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    Yes, to the pub with all!!

    Keoke, yes "contentment" becomes a key state and a feature of getting into the Shen spiritual orgasmic energies level, which some just land into without any effort. It is also a feature of energies sharing sessions with fellow Anerosians on the energies pathway.

    all the greatest peace and contentment and grace that can abound from awakening/awakened prostates all


    as we rewire we are all reconnected


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      Artform, I must admit, without getting too mushy here, sharing plays a major role in my affection for both the Aneros and the Anerosians.


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        Thank you Artform. You put it so nicely.


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          @dingus: I think you've hit on something there. "Itching" is a great way of describing it.


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            If I've had few days off, it turns into a deep, constant, pulsing ache. I've gotten used to the tingles and pwaves all day, but the ache is hard to ignore. A good session seems to make it worse.

            I think I've had pretty consistant super-o's, but it feels like something else is about to happen, something very, very powerful. Recently I held off on letting the climax happen through breathing. After a bit it became frightening and I had to let it go. The next day was unbearable. What have I gotten into?



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              @Xileh: I know what you mean. Sometimes you can be frightened by what you can sense approaching. I know I have been. I then have to fight my instinct to avoid this new thing, not always successfully.


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                There's a super-O beyond the super-O?


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                  I have not reached the first Super O yet! I`m getting jealous!


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                    @dingus: I don't know. All I know is that occasionally the sensations have ratcheted up in intensity for me. Whether that's because they've gradually got less over previous sessions and I'd got used to the drop in level, or whether it's genuinely a step up, I can't tell.


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                      @dingus: I'm not sure what to say. It just seems like there is something else going on. It's all pretty new to me so I'm not paticuarly qualified in these matters. Things change so much from session to session it's hard to pinpoint what's going on...

                      Have fun!



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              're not alone...I have delayed eating physical food, when I'm STARVING, because my prostate wouldn't stop jumping from the CRAVINGS for the progasm. Yes bro, it's just that intense. Welcome to the club.


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                          More great questions and experience sharing men!!

                          dingus, YES, there is/are indeed orgasmic energetic experiences possible beyond the Super-O! Several major categories in fact. These began to be recognized here over 4 years ago when a senior member started asking about orgasmic feelings he described as: "Above and Beyond". Above and beyond the Super-Os as we understood them then. BTW, there are also many categories and intensities of Super-Os themselves, including Active Body Super-Os and Still Body Super-Os, for example.

                          Xileh, you said: "but it feels like something else is about to happen, something very, very powerful."

                          twlltin, you said: "Sometimes you can be frightened by what you can sense approaching."

                          Many have shared this experience before, and many more will as this practice expands around the world. In the complementary practice that numbers here also practice, KSMO, Key Sound Multiple Orgasms, , we speak of "Terror at the Gates" when practitioners can sense something even bigger about to happen in their orgasmic energies development.

                          We all survive these events, which most often turn out to be ever more powerful, ever more different compared to ejac-type orgasmic feelings, even more astounding very different experiential ecstasies, still triggered and amplified by your awakening/awakened prostate; your prostate as the frontal lobe of your Gut Brain, your second brain that has as many neurons as your skull brain.

                          These Above and Beyond orgasmic energies ecstasies can, on occasion, go so far as to include forms of out-of-body travel, or "through-the-body travel", spiritual orgasms, a feeling of union with the universe, experiencing/interacting with a sentient/sacred presence, and more.

                          I intensively practiced aspects of Taoist sexual kung fu in the early 1990s, about 15 years before discovering and beginning my mixed Aneros/KSMO solo/couples Male Multiple Orgasms practice. I became able to conserve semen and its energies doing reverse/inward ejaculations and circulating those resulting energies internally up to the microcosmic orbit level. I stopped inward ejacs after the first year or so, retained the microcosmic orbit capability, and let the practice go as a regular discipline after the first three years or so.

                          Mantak Chia's books were my sources/teachers. His updated versions: The MultiOrgasmic Man, and The MultiOrgasmic Couple have been taken up by growing numbers here too. The Orgasmic Energies we unleash by awakening our prostates, the p-waves we seek and treasure as they develop, are the energies mapped by Taoists several millennia ago: Jing(semen, life essence, orgasmic energies) on up to Chi/Qi(life-force daily and ecstatic energies) on up to Shen(spiritual orgasmic ecstasies, universal union, encounters with presence, and more...).

                          This map helps explain why some guys say they have energetic sensations, butt they don't feel sexy/sexual. Until we stop defining orgasms as being the same feelings as ejaculations, we cannot proceed to these higher levels. When we feel this unfamiliar thing approaching we can feel very uncomfortable. Yet we should know no fear in any of this. These are all gifts that lend profound joys of different dimensions.

                          So, long winded as usual, this is a humble answer to your question dingus. One that I can attest to from personal experiences. See my blog here. All the very best on your journeys into these great orgasmic energetics men!!!


                          as we rewire
                          we are all reconnected


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                            Well, here we are at the beginning of October. I`ve been using my Helix for about 6 weeks now. Still enjoying the sensations but no body shaking or crys of ectasy yet. I still read the forums (but forget to log in sometimes) and get so excited down below reading all this stuff!
                            I have also been tempted to try a different model, but will still with the helix because I think its too early to change. Besides, whatever I get might not be any better.

                            Still hoping and still enjoying!


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                              Hello, Striker,

                              Patience, my man, patience. I know you know this, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded. All the ecstatic experiences we write about here can be a bit overwhelming to a newer member and can lead to some unrealistic expectations.

                              Most of us who are so enthusiastic about our Aneros use have been using for a long time. We have been completely rewired and now are reaping the fruit of what, in some cases, may have been a year or more of practice. I know that sounds "unfair" but, most of us didn't have overnight takes time.

                              However, and the overwhelming number of guys who have "gotten there" on the board will agree, the patience is worth the wait, time and frustration of the early days. So hang in there, as there will be dud sessions or times when you don't think anything is happening, but every session gets you closer to the goal. Trust us.

                              By the way, many sessions to not result in "body shaking" or ecstasy. Sometimes its just pleasant warm fuzzy sensations, and other times it's...well...more. No telling which session you're gonna get, but they're all good.

                              As far as other models is concerned, I think most here would agree that having several different Aneros toys is a great thing, as each "hits" a different spot and generates a different sensation. So by all means, purchase or two more, I suggest a Progasm (looks big, but works great) and maybe and MGX. I'd save Eupho for later, but it's a grand toy, too.

                              Good luck, Strider, and keep at it. It's worth it.



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                                It took me at least 6 months to even start to understand what the Aneros / prostate stimulation is capable of. For months I felt some pleasant sensations, some increased ejaculation volume, some minor tingles, etc. Also weirdness and discomfort. Then one day... when I was least expecting it... and in a mellow mindset of "whatever happens, happens.... I'm just relaxing"... some serious neurological fireworks went off.

                                Just enjoy the process. Each person experiences it differently... and the level of effects you need will be awakened in just the perfect time.