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Thanks Aneros!!!

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  • Thanks Aneros!!!

    Thanks Aneros for your persistence in solving the problems of the attack!! The beautiful new General Discussion Forum is a wonderful advance!! Great 4th of July gift to this extraordinary community!! Thank you very much!!!

    Will there soon be a new Chat room as well??

    all the very best community building for prostate awakening advancement through Aneros awareness and activation all


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    I'm not so sure I like this new format. Feel I've lost my home. Will take some getting used to. I miss the place where it is possible to see who's on at the moment.


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      I think I'm with paulsp.While exploring the Discussions page, I inadvertently clicked the "Options" Dismiss button of one of the old Stickies and discovered that this made the thread disappear. Is there any way I can undo an action like this.

      Also, the banner at the top of this page is obscuring the page title and, more importantly a button (which I think but am not sure enables one to start a new thread).


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        I also miss the "New Posts" feature. Having that implemented back into the forum would be fabulous. I like the look and feel of it. Great job folks.


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          I join Artform in commending HIH on the implementation of the new site!
          No doubt there will be some new features to get used to, but so far,
          all and all this looks like quite an improvement!

          @Pommie, with respect to the "Dismiss" button, this applies to the "Mine" section (see tabs at the top). If you click on the ALL DISCUSSIONS tab you will see that all of the threads remain. This "Mine" feature establishes a separate area where you are able to pare down the forum so that you can view only those threads that you're interested in. Again, pretty cool! You are correct, a piece of the banner is obscuring the "Start a New Discussion" tab which does indeed allow you to create a new thread. I suspect this will be addressed shortly.


          BF Mayfield


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            And where does one click to find who's on now, please?


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              Thanks for the kind words guys!

     you can now see who's online on the right hand side of the forum.


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                Just fixed the banner too!


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                  I get it now... clicking on a discussion thread's title gets you the most recent unread comment. Not quite as obvious as the vBulletin way of doing things, but it works fine all the same.

                  PS. The banner still sits over the top of the "Start a new discussion" button on the page. As I said in the activity section, it needs a "margin-bottom: 30px" in its style to push the rest of the page down a little. Your screen must be considerably wider than mine.

                  It's sufficiently annoying that I've used Adblock Plus to block that page element in Chrome.


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                    Thank you for pointing out the who's on now menu to the right in forums. I am starting to like the new format quite a bit. Thank you for all the work going into it.


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                      @twlltin: You may need to clear your cache. I've attached a quick screenshot of what I see.


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               Glad you like it!


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                          CT, this layout is great! It's clean, beautiful, and very stylish. It feels like a contemporary forum where minds of a contemporary nature can meet and enjoy each other's company. Overall, this feels like a major leap above almost all other forums that I've seen.

                          I only have one major issue. That's simply that when something is quoted, the quote box is gone and a big chunk of text takes its place. I know the text is prefaced with "rikaaim says..." but the nifty quote box really makes the post stand out and much easier to read. Other than that, I'm sure there are going to be a few issues that still need to be worked out, and some things that I will have to get used to it, but I'm excited! This is very cool.

                          One last thing, at this time, is there a chat available, and if so, how do I access it?


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                            For me, accessing the forums from a mobile device (I use an android based phone) is the best enchancement. Great job!


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                              CT said:
                              You may need to clear your cache. I've attached a quick screenshot of what I see.

                              This is the offending block. It's embedded in the page's HTML, so isn't affected by cache clearing (which I've done anyway).

                              Curiously, when testing just now with Opera, I found it doesn't display the site advert at all by default. I'm currently using Chrome.