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    I've been noticing lately that while
    I've been having fairly pleasurable sessions. (Disclaimer: I have not
    achieved super-O's yet) The pleasure has been all anal from the
    involuntaries. I thought it rather odd that I wasn't experiencing any
    pleasure in my prostate like I have in the past, but just disregarded
    it as a growth phase I'm in. As the involuntary anal muscle
    contractions have grown wonderfully stronger and more consistent
    through my approach of relaxing and doing nothing.

    Then I noticed on the forums here that
    there has been a good amount of recent talk regarding doing PC muscle
    exercises. And so just out of curiosity, in the past couple of days,
    I started tinkering with that again both with Aneros and without.
    (I've done these in the past, so nothing new, I guess I just forgot
    in my relax and do nothing approach for the last few months.) And
    pretty quickly, prostate pleasure started to come back. Wow! Love it!
    So apparently where I'm at in my journey right now, I can't
    completely relax and do nothing during my Aneros sessions. I do need
    to work on the PC muscle flexes and holds, so that my prostate
    becomes sensitized and generates pleasure.

    Have other users here noticed this in
    their practice?

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    I had an amazing session last night!
    Still no super-O, but I'm sure I had the most amount of pleasure I've
    ever gotten from an Aneros session. I was using the Helix which has
    now become my favorite again. Several times during the session my
    body worked it's way to building to what seemed like an exquisite
    peak where I think I realize what's involved in achieving a super-O
    and how it could happen, and wondered if this would happen. The most
    amazing realization was how incredibly pleasurable the involuntary
    contractions and body responses are to the Aneros. But the minute I
    consciously slip up and start controlling it, that pleasure dies
    away. So it's become a real interesting game to try and find that
    right level of relaxation, not controlling the device, staying
    aroused, and focusing on the sensations to really get the pleasure to
    build. I highly look forward to future sessions. And I also have a
    Eupho on it's way. It should arrive next week.


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      Would reiterate my post in kegel exercise refinement thread - do a few long PC squeezes, with the intention to trying to pull in the pineal eye and perineum towards the prostate and hence clasp it between the two, squeeze as hard as possible for as long as possible for three times at some time convenient once a day.


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        Hi hapticbear,

        I am fascinated in how you practice the PC squeezes. Are they actually the Kegel Exercises?

        Also when you speak of the "pineal eye", do you mean the "third eye" on your forehead between your two eyes, or the "penile bulb" or "root" at the base of your penis? I am really curious. The penile bulb or root at the base of the penis is actually very close to the perineum.

        I hope to adopt your practice of PC squeezes to strengthen my PC muscles so that I can use the Aneros Maximus more confidently, and eventually both the Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice some day.



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          Agree BigGlansDC, and thanks very much for your post here hapticbear, and your link to your post in the other thread!! It would be great to be able to have a live chat on this topic!!


          as we rewire we are all reconnected


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            Thanks BigGlansDC and artfrom to spur my clarification here - I mean by pineal eye, the pee slit at the top of the penis - I find that seeking to pull this towards the prostate and seeking to pull the perineum up towards the prostate naturally focusses the kegel PC in the prostate region. Just take it slow though and don't, like with any muscle, over exercise.


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              Thanks hapticbear!!

              Very interesting analogy transposing the pineal to the penis opening!! Thanks again.