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    hi all

    after reading a few posts on the forum recently i have been hearing more and more about brainsync and kelly howell so i decided to give it a try i downloaded Awakening Kundalini and i have to say it was amazing i didnt think thing could get any better but this took me to a whole new level and i would recommend it to anyone and i was just wondering if anyone could recommend any other sessions/programs that work well with aneros thanks in advance


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    remember that Hypnaerosession also employs a "binaural beat" background. It's subliminally similar to that on Kelly Howell's brainsync tracks. It was designed and produced specifically to accompany an Aneros session and has coaching cues on track #1 that are specific for heterosexual males. Track #2 does not employ a script and is also hetero specific as the orgasmic voices & cries are female.

    iirc, rumel has designed a male- voiced version and that's in production for a possible 2012 release.

    Tip: Listen to any of these binaural beat or isochronic/Ganzfeld productions with earphones or ear buds that have a smooth frequency response between 100Hz and 250Hz. If you are hearing the pilot tones, try a different set of buds, perhaps of a lower quality with little bass response.


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      After being on this roller coaster of a journey for the last year and trying this and that I decided to give Isochronic Tones a shot.
      Spotify has an album called Pure Isochronic Tones. Wow. It was like finding the last piece of the puzzle for me. Each track is 20 mins long and there are seven different tones/waves. I haven't made it past the Delta and Theta Waves...pure bliss!
      Thanks to everyone for all the info on here. Its been a blast of self discovery and in now way would I have gotten the O with out you guys!
      .....goes back to his hole to lurk


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        I like Brainsync's Ecstacy with or without the Anero's.

        I have downloaded the NikkiFatale meditation, however haven't used it yet. Any thoughts on this one?


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          What are the best tone frequencies to work with for aneros sessions? Alpha, beta, theta...?


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            theta i think... and a good recomendation is kelly howells the secret, it's an hour long and i listened to it for the first time last night, and only about 20 mins of it due to ear bud issues. actually i should say it was this morning i listened since i've been sleeping during the day... and i've been asleep from about 6'30 til 18:00, yup i needed some sleep, i've not been awake long, counting in sleeping/dreaming sporadic awake periods, aware sleep periods, lucid dreaming periods and awake periods, its been a rollercoaster, both good and emotionally bad, but only because i have become aware of an emotional blockage that need dealing with, very good transformation stuff. amazing sensations came up. even just starting up and listening to the cd... thats the quickest and least effort i've ever put into getting into a meditative state.



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              So I've been reading an old thread on here Ran across the someone commenting on Iso-Tones (, all free downloads just right click and save, there is a place to donate though. I downloaded a few (KO, Nirvana, Arousal, Fusion, Magic and Lucy) just to start. Listened to KO, Nirvana and Arousal without the Anero's and had some incredible Dry-O's...ended up with a giant puddle of precum in my shorts. Has left me tingling from the prostate to the glans for the last hour!!

              KO is only 5 minutes long and is incredibly felt like if it went on for another 2 minutes with final steady tone I seriously would have shot my load hands free. It gives pretty good descriptions of their 50 or so downloads. Here's a couple:

              KO - This tone produces some weird effects. It can be used as a quick session before bed if you are jittery and awake, but if you are really having trouble falling asleep I'd recommend the sleep tone, as this is more of a recreational tone. 5 minutes long.

              Nirvana - A relaxing, euphoric tone - it's recommended that you leave your eyes closed for at least the first 5 minutes to feel it's relaxing, soothing effect. 15 minutes of happiness.

              Arousal - This is the product of numerous, anonymous email requests asking I design a more "arousing" tone, if you catch my drift. The 15-minute experimental tone uses several frequencies that stimulate certain parts of the body. Personally I haven't tested it out myself yet (but there are others who do that for me sometimes), but if this is your kind of thing you should get good results.

              There's so many downloads I think we need to work together to get the best ones and post the links here.


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                hi guy's thanks for all the replies I was a bit short on time yesterday and now realise I should have gone into more deatail my first try with the brainsync stuff was yesterday as part of a quick (for me lol) 2 hour session I used awakening kudulini for the first hour and hypnanerosession part two for the second part it was probably my best session yet the 1st track seemed to relax me more than I ever had before I was cuming pretty much constantly for about an hour I had to stop to go out or I would probably still be lay there now haha I usually always have something playing for my sessions I find it realy helps with relaxation the nikki fatale session is realy good also I would recommend it to beginners it help me to get the toy moving with just my breathing obviously the muscles down there are working but you just don't seem to notice it other tracks I would recommend are any of the jackpot series by Isabella valentine (spelling?) and orgasm/extacy/excite by apologies for my grammar it's never bin my strong point I hope you manage to decipher it I think I will check out the isochronic tones stuff before tonight's session thanks again people


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                  I've listened to a bunch of the Iso-Tones, and had the best results with Purple; although the Dry O and the Super O still allude me. There are so many tracks on that site and I have no idea which ones would be beneficial to the aneros practice, so I kind of gave up. I'd sure be will to try again though!


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                    I've only used them Aneroless and fully dress (see my post from yesterday about no private time). Try Nirvana and KO back to back and then loop KO (because it's only 5 minutes). I'm going to try to get some time with my Aneros Saturday night, as long a we don't go to a friends and drink to much.


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                      Old thread related to the topic of Photosensitive Epilepsy and Binaural Beats

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                        if you would like to know more about brainsync you can read my latest post (sexuality and death) at


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                          a few nights ago i gave Iso-Tones KO, Arousal and Nirvana a try.

                          i might have been "primed" by a few days of teasing abstinence, but KO followed by Arousal worked really really well. i was aneros-less and had a very powerful response with "no effort on my part."

                          i then took a break and tried Nirvana and did not have the same response. I don't know if that was because of me or it. I guess I'll try it again, and will also try Purple.

                          As with all MMO techniques and new discoveries, sometimes it is the novelty that drives the response. Your body is waiting for an excuse to unleash itself, and these new approaches give it the push it needs. Then it is on to discovering yet another new angle.



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                            i have come across something interesting, the are not binaural beats or anything like that... this is a particular tuning.
                            in the west almost all our tuning is done to A440hz standard, this particular tuning is C528hz... you can listen here

                            theres is also 936hz wich i have just tried with results


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