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Hi guys help me out please...

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  • Hi guys help me out please...

    hi guys.i happened to know about aneros and i am really interested
    but i am not able to get one..
    so if you guys have extra ones
    please do me a favor
    thank you

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    Where in the world are you and why can't you get one?


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      If you are online, and on this forum, you can get one.

      For example, you can buy a Helix by following this link:
      If you are younger, and don't have a credit card yet, then you can buy one from any store these days. They all sell VISA gift cards. Buy a $100 card, and use it to make your purchase.

      More information will help us help you.


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        im in AZ and its impossible for me get one cuz of my parents


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          I think Aztecs Idea would really help if, if your P's watch your statements...But if you are worried about the shipping and having your parents up your ass (...), then order it by phone (with the visa gift card , if need be) and tell them you want it to stop shipping at the nearest UPS or FED Ex store that you can pick it up...Then put on an over coat, a low hat, Charley Chaplin glasses fake nose and mustache, and don't forget to walk in five minutes before they close...
          Seriously though, I think that would be your best bet. The only reason I included the disguise comment is because I felt like that getting mine. The thing is, that person has no idea, and most likely doesn't give a shit.
          Hope that helps!