel it engage your prostate and bladder neck.

      5. Most guys get into a Peristalsis cycle at this point so keep a hand on the toy to gently counter any tendency for your rectum to reject the toy. Hold this position for several minutes, breath gently. Be alert for any cramping or strong involuntary tendencies and mentally search for pleasure in those. (Convert discomfort to pleasure).

      6. Some guys tend to master Progasm on the first shot. I was very tight and tense during my first few months with Progasm and if I got anxious, would sometimes get my inner sphincter into a spasm and turn it into a 'brick wall.' Now I'm better at relaxing on every insertion and have no issues. Took about a year though.

      opportunity is rarely recursive. aways reach for the brass ring ...... enjoy and blessings...... rook

      P.S. Graduate study: Darwin's got a cool post in this Forum on rotating the Progasm 180 degrees when it's partially inserted.


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        Thank you for your answers so far.

        @rook, Thank you for your detailed instructions as always which I will peruse, reflect upon, and incorporate into my sessions with the Progasm. Points nos. 3-5 are worthy of special attention.

        @Progra, you mentioned about inserting the Progasm so that "the head points up", are you saying that the lesser raised K-tab should massage my perineum?

        I hope to blog later on today about this morning's session with both the Maximus and Progasm earlier this morning.


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          That's correct. Lesser raised P-tab for perineum & higher K-tab for behind..


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            Thank you, Progra, for your helpful answer. rook gave me the same answer in a private message to me. I admit that I have only begun with the Progasm. It will take me a while for me to make progress, but I was in the same position with the Maximus at the beginning of August. What I like so much about the Aneros is that it takes me on amazing and surprising journeys in the exploration of my prostate.