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New Product Review: Behold...the SYN !

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  • New Product Review: Behold...the SYN !

    Simply put, the SYN (as in synergy) is a meticulously reconceived version of the most popular Aneros model of all time…the venerable Helix. The SYN demonstrates keen innovations for comfort and performance, with a striking aesthetic that one rarely sees in adult products. The SYN also represents the first in a series of models that will be designed with the assistance of user feedback (more on this later).

    The SYN is a gorgeous black and red, two-toned edition of the Helix, in shades reminiscent of the pages of the Aneros website. Even before the advent of the VICE, users had been clamoring for softer more comfortable massagers. From a design perspective the challenge had always been that a certain amount of rigidity was required for the proper pivoting action of the device and silicone alone was not up to the task…particularly in their smaller, thinner models. The solution, as it turns out, was a hybrid design utilizing two materials instead of one. The body, abutment arm and tab feature rigid styrene inner frames over-coated with a luxurious “Velvet Touch” medical grade silicone. High marks go to the Aneros designers for this alone, as the silicone is neither too soft nor too firm. In essence it is “just right” combining optimum comfort with enough firmness to assure proper performance.

    Inserting the SYN is smooth and effortless and it feels positively delicious! The prostate engagement is affirmative yet cushy, and the sensation is incomparable with any other Aneros model to date. You just have to experience it! The softer feel makes it great for “over-nighters” and those who enjoy wearing the Aneros out during the day. For many years I advised against such practices on account of the rigidity of the traditional Aneros units and the real potential for over-stimulation. The “Velvet Touch” silicone is a much kinder, gentler material that is perfect for such users and those who are into more extended sessions as well.

    The SYN features a newly designed abutment tab created in concert with user feedback. For years many users had complained about P-tabs that were too aggressive and pinched, poked and prodded. To eliminate these problems an “M and M” shaped tab was agreed upon. The result is a tab that has a softer focus while maintaining the required pivoting action and consistent perineal stimulation. In addition, the abutment arm’s hybrid structure yields an almost “spring loaded” feel. This Aneros has comfort written all over it!

    The SYN is very nimble, responding to the smallest contractions with alacrity. To achieve this the body of the massager was redesign just below the midline ridge with a wider, deeper contour. The result is a unit that is balanced to fall forward with greater ease. As with the VICE and other silicone products, the SYN should be lubricated copiously. (My personal favorite: KY liquid pre-lube with an application of KY on the SYN itself).


    The SYN is perfectly suited for use during intercourse or more “traditional activities” (where ejaculation is involved), where a firm yet comfortable massage is desired. The SYN is uniquely suited for a side-to-side wiggling motion (when lying on one’s back). Internally this produces the most divine sensations as the Aneros darts back and forth between both lobes of the prostate.

    In so far as the aesthetic is concerned, the SYN represents the highest point yet in terms of Aneros style and function. Sitting in the box the device looks like something suitable for framing! The overcoat application seems to have been gracefully applied, and the looped red handle and black abutment arm and tab evoke “ying and yang” imagery. When considered with the red dot on the tab, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the Super-O logo created by Rumel. Tis a thing of beauty!

    So what IS in a name? SYNERGY: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations or agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of its parts. In the context of the Aneros SYN it’s about the use of several materials in order to build a better product. But at the same time the name encompasses a powerful new relationship between users and Aneros designers.

    The SYN is a terrific choice for new and advanced users alike.


    Great for users who like to “wear an Aneros out”, “over-nighters”, those who have experienced discomfort with other P-tabs and users who want an Aneros for intercourse.


    More expensive than the older models. P-tab engagement may be too subtle for some. Cannot use with silicone-based lubricants.

    *Have any ideas for Aneros designers that you would like to share? The Aneros VOICE is coming! Stay tuned!

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    HI Guys ,

    I was recently afforded the opportunity to get an early production model of the new Aneros Helix 'SYN'. I pretty much concur with all that 'B Mayfield' said above but I'll go ahead and give my take on some of those thoughts as well. First things first, the packaging follows the red & black color scheme with magnetic catch lids first introduced with the 'Tempo' model. This style is nicely appropriate for the upscale product contained therein. You could put this on your bookshelf tucked in with all your other nicely bound tomes and it would look right at home, classy packaging indeed.

    Now the meat of it. Upon first look in a side by side comparison with the original Helix one is likely to say "well they just dipped it into silicone and painted the handle, what's the big deal?" Well... there have been numerous subtle modifications made to the design.

    • The first (and most obvious) the velvety feel of the silicone skin, I believe this is the same formulation as is used in the 'VICE' product line. I really love the feel of this material, perhaps even more than I love the polished stainless steel of the 'Tempo'. The silicone skin holds the Natural Jelly lube beautifully and after use cleanup is simple with warm soap and water, nice.

    • The next thing I noticed was the head design is slightly more tapered on the sides (this makes insertion ever so slightly easier as the head pushes through the inner sphincter muscle) while the fore/aft profile remains the same as the original Helix.

    • The next significant difference I noticed was the reshaped waist section, this Mistress is now wearing a slick silicone corset, making it narrower and more apt to seat more snugly in line with your inner sphincter muscle. I found this particularly pleasing as it allowed me more precise control of overall massager movement as compared to my original Helix model. It is also more comfortable, I wore it around my house whilst doing other tasks for a couple of hours, I found it so comfortable that I often felt like there was nothing there until I invoked a slight PC, rectal or sphincter contraction. I think a great deal of credit for that comfort level goes to the next two design alterations.

    • In the past numerous users have complained about the "poking" nature of the 'dime' style P-tab, this has been changed. While the size (diameter) of the tab is about the same the edge profile has been significantly altered to a much more rounded profile, imagine a black M&M candy on the end of the abutment arm. The refined shape along with the resilient silicone surface coating makes for a much improved feel, which leads to the next significant design change.

    • The new abutment arm is now very springy, with a lot of give to easily accommodated varying men's perineums. You can't call this new 'SYN' pokey like you could the original, when you now execute a contraction the tab only gently eases into the sensitive perineum area, no more poking like an amateur masseuse working on her first client. This Mistress knows how to sensually tease her man's perineum with each contraction/stroke. It is very soft and comfortable, perfectly suited to extended Anerosessions.

    If there is one con I can think of, it is that same flexibility of the P-tab arm. While I really like the less intense pressure this P-tab imposes, I am equally aware of some men's complaints that the P-tab of the original model didn't make adequate contact with their perineums. I suspect this may still be a problem for some men because the geometry of the P-tab/waist of both the new and the original 'Helix' is the same. If you weren't getting good contact with the original, you won't get any improvement with this model. For those men who really like a firm P-tab engagement you may find this new arm pressure underwhelming. Finally, the flexibility may make it easier for the P-tab to move off your 'sweet spot', this is not a problem for me because I've never found my spot anyway, but if you have one, you may need to monitor your massagers action to assure that it stays put.

    My overall evaluation is , Two thumbs UP, The Helix 'SYN' is an evolutionary refinement in the Aneros lineup of products. For years I have recommended the 'MGX' first, then the 'Helix' for newbies, this new model may change my thinking on that recommendation. I have also traditionally recommended that one not sleep with their Aneros in situ, but the comfort of this model makes me even want to try that option out. I think even the Pope could enjoy this SYNful indulgence (only for prostate health purposes of course )


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      Thanks for the thorough reviews! So any word on whether or not we can expect other current models to eventually get the "velvet-touch" update??


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        Hello, Brian.

        The Syn looks like something I'll have to buy. As you know, I sleep with either the Eupho or the Vice (sans vibe) almost every night. The hard plastic of the Eupho can be pokey at the tab by morning, and the Vice always reminds me of how big it is. The Syn just might be the best combo of size, shape and materials.

        Best Regards,



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          What about cutting the curly tale handle? Is this possible to cut it of? Or does al the silicone brake off ?
          WHy making this handle ? Its is discomfort for day time use.


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            This is all a mystery to me!
            Has it been released yet?
            If not, when is it to be released?
            How much will it cost?
            When can we see a picture of it so that we can actually visualise it?
            When can we order it?


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              Click on the banner at the top of the General Discussion section. This takes you to a page where the SYN can be pre-ordered.

              Or go here:


              BF Mayfield


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                Originally posted by ten_s_nut View Post
                Hello, Brian.

                The Syn looks like something I'll have to buy. As you know, I sleep with either the Eupho or the Vice (sans vibe) almost every night. The hard plastic of the Eupho can be pokey at the tab by morning, and the Vice always reminds me of how big it is. The Syn just might be the best combo of size, shape and materials.

                Best Regards,



                I'd say the SYN is right up your.....alley!

                A much more comfortable product to use for longer sessions

                BF Mayfield


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                  I ordered mine...any ideas when they will start shipping???


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                    Originally posted by South7856 View Post
                    I ordered mine...any ideas when they will start shipping???
                    We will start shipping on Tuesday May 15th


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                      This sounds like a fantastic step forward! I currently only own the previous helix, and have been enjoying it very much. Those of you that have tried the SYN as well as owning the older Helix, would you recommend this model as an upgrade to my current helix, or is it similar enough to what I have now that I might not notice much of a difference and find my money more wisely spent on something like the Vice?


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                        Originally posted by fortwayne View Post
                        Thanks for the thorough reviews! So any word on whether or not we can expect other current models to eventually get the "velvet-touch" update??
                        Yes, the Eupho is my preferred Aneros, so i d like to know if (and when) it is scheduled to be released in the Syn form before considering to buy the new Helix.

                        Thanks in advance


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                          Really looking forward to this!

                          Any idea when it will be available in the UK, from a UK retailer?

                          I know I can get it shipped from this website but the $40 shipping is pricey.


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                            Just got the shipping notice - it's on it's way!



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                              I haven't gotten a notice about my pre-order, i live in tue U.S., are they doing this in different shipments or a mass release date like for movies or video games?