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The dirty dozen - 12 ways to reach ultimate pleasure

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  • The dirty dozen - 12 ways to reach ultimate pleasure

    Hereby presented is my list of 12 methods to achieve multiple orgasms. I have tried them all with varying degrees of success

    1. Aneros SuperO
    2. Anerosless SuperO
    3. Nipple Orgasm
    4. Orgasm Control
    5. Hypnosis Orgasms
    6. Subliminal Sound Orgasms
    7. Awakening Kundalini
    8. KSMO
    9. Amygdala Clicking
    10. Prostate Milking
    11. Hands Free Ejaculation
    12. Glans Torture (Palm/Tongue)

    What are your thoughts on this Dirty Dozen? I want them all. Simple as. Should I focus on one? Or keep expanding the realms of pleasure?

    I find myself having to decide each time

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    Well, I'll certainly vote for many of these. Number 10 was not on my list until recently when I finally got hooked up for some top quality grass. That in a small pipe, actually just two or three "hits" of weed, and my Progasm resulted in the most fantastic, continuous and long-lasting Super O I have ever experienced.

    I have not had any weed since the 60's (honestly) and it's certainly improved in both quality and potency, so I had no idea how I'd react when I first used it. But now, I am very pleased to tell you that the combination of grass and Aneros is one I look forward to, again and again.

    Great stuff.



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      How about the Hands Free Wet Orgasm (HFWO)? Very similar to the Super O, but with semen. Lots and lots of semen.