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Does this ever happen to you durring your session?

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  • Does this ever happen to you durring your session?

    I have been using the aneros on and off for a couple years, sometimes going months without using. This is because I have never had a super O, and a traditional orgasm with aneros inserted doesn't feel comfortable, it kind of ruins it. Anyways.

    I have been using the mgx one or twice a week lately. Today was good because it was mostly involuntary muscle contractions which for me was exciting because I always feel like I'm getting closer to the elusive super o, even if I'm not, the fact the aneros is moving on it's own gives me hope.

    Well about 30 min into the session I began holding my breath, and my body began kind of flexing. This went on for 30 seconds to a minute and I realized durring that my body was acting like I was having an orgasm. Only without the pleasure, ejaculate, or feeling of release, or relief. It was kind of frustrating actually. Afterwards I started to feel a little sore and felt it was time to stop. Is this normal, or just a random event? Or is this a sign my body is warming up to prostate massage?

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    What do you mean by flexing? Is it like humping air?


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      Muscles in the stomach, and legs going tense, and holding my breath. Maybe it's different for everyone but when having a traditional orgasm that's what my body reacts. It was almost like my body was having an orgasm, just without the pleasure, or ejaculate with it. No I wasn't humping the air or anything, no movement.


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        Sounds like the early stages of a session to me. Muscle tension and twitching is normal. Try to relax through that.

        However, try not to hold your breath even with traditional orgasm: you'll last longer and the resulting "high" will be much improved.


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          I'd guess that your body is beginning to adjust it's sexual response to something relatively new. Just go with it is the best advice I can give you