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The Aneros Audio Experiment

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  • The Aneros Audio Experiment

    Custom mp3 audio files intended to heighten your next Arenos session.

    Ooze.mp3 30:30
    Messy.mp3 30:27
    Erect.mp3 30:27
    Four.mp3 43:39
    5.mp3 12:58
    SS.mp3 35:40
    Ear Candy.mp3 32:43
    RR.mp3 60:00
    Leak.mp3 31:00
    See also

    The Erotic Audio Challenge
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    U da man p3rv!


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      Hi @p3rvThanks for making these audio files they are great!
      My favorite is Ooze then messy and erect.
      I have voted on the other website for them but could not comment because I was not a member.
      The answer is yes, we who know what they are about and use them would love it if you keep making them.
      I read a lot of the comments on the other website which were discouraging but they clearly have not used them for the intended use.
      Please keep up the good work =D>


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        Thank p3rv these are awesome


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          "Leak" got me going last night without the aneros inserted. Only a whisker off as good a session as with it in.Seems my body is continuing down the rewiring path. Thanks again for the new audio tools. @p3rv


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            Thank you all so much for the great feedback!!


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              As you may or may not know, the experiment is over. However, I still want to create and share new audio but it needs a new name and I need your help. So please post suggestions for a new name and anyone who participates will receive an early but final copy of my latest creation.


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                What was the experiment?

                And, i am still hoping you'll answer my question about if you listen to these yourself, and how you respond.



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                  The experiment was mainly to see if anyone else would be interested in this sort of thing and I was also sorta hoping that it would inspire others to create and share similar audio.

                  I do listen to these files and the only real downside for me is that I've created them so they lack the element of surprise. Which I'm assuming is or can be extremely exciting. I find that the audio helps me to stay relaxed, aroused and somewhat focused.

                  I hope this answers your questions.


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                    thanks. i assume you know about the iso-tones site: if you are looking for something similar.

                    the main thing similar is the binaural beat (though i must admit i don't really know what that is exactly, and, really don't want to know).

                    i also have had a very good response to some of the tracks there.

                    about my response to your tracks, i don't think it is the element of surprise so much. on first listening i am of course unfamiliar. but i don't know yet if the effectiveness will decrease with familiarity.

                    your tracks kind of remind me of Supple Nipps, the silicone nipple suction cups. in both cases i deploy the "tool" and just relax. for mysterious reasons they penetrate to my arousal center and without me doing very much, i start climbing the arousal curve.

                    thanks again,


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                      "I find that the audio helps me to stay relaxed, aroused and somewhat focused."

                      I agree with you there and almost always employ audio accompaniment in my own Anerosessions. I've listened to several of your "Aneros Audio Experiment" files and found them interesting and entertaining. I have also experimented with a couple of similar erotic 'soundscapes' that are available for download at my rumelsounds site.

                      I assume your background carrier tones are intended to relax one via brainwave entrainment. If that is correct may I ask what frequencies are you using? and are you employing isochronic or binaural beats for entrainment purposes?

                      Prior to the changeover to this new forum format there existed a Community Group titled "Muse Music" wherein members had suggested numerous recorded music pieces to accompany their Anerosessions. I contributed the following information as a starter post in that Group.

                      "Currently there are only two musical resources listed in the Music section of the WIKI - ECSTACY© is a music CD by Kelly Howell employing brain wave entrainment technology to induce Alpha and Theta brainwave states in the listener. Many Aneros users find this recording an aid to relaxation and obtaining Super-O states. Gamma Meditation Solution© is a music CD by Dr. Jeffery Thompson also employing brain wave entrainment technology to induce different brainwave states in the listener.

                      IMHO, both of these albums are excellent, but I think we can provide some other choices to recommend as well. I’ve decided to start this thread in hopes of establishing a more definitive list of Aneros Aural Accompaniments that may eventually make their way onto the WIKI. I’ve done a little digging through some past threads and started a list of additional possibilities. If you have found an album that you can highly recommend please post the album name, artist, music genre and, if you like, a short synopsis of why you think it is appropriate for Aneros sessions. ("HypnAerosession" used “Stasis” & “Box of Fysh” by Etherfysh as well as “Karooshi Porn” by Bjorn Fogelberg)

                      Here’s the list so far (in no particular order) :

                      “Colour Glow” – Ashera (Anthony Asher Wright)
                      "Tantric Sexuality" & “Reiki” - Llewellyn
                      “Rings of Saturn” - Steven Halpern
                      “Voyageur” – Enigma
                      “Live Orgasms In Concert” – available through
                      “Touch” – John Klemmer
                      "The Year of Living Dangerously" , Original Soundtrack by Maurice Jarre
                      "Tantra Drums" - Al Gromer Khan
                      ”Eternity" - Deuter
                      "Liquid Mind VI- Spirit” - Liquid Mind

                      A couple of recent finds of my own are “Future Forever” by Ion & “Dreamscapes” by Rejuvenescence both available through

                      Several classical musical compositions have been proposed :

                      1st movement of Mahler's 9th symphony
                      “Bolero” & “Daphnis and Chloe” Ballet by Maurice Ravel
                      "Diabelli Variations" by Ludwig Von Beethoven
                      Brahms' First string sextet
                      "Gnossiennes 1-4" & "Trois Gymnopédies" (Erik Satie) performed by Pascal Roge
                      "Fantasia On a Theme by Thomas Tallis" by Vaughn Williams
                      "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff
                      "Grande Messe des morts" & ""Symphony Fantastque" by Hector Berlioz

                      Natural sounds recordings are also employable :

                      “Echoes of Nature” collection, available on the Laserlight label, CD titles are : “American Wilds”, “Ocean Waves”, “Morning Songbirds”, “Thunderstorm”, “Rainforest”, “Jungle Talk”, “Wilderness River”, “Humpback Whales”, “The North Coast” & “Tropical Lagoon”

                      Individual instrumental pieces suggested include the following :

                      “Astronomy Domine”, “The Great Gig in the Sky”, Interstellar Overdrive" & "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" by Pink Floyd
                      “Third Stone from the Sun” by Jimi Hendrix
                      "Himalaya" & "Summit" by Vangelis
                      "Aurora Borealis" by Wendy Carlos
                      "Phase Dance" by Pat Metheney Group
                      "Stone in Focus" by Aphex Twin

                      Individual pop vocal pieces suggested include the following :

                      "Touch Me Tiger" by April Stevens
                      "Damn, Wish You Were My Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins
                      "Jungle Boogie" by Kool and the Gang
                      "Love to Love You Baby" by Donna Summers
                      "Telephone Man" by Mary Wilson
                      "88 Lines About 4 Women" by The Nails
                      "Me So Horney" and "My 7 Bizzos" by 2 Live Crew
                      "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Joe Crocker
                      "Luv Song" by Jane Jenson
                      "Speed Racer" by Aphex Twin
                      “Pasties and a G-string” by Tom Waits

                      Some Meditation programs have also been proposed :

                      “Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System” - (5 cd set + user guide)
                      “Journeys Out of the Body Support - Hemi-Sync” - Monroe Products
                      Triad Productions features a line of music albums that incorporate the orgasmic sounds of people making love into their music tracks.

                      Other artists have been mentioned but unfortunately members have not identified the albums, the artists are :

                      Enya, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Keiko Metsui, David Sanborn, Miles Davis, Sade, Seal, Zero 7, Air, Jam Nation, Grove Armada, Massive Attack, Electro Dance, Madonna, Philip Glass, Steve Roach

                      “Let the music take you away…” – 'Magic Carpet Ride' - Steppenwolf



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                        @darwin and @rumel

                        Thank you very much for the resources


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                          This needs to stay on page 1.


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                            I love kelly howell ecstacy! It seems to bring up more of calm seas type of response and orgasm. I have also been experimenting using hypnosis during my sessions. The hypnosis works really well for relaxation purposes, but i feel that it also tends to interfere with concentration on whats going on. I have experienced considerable movement of the helix during hypnosis along with very pleasurable sensations, but it has yet to produce a super O for me, though i just recently had my first super o, and havent had one since, though again, ive read this is normal. happy trails everyone!


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                              I just clicked on the mp3's just to see what they were like. I have my own get in the move playlist on my computer of just sexy songs. But when i hit play on Ooze =)) it hit me and it hit me hard and with out my helix in. WHOOOOOOO these are now on my computer. Thank you so much. my journey is advancing and i love it.