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    In our maintenance of the open ANNOUNCEMENT threads, we occasionally redact posts which are not specific to the topic, this discussion was created from comments split from: My First Super Orgasm....
    Aneros Team

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    RastaYoga, thanks for that mind-blowing description of a mind-blowing experience! Wow!!


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      "But until I was able to get off work early and the wife was still at work and kids at school was I really able to completely relax and enjoy each feeling." If you experienced it once, I would be confident you will again. What you said about relaxation, including being aware that you would not be disturbed, may be the clue.


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        Thanks for the an update, the next few times felt like I getting really close..but couldn't seem to get over the edge. Then just decided the next time to enjoy the feelings I was getting and continued to read the forum when I had time. Came upon suggestion to contract both rectum and pc at the same time, kinda like a push me/ pull me type of move. Wow, what a difference....was back doing the pleasure dance in no time. And it seems now that absolute quiet/relaxation is not as important to get me started, but now becomes part of the whole equation. The pleasurable feelings lead into the relaxation. Journey continues........


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          bytorNow that u mention that i remember seeing that suggestion long ago. I think it is alternating rather than at the same time as i recall. Somehow the contrast sets up sort of an AC/DC reaction. Journey on, and best wishes for a long happy one. (Not long it results cummng, but results continuing to cum!)


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            Hello, commando.

            Yes, as you can read from Brian's post above, many guys here have had similar mind-blowing experiences with Aneros. It really is a trip, sometimes in the LSD sense of that expression.

            To answer your question about what happens when you just keep going into a Super-O, I think it varies from person to person. For me, there's a sort of black-out period near the end. I have no sense of going anywhere, but when I return to my senses time has gone by. I haven't heard of anyone being harmed by the Super-O experience, so you might want to try "going all the way."




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              It would be really nice to see a vid of you undergoing a Super O