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Aneros and chastity

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  • Aneros and chastity

    Has anyone had experiences having sessions whilst wearing a chastity device? Is it possible to have a super-O when in something like a CB6000?

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    You'll get erections. I suppose it will be painful


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      Originally posted by Pareidolia View Post
      You'll get erections. I suppose it will be painful
      I guess that might be a desired effect for someone...


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        [size=2]hywel, asked : "Is it possible to have a super-O when in something like a CB6000?"

        IMHO, the short answer is YES it is possible. I did a quick check through the internet using "Aneros and chastity" as search words and found that Aneros massagers are frequently used as prostate milking tools associated with long term orgasm denial while in male chastity devices.

        I find it interesting that, for the most part, practitioners of male chastity make no distinction between orgasm and ejaculation. The existence of the Super-O phenomenon is not part of their lexicon or lifestyle practices so there is almost no mention of this aspect of male sexuality. That is unfortunate for those men who choose to follow that lifestyle. While the motivations for living a chaste life are diverse (just as the lifestyles of Aneros users are), I see no reason why men in chastity devices can not enjoy the same benefits and effects as men not in chastity.

        You may wish to read a couple of chastity referenced threads such as "Super Orgasm VS. Milking" & "A couple of questions" for some related information.


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          Absolutely! And best when secured under the oval anus opening of a Full-Fledged continuous-crotch Steel Male Chastity Belt! Currently I'm in a T-3 full waisband Male stainless steel chastity belt with an Aneros Progasm under the Anal Cover. I got the belt from here:

          The Aneros Progasm base easily slips between the rails of the Anal
          Slot. I therefore won't loose it (even if I try)... and I can also
          comfortably sit while plugged with the Progasm, as the crotch plate will
          absorb most of the weight, and won't slam the plug and the tabs against
          me. I can relax at all times and the program will always be floating
          and responding (enduring) involuntary muscle contraptions -- with nothing much to do but ride along...

          Ideal for shopping too
          with the Progasm! (or cycling with a split rail-saddle) -- jailed
          under the chastity belt, there's no fear to loose it, even if willing
          Orgasm is easy and very intense especially if the Urethra Plug is screwed on the penis tube pee hole thread. It won't result in a wet big-O... but better... will get a very intense dry (ruined) orgasm. Cum won't squirt.. it will just slowly drain out of the pipe... masturbating you even more...