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  • Old newbie with old model

    I'm starting to get older - 62 years that is and can use some sexual excitement. I bought an Aneros back in the early to mid 2000's, not sure of the exact year. It looks similar to the MGX but has an extra bump on the front of the head kind of like a flat nose. I used it a couple of times but got exasperated when I started leaking pre-cum and nothing much else happened.

    A couple of weeks ago I dug it out and have been experimenting again with lots of helpful information now available here and on the wiki that wasn't available originally. I tried to locate my "sweet spot" because the P-tab is 2" from the shaft instead of the current 1-3/4" but can't find it. When I tried kneeling next to the bed with my torso laying on the bed (instead of on my side) I felt some nice tingling but since then have found no new sensations. I was trying it out every other day, thinking of it as "training" but decided to stretch out the wait period to several days. Should I get a more modern model or do I have a rare item and just need to have patience?

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    Welcome back to the Forums,

    "Should I get a more modern model or do I have a rare item and just need to have patience?"

    While I believe you can Super-O with any of the models once you have worked out your personal orgasmic formulas. I think many men find certain models just seem to work better for them than others. Unfortunately you can't and won't know which ones are better until after you have purchased and tried them out. In that respect your question is difficult to answer.

    If your model looks like the High Island Health PS New then you have have the Aneros "Classic" model which is no longer offered on the Aneros site.

    The "Classic" model's P-tab is centered more distant from the main body central axis than the later models. I believe the later models were redesigned to shorten that distance in order to accommodate a wider range of men's 'sweet spots'. You could try a P-tab arm modification to get an alternate fit or perhaps purchase a new model and keep your old model as is for future comparisons/usage.

    Typically, I recommend either the HelixSyn or the MGX Classic models for beginners, I would make a similar recommendation for you even though you have some previous experience.

    Regardless of the model you are using you need to have patience!
    Good Vibes to You !


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      Thanks rumel, that link clears it up, I do have the "PS-New" or classic. I'll be patient and experiment with it for a while longer.

      I have meditated in the past and now find using the Aneros similar; introspective, calming and generally pleasurable. A lot of discussion on this forum is about achieving the ultimate super-O and how long that takes, etc, but I am just enjoying what I am feeling short of that. In the eastern spiritual traditions, nirvana is the ultimate goal. According to what I've read, it is very encouraging that orgasmic nirvana seems to be possible in this lifetime.


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        You have the Classic It's great. I'm glad I got the Volcano Pak.