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The Elusive EVI ?

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  • The Elusive EVI ?

    (as of 12,20,08)

    Anyone know where the Aneros EVI might be in stock? Here are the dead-ends I found:

    -- -- (offers a newsletter)

    -- -- (out of stock, added to catalog Aug 8th)

    -- -- (unable to order)

    plse post or P.M. me ... tia, rook

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    what the heck is the EVI?


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      Several months ago, concurrent with the announcement of the Helix -syn, Aneros pictured the EVI in the store. The implication is that it's a hands-free vaginal toy to work the g-spot, much the same as an Aneros does for the prostate neuro complex.

      I received my -syn in June as a father's day present and had planned to make a present of an EVI to my wife.

      Shortly after that appearance the website was hacked and we heard nothing else about the EVI from Aneros.

      Finally, I showed my wife an illustration of the EVI and asked, "if you had one of these, how would you use it?" Not knowing it's actual size, she was puzzled. Now, it has really has my curiosity.


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        Ahhhh, so they did use my idea!

        This actually looks pretty cool. I'd be curious to know how effective it is. Perhaps when this is out and available in mass quantities we'll get some female forum users posting how this works for them.


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          Isn't that just like a lady to keep you waiting?

          Word has it that some of the EVI testers have experienced first-time squirting G-spot orgasms.

          I'm eager to verify that!

          BF Mayfield


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            We believe it would be so helpful if there was a forum with the same tight focus for women to discover the full potential of their G spot.


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              I would love to know more about this, and how can I have my wife be an EVI tester! I would love to have her experience the wonderful orgasmic states the body can produce. I remember seeing it when I purchased my Syn, and thought it got swept under the rug. Glad it is still in the pipe line. Let us hope it gets launched shortly.


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                Really looking forward to getting my other half this, knowing how much I love my aneros toys, she ants in on the action


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                  Put us on the list for an EVI!!!

                  I can hardly wait to have Mrs. a able to work with one!!

                  Very eager two too here!!


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                    Yes I think my wife would like this as well. Sign us up for one!


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                      Well the wife has seen it, and wants to try it so... How much longer??


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                        Wow! Where and how did she see it??? We would love to see it too!!! Links in these original posts lead to dead end "Page Not Found" page here at Aneros site...


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                          Thanks friend rook for your links above!! Now have seen it!! Thanks SO much.

                          Now Aneros, what's up with Evi???? Please!!!!

                          ( I am artform's wife!! ..."mutual prostates practice"... I feel left out for solo sessions, until seeing this possibility!! Please let us have an Evi and see how Evi can enhance the woman's experience for dedicated Aneros Couples!! )

                          [This comment I tried to leave at the Evi site, butt will not post intimate details on facebook thanks]

                          af for Mrs. a


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                            I know I would love to get one for the wife. We spend so little time together; maybe it would give her a chance to explore a better, richer sex life....


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                              EVI is coming......patience!

                              BF Mayfield