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  • My First Session with MGX

    Well yesterday I had my official first session. I have wanted an Aneros for the longest time and finally stepped up and purchased one. I showed my wife my new toy, but this experience was a solo mission. I got home early yesterday and I knew I had some privacy for the next several hours. I cleaned up and set the stage, of course after reading advice from all of you out there. I lubed up internally and I lubed up my MGX.
    I layed flat on my back and inserted my MGX. I felt some pressure. I let it slip in further and it was feeling ok. I laid there and concentrated on my breathing and tried to relax. The more I tried to relax though, my mind fixated on my "trying to relax" and I was ultimately unable to just relax. I tried to focus on the feeling in my anus and felt a little touch on my prostate. It was like an ever so slight touch from a finger, just stroking ever so faintly. I wasn't feeling the joys other members were describing. I used the handle and applied some pressure on my prostate and wow that felt amazing. I was no longer just going with it though and my automatic little toy was now having to be manually manipulated. I let go and tried to relax again. I now knew the feeling I was looking for considering it was so faint before. I took some deep breathes and slowly contracted and released my sphincter. But I was left with disappointment because I could not get the tool to slide in and out as in the videos I have seen, nor could I feel the pressure I wanted on my prostate.

    What was I doing wrong? Any advice? Please help me because I was really hoping to have a great first experience, but I was simply left with a limp dick leaking pre-cum. I wasn't expecting a "Big-O" or anything, but I was expecting more.

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    What was I doing wrong? Any advice? Please help me because I was really hoping to have a great first experience, but I was simply left with a limp dick leaking pre-cum. I wasn't expecting a "Big-O" or anything, but I was expecting more.

    You were thinking to hard. Don't think, just let go. Don't worry about it, it will cum. It takes time to warm up the prostate, and to get used to the new feelings. Insert, relax, and enjoy the ride. Let the toy work you, you are not to work the toy.

    This is much easier said then done. It took me over a year to understand why the above statement is repeated over and over. One day it will click for you, just don't give up. Enjoy each session, and leave that session satisfied because each one is completely different. On occasion, I have a dud day because I was not listening to my body. It just happens, but don't beat yourself up about it. It only gets better after day one.


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      "What was I doing wrong?"
      - Probably nothing!

      "Any advice? Please help me because I was really hoping to have a great first experience, but I was simply left with a limp dick leaking pre-cum. I wasn't expecting a "Big-O" or anything, but I was expecting more." -

      The description of your first Anerosession experience is fairly common. I think most of us begin this journey with high expectatations that we will be the exception and have a stellar session. Alas, for most of us, this just doesn't happen. The good news is that you can quickly neutralize the disappointment and resulting frustration by a change in attitude.

      "...but I was expecting more."
      - DROP THE EXPECTATIONS and approach this experience as a learning adventure. Yes, I'm sure you have read all about the wonderful pleasures to be had and you've probably seen numerous videos of men experiencing almost violent body spasms. But most of these men didn't achieve these states on their first or subsequent Anerosessions until they had gone through a learning period we call "rewiring".

      I hope you will take the time to read the introductory PM , with some additional advice, which I recently sent you. You may also benefit from reading the thread Identifying Obstacles to Progress
      Good Vibes to You !


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        Mike, I agree with the advice of Aztec and Rumel. My first session with the MGX, which was last Fall, was quite similar to yours. I used it infrequently for a few months, and only recently reached the place of feeling real comfort with something stuck up my butt. I've tried other models, but always return to the MGX.

        Others have made similar observations to mine, but I'll describe my usage. In the beginning I was expecting, hoping, or possibly "working" for some special, over-the-top climax or orgasm during a session. I had many interesting sessions over several months, but it was not until I began to insert the MGX at bedtime (or whenever I had at least a couple of hours of down time), and consciously force myself to relax, even to the point of falling asleep, that the real progress began.

        Almost immediately upon inserting the Aneros, impulses would flash from the spincter to the prostate to the penis in a repetitious cycle leading to increased anal tension and an engorged penis ... and I was off to the races. :-) That in itself was sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, or sometimes uncomfortable if it continued too strongly. Over time, I learned to consciously slow down and give my body time to accept the foreign object as a welcome guest. For me, relaxing my anus itself is key, even if the Aneros is moving across the prostate, or my penis is responding by flexing in response. But every time the spincter invariably tightens, I consciously relax it, again and again, for several minutes if necessary, until my body gradually reaches an overall feeling of well-being, centered in the prostate and radiating outward.

        Nothing works with the same success every time, of course, and I'm not saying that "forced relaxation" will work for everyone. For me, though, once fully relaxed, I can more easily enjoy different plateaus of pleasure with the slightest amount of encouragement (almost imperceptible flexing, etc.). And if you're like me, you may also discover that your nipples, your penis, your buttocks, your entire body, are sensitized to the slightest touch, and a feeling of sexual well-being continues for hours.

        Mike, that's much more than I intended to write, but maybe you can glean something useful from my limited knowledge. I'm still learning. :-) Please don't be discouraged. You have many pleasant experiences in store!


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          Hang in there buddy! That's perfectly normal! Just keep practicing and enjoy even the slightest feelings that may occur! It takes time to get "rewired".

          All the best,



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            Thanks for all the advice
            @Aztec I promise I'll let the tool work for me
            @Rumel I am looking over that info you linked and thanks for the advice.
            @ Keoke thanks for sharing all that with me. It's nice knowing I am going through similar trials with some good folks.


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              Three quick hints:

              - Your sensitivity to Aneros (or just general prostate sensitivity) will increase with more sessions. I had made quite good progress in the past, but had a few months of abstinence and I'm almost back to square one. Yes, I know what to look for, but I can't make up for the lost sensitivity. It will take time.

              Don't just bang your head against the wall. Try a few different positions. Don't forget you will only really feel something after a few minutes of repetition. Some good positions to try are: - "doggy" with your knees beneath you and legs wide open,
              -on your back with knees near your stomach
              - the one from manual, on the side with one knee near stomach

              When disappointed with your session, don't settle for a penile masturbation, it's a waste. Cum on the next day if you must. If it looks like the session is going nowhere, turn on some porn, extra excitement should engorge your prostate and make you at least feel something. As soon as you touch your dick, it's a slippery slope and you'll want more of it. So don't, just watch the movie. It should turn you on a lot, but it's a different, nice kind of arousal. More calm, less hungry.


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                Actually I need to disagree with masturbation after a session.. I would just go for it! As long as you keep it something extra, it should be ok.. looking forward to it is not a good idea..




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                  Some great responses with some very good advice here. Be certain to read through Rumel's introductory PM, it will add clarity, and greatly focus your efforts. To answer several of your points directly, don't expect the Aneros to move, "as in videos". The truth is a large excursion (the in and out movement) is not required to produce a Super O. Besides, more often than not it is very subtle movement of the device that does the trick. In either event developing muscle tone and control of the massager is one of the keys. Another is the rewiring that Rumel was alluding to. This is a process that for most people occurs over a period of time and involves an awakening of the prostate. Given the fact that you have manipulated the Aneros by hand and have felt a nice buzz, you are likely thinking that a lot of this seems counter intuitive. Just keep this in mind, while it might feel good, you will never achieve a Super O by this method, so you need to focus on a different approach.

                  Years ago I used the analogy of making tones from a piece of crystal. You might have seen this before with people making music with dozens of partially filled glasses. Pressing hard on the rim does nothing, it requires a very light touch to produce a subtle friction that builds between ones finger tip and the surface of the glass and creates resonance. The process of producing sensation in ones prostate is similar. It differs however in the sense that not all of us are preset and ready to go. That is, it's not like there is a magic button waiting to be pushed, very often the body must become accustomed to this new stimulation first. Give it time, this will happen for you too!


                  BF Mayfield