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How much time should I set aside?

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  • How much time should I set aside?

    Hi guys.

    I am new to the forum and to Aneros. I have the Progasm and have been having some trouble achieving any results. I lube up real well and insert the device; however, I am not feeling any of the sensations described in here. I can only achieve an orgasm by tapping on the Progasm (this was a wet orgasm). I just lay there for a hour or two max doing kegels and feeling nothing. My longest session ever was under two hours because I just got bored and masturbated.

    Do my sessions need to be longer? Is there anything I can do to get my prostate in the game?

    Any advice you have (other than the generic "experience the journey" crap) would be helpful. I understand that there is some self discovery involved in this process, but I need to know what's worked for you, so I can see if that works for me. Please let me know how long your sessions last. That would be really helpful with any stories or advice you might have.

    Thanks, Ty

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    Two hours is pretty much the longest session I usually had. I'd suggest stopping after an hour or an hour and a half if nothing's starting to happen.

    I'd strongly suggest not masturbating at a session's finish -- it could make a mental link between Aneros use and ejaculating, which is what you don't want. Certainly don't manipulate the Progasm by hand during a session (except to reposition it when it's gone askew).

    It took me about a dozen sessions before I got my first sensations.

    The Progasm can a difficult one to start with, and it may need a different technique to one of the smaller tools. Even though I was already experienced when I got my Progasm, it took me over a month for my body to learn how to get it to work.

    What I might suggest is that you start off by just relaxing. Don't do Kegels at this point. Just breathe deeply into your stomach (not chest) and when breathing out, gently try to push the air downwards. Don't hyperventilate: just breathe at a normal rate. Feel with your mind for any slightest new sensation. If it was nice (or nearly nice), say to yourself, "That was nice. I liked that." You're reinforcing mental pathways.

    After about 15 minutes, do try a few gentle Kegels squeezes and then relax again for a few more minutes. Listen with your mind for any slight echoes of those Kegels contractions. All the while keep your breathing into your stomach as before.

    The prostate orgasm (and its fellows) is a shy beast. If you go in with all guns blazing, it will hide from you. A softer approach is needed.


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      Hello, TyGuy.

      Welcome to Asstronut Mission Control (just kidding with the NASA ref).

      The fact that you can orgasm by tapping the base of your Progasm is a good sign. Apparently, your prostate is alive, well and responsive. My wife drives me crazy, in a good way twiddling the base my Aneros toys during sex.

      Twll's advice is spot-on. Once you get the device to move on its own and excite your prostate, then you can JO with Aneros all you like. While you're training, it may delay progress.

      To answer your question, The longest I've left Aneros inserted is about 8 hours, while sleeping. There are threads on that subject that you can find by searching.

      Best Regards,



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        Whereas I've had good responses from the smaller toys, the Progasm has not delivered yet other than a nice sense of fullness. I get the feeling that as I get more experiance, it could be devestating. It almost seems too much for now. I was also a bit stuck with my Helix, switched to the Eupho, and things really took off. Twll and Dave offered great suggestions. Have you tried stimulating your nipples?

        Good luck!