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I asked a question yesterday and now it has been deleted.

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  • I asked a question yesterday and now it has been deleted.

    I asked a question about how long it takes a slightest touch device to reach UK as there is no forum on their official site. however the question seems to be deleted. The reason i have brought one is because since being on anti-depressants for anxiety and other issues my aneros sessions have been going nowhere and my usage has gone down to a session in once a blue moon so to speak.
    Now i know you will probably say go to doctors to have meds looked at, but it is not an option for me as i know il go straight back to how i was, as i am in a very stressful job with silly out of the blue deadlines because of poor managment.

    My question was not intended as an advertisement to slightest touch as ive never tried one.
    Again any help would be great.

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    Hey johntrevy, ... glad to see you back here. From following that 'oher' product over the last three years, there have been some rough spots noted on shipping time and consumer communications. My understanding though is that there have been both product and organizational changes that might render history a poor predictor of how things might be next week... a bright spot ! Perhaps your question might be better posed in a non-commercial forum. I Googled for: < forums: slightest touch > and came up with several forums that might hold promise for the answers you want.

    Living everyday and every year with one is prescribed a variety of mood altering meds like yours I appreciate a bit of how you must feel. Please consider that this isn't an either/or or on/off situation. When mate's doc switched her from a SSRI to a SNRI the change made a grand difference in her libido and responsiveness to both mental and physical stimulation. The key is to see the doctor and make it clear that sexual response is a "major factor" in your life and you wish him or her to explore med-alternatives with you. Without you making this an "imperative" most docs are not enthusiastic about such a change. It usually takes six weeks for the med to effect a change that's stable and in some instances the new med isn't a good match for the patient. Changing to another med may take another six to eight weeks meaning that one-fourth of a year has passed, perhaps to no good result. There's also a risk that a return to the original med and dose will no longer work as well as it did before all the changes were implemented. I'd suggest looking at those risks with your doc and having therapy protocols at the ready to help you ride these waves.

    Before you leap on the, "give me another med" bandwagon, ask if changing the time of day when you take each medication might help. My wife doesn't react to some 'sustained release' (SR) meds as do most others. Some old fashioned generics seem to work better for her even though it means taking more pills each day. While I would like sexual freedom from my spouse's medication schedule, we've found time slots where I can solo with my Aneros and other slots when she is 'up' for sex. That time-shift might also interact with something like your work schedule so, "it ain't no simple thing to pull off."

    blessings.... rook


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      Okay, its been 28 days, no shipping or processing comunication (i waited because i wanted to give them the benifit of the doubt as its overseas). Nada... I have sent email asking what is going on in the nicest possible way. I will give them a week from today to respond, afterwards i will launch a complaint with paypal.

      What a donkey operation this has turned into.


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        Hello johntrevy. After reading through the Aneros Wiki, I too investigated the websites for the E-stim devices listed there. The link provided to the ST website brought up what I considered to be the usual "marketing guff", and after jumping through the hoops required to actually get to the ST for Men webpage, I decided to contact them for some answers.

        I haven't received any answers from them to date (it's been a month), to any of my requests. After finding a post from another Aneros forum member on another forum (and from a while ago), I contacted him directly to ask him about the device and anything he may have heard. He informed me that he is aware of a number of problems (from other people), and couldn't recommend purchasing from there anymore. I told him to add my name to the list of people who haven't been impressed. I also suggested that the Aneros Wiki be altered to reflect the "suspect" state of affairs surrounding the sellers of this device. It's being considered.

        Using the facility available at the ST site, I sent them a politely worded message that due to what I'd found out, they won't be seeing any of my money until they get their act together. I remain unconvinced that anyone at ST is even reading the messages being submitted, much less responding to them.

        It's a pity, because it doesn't appear to me that there's an issue with the device, just those producing/selling it. If I knew they sorted out their problems, I would still consider parting with my money.

        I hope Paypal comes through for you if you lodge a complaint, and hopefully they will stop processing payments for them if there's enough people going through the same thing.


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          I gotta feeling that im going to be launching a dispute with paypal as they clearly have no intentions of getting back to me.


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            Now i get a reply from ST website. they say shipping to uk is 17 days (which is fair enough) sometimes sooner. someone at slightest touch is a donkey.


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              Just make sure they're not trying to stall, so that you can't lodge a complaint/dispute with Paypal. I'm pretty sure that Paypal's policy on disputes when buying off ebay is 45 days, but I'm not sure if the same applies to non-ebay transactions. I'd be very interested in what happens, regardless of how it goes, and I'm guessing some others here would too. Please consider providing any updates you're comfortable with, and the best of luck.


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                If i hear nothing else by friday then im gonna launch a complaint with paypal. I think you are right that they could be stalling for time.


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                  Just an up update.

                  Some good news (for me at least), i have managed to get my money back as i am convinced slightest touch is a scam.


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                    I'm sure you would have preferred to receive the device you ordered, but at least you're not out of pocket. I'm not sure about you, but when I was considering purchasing from their website, the international shipping cost to me was around the US$43.00 mark, but they didn't mention who would be delivering (USPS, UPS, other?). For that amount of money, and for what the size/weight of the device appears to be, I would have expected delivery in seven to ten days if it were USPS, and even sooner if it were UPS. Their behaviour is despicable, and I hope others are better informed now.

                    Thanks for letting us know.


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                      I can only hope that no-one else gets burned with this scam.