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Different types of orgasms

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  • Different types of orgasms

    First off let me say I've had my Aneros for about 2 weeks, and have had perhaps 8 sessions or there abouts.

    I find it absolutely fascinating that each time I use my Aneros, the feelings seem to be both a different form of pleasure yet progressing. Perhaps it's because I lack a frame of reference for what I'm experiencing that it's helping me to lower the "expectation" of something and nurturing a "what's this session going to bring" mentality. For instance, two sessions ago, I got what matched the description of "Tidal Orgasms" or the beginnings of them. It was my first experience of any sort of pleasure that had it's own energy to it that I didn't have to seek. It was basically a wave of orgasm that lasted about 5 seconds then subsided then started again *slightly* stronger then subsiding, then again.. probably was able to maintain it for about a few minutes before I lost it due to my "male" mind taking over and trying "masturbate" the feeling.

    Last night, I was getting some fairly pleasurable feelings when I thought my girlfriend was getting out of bed (I was in the living room) It was basically like feeling of the thumping of footsteps on a floor. After a bit I realized this thumping was coming from me. I don't know if it was my heartbeat or something more. It was as arousing as it was confusing because even though I was experiencing some measure of pleasure I wouldn't classify it as an orgasm. I did have what I would say is light quaking as well mostly centered in my abdominal region and upper legs.

    I guess deep down the question I seem to be having is "when orgasms occur" is there supposed to be a sense of release? The feelings I have are very pleasurable, but nothing that I would consider a release in the traditional sense, no rhythmic contractions of the muscles in orgasmic bliss which I guess is what I'm seeking (yes I know). So I guess I'm trying to match my experiences with those of more experienced users as a frame of reference.

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    It sounds like you are off to a great start with your Aneros journey. It is quite natural to have questions after experiencing these new sensations without having an experiential frame of reference. This is all part of the 'rewiring' process as you go through your prostate awakening.

    In response to your query "I guess deep down the question I seem to be having is "when orgasms occur" is there supposed to be a sense of release?" Just as some men will experience increased pre-cum production due to Aneros use and some men don't, this is one of the variables of Aneros use, some men will feel a sense of 'release', some will not, but will experience a gradual lessening of P-waves coming down from their orgasmic peaks.

    You may be interested in reading the thread What exactly is a Super-O by 'Buster' where this topic is touched upon.
    Good Vibes to You !