AVN Fan Awards - Vote for the Helix Syn!

Hi Everyone,

In the runup to the 2018 AVN Awards, AVN is holding an online vote for a bunch of different categories, and the Helix Syn is one of the nominees for "Most Amazing Sex Toy". We'd greatly appreciate it if you would go to to cast your vote. You can even cast your vote daily. Voting runs from now until January 18th. Thank you!

The Aneros Team
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My Helix Syn Has Arrived

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  • My Helix Syn Has Arrived

    At last my Helix has arrived! I did not really feel in the mood for a session today. I was surprised at the packaging it was really cool! The silicone coating on the Helix was really nice, soft but rigid. I also got the id lube and some markesman lube and a mini douche for cleaning my rectum out. I might try the douche in the morning when i have a bath. I was very impressed with Rumels cd and Alana you are one hot lady!

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    You are going to love your Helix Syn, zang! Just be patient with it. Be open to what it has to offer you. I guarantee you the more you use your Aneros, the more you are going to be in the mood for it and anticipate each session!

    In a little while tonight, I have a session with my Helix Syn! :-)



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      Thanks Thom, i used her for the first time ever today. She felt a bit uncomfortable and strange at first, but after relaxing and getting used to her inside me, the feelings of pleasure where there, when i contracted. It is a bit hard to describe, a kind of tingly warm sensation and i really felt her moving inside me. I did order the Cd with Alana, which was great when i heard it on it's own, but a little distracting when i heard it today, while using Synita. I think she wanted to play with me on my own!


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        Hi zang,

        I am so glad that you felt that "tingly warm sensation" and your Aneros moving inside you during your very first session. That is an auspicious indication that you are going to love your Aneros sessions! I also like how you personalize your Aneros.

        You can picture your relationship with your Helix Syn as a partnership as fellow explorers in your Aneros journey. Or you can imagine your Aneros as your teacher and yourself as the student. You're going alot about yourself, your prostate, and how your body works from your Aneros! Just relax and enjoy!



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          Hi men!!

          Great you are all getting into the possibilities of your new Syn! I had least success with the original Helix, of all the other Aneros models that I use. Syn get beyond that SO amazingly for me. See my review in the Syn Reviews sticky thread at the top of this Forum page for all the details to date. Thanks again for your initial reviews here!!


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