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  • Newbie needing advice pls

    Hope someone can help. I'm posting on behalf of my husband who needs some advice. I apologise in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place but I haven't had a chance to browse the site. Anyways I recently purchased the aneros helix for hubby as he was reading up about various prostate toys. This one had very good reviews so I ordered it for him.
    So far he has used it twice and isn't really sure what to expect or if there is something he should be doing. From what I've read he just needs to be a little patient and is possibly expecting a little too much straight away lol. At the moment he has used it on his own so he is comfortable with it. My idea was to give him a relaxing body massage whilst the helix was inserted as maybe he is a little too tense ?
    I hope someone can help pls xx

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    It is great that you bought it for him. I am only just a beginner. My primary reason was prostate health. It took me several months before my prostate responded to the presence of an inserted aneros. I find that it is a toy but it is more of a facilitator. Eight months later I get some nice sensations and feel more positive in myself. So for me the it is a lovely gentle journey that gets better as I go along. I find that having sex with my partner with the aneros inserted is too confusing. I find the normal sex experience and the prostate sensation are different. This said my desire for normal sex has been heightened by regular private aneros sessions. It is a win win.
    I would suggest he has regular private times. He has your support and that is fairly unique, well done. He would need to have an hour or so. Some form of relaxation seems to be essential to allow the prostate to call the tune. Meditative breathing is also helpful. From what I read the adjustment cannot be hurried. The journey, the life change is worth it. He may need to find the right lubricant. Vaginal lubricants may not be suitable.
    Generally aneros will not give immediate sexual gratification. I hope this may be helpful.
    Personally I don't think a massage with an insertion would be helpful, the idea is wonderful but may be too like normal sex stimulation.
    I am sure our senior members will have a lot better things to say.
    Thank you so much for being so supportive in this.


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      Nice that you would support him along this path.

      Massage has always boosted my endorphin level. OTOH it took me nearly two years to sense the edorphin boost I get from an Aneros session. So what may not work at the outset of the Aneros experience may well fit in when he has more experience.

      Each of us responds differently to massage and each massage session may vary from therapeutic to erotic. I would hazard that "hubby's" responses will be dependent on how the two of you have employed massage during your foreplay.

      Suggestion: talk it over and ask him, when (not "if") he would like to have massage introduced. And, if it's not your piece of cake now, consider it again as his (and your) responses to Aneros evolve.

      blessings to your both... rook


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        Me and my wife would both like to thank you for your comments.i shall take every thing into consideration.
        by the sounds of it i need some me time.which my wife is very
        supportive and understanding.about letting me have my aneros.
        i found the aneros very comfortable to insert.
        once again thank you both again.


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          Welcome to you and your lovely wife! Just to be clear, the Aneros can be used in several different capacities: as a therapeutic device for BPH and prostatitis, as a device to amplify traditional ejaculatory experiences and as catalyst for a powerful non-ejaculatory orgasm that we call the Super O. Given your reference to toys, I'm assuming that you're concerned with the erotic applications of the product.

          In regards to the traditional applications, the Aneros can be used right out of the box to optimize masturbation or any number of lovemaking activities where ejaculation is the final result. As others have said, it's terrific that you have a supportive partner in this. She is obviously a generous and caring lady! There's much for her to appreciate here too as the Aneros has the tendency to make things more... energetic ! Whether it's oral sex, intercourse or simple fondling...everything goes better with the Aneros. In such sessions you'll find that you can use the Aneros actively (voluntarily contracting as you're being stimulated elsewhere), passively (allowing your body to respond involuntarily) and a combined approach involving a bit of both. You'll find that Aneros is very responsive to small movements of your body, delivering a delightful, gentle stroking of your prostate. And when it comes times for your climax, the ejaculations are likely to be the most powerful and voluminous ones that you've ever had.

          The non-ejaculatory application, (the Super-O) is a bit different in that it often takes time and some self-discovery to achieve. In these cases it is often helpful to go solo, as the process generally involves experimenting with and focusing in on subtle sensations, sensations that might be ignored while engaging in traditional pursuits. As you gain more familiarity with this type of arousal, you will want to bring your wife back on board to share it with you. The Aneros will open up an whole new level of intimacy in your relationship. For more information on this check out the Helpful Links for New Members sticky, paying particular attention to the WIKI links on the Super O.


          BF Mayfield


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            Thank you very much for your comments.
            So far I have found everybody very friendly and very helpful.
            Just a quick question how often and how long should
            My sessions be as I am new to this ?
            Once again thank you for you help.


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              My thought:
              Depends very much on what works for you. A session should be long enough to give the prostate time to reprogram a respond to the aneros. There may seem to be nothing happening but it is! So I would think about an hour as a minimum. I also think that not clenching or tightening the PC muscles too much is helpful. It is also important to not have any expectation. Most of my wasted sessions are when I tighten up hoping for some significant response. My best session are when there is a spontaneous response. I have not had any super responses but I have been very happy with the gradual awakening. I am sure senior members will give more info. I don't think you have mentioned which aneros you are using as that may make a difference in the answers. Really long sessions - mine can be 3 hours - need a long lasting lube. I use a blend of fresh bees wax and walnut oil which also has a pleasant after aroma.


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                Thanks for your comment.
                I have the helix.
                Very pleased with it.


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                  What a great way to start out! You must have a wonderful relationship.

                  As others have suggested, some time alone is a good idea. The sensations can be very subtle and could be missed if you are shifting focus to your partner - again depending on what you are trying to get out of the session.

                  Over time, you may find you are becoming more sensuous. The Aneros can introduce many changes, more than you might expect. It is a celebration that you can share with your wife. Enjoy your new adventure and share often, partner viewpoints are especially welcome.



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                    Thanks mate for your comment.can't wait for my next session.