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Abdominal Pain after Aneros Use

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  • Abdominal Pain after Aneros Use

    I recently purchased the Aneros starter kit and used it for the first time 5 days ago. Within an hour after my first session I began to experience low to moderate lower abdominal pain. The pain has contiinued up to this point and has fluctuated in intensity from low to moderately severe.

    I followed the instructions and other information I had read regarding first time use. I used two tubes of the Marksman lubricant, one for my rectum the other for the massager. I had some difficulty inserting the massager and had to use some pressure to get it into place. I have some conern that I may have inserted too quickly without my sphincter being more relaxed. In addition I may have done the contractions too quickly and with too much force althoough the strongest contractions were the automatic ones as a result of fininishing the session with a penile orgasm. I have not seen any obvious signs of rectal injury such as blood but am still conerned. Would appreciate hearing from other users who may have experienced something similar or who offer ideas as to what I may be experiencing. I would like to continue using the MGX if I can determine what is causing the pain.

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    Is is possible that you are having muscle spasms of an internal muscle that's never really done anything before this? Just a thought.


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      I would suggest using a different lube, I have had this happen at different times.


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        I can't think of any way typical use of an Aneros can cause the rectum to be punctured or seriously injured. You may have developed colon cramps and irritation from your lube and for that very reason I don't inject lube, just apply it to the anus and the massager, but as you'll note in this forum there is a wide variation in preferences about lubrication.

        As it's been five days it would be about medically impossible for you to have caused a serious internal abdominal infection like peritonitis and as I say, there's about no way that you can cause something serious like that with proper use. I tend to think you've merely strained some lower abdominal muscles attempting contractions or having a really forceful ejaculation with the first time excitement of experiencing this with a prostate massager inserted. I'd rest and avoid having another session for a few days.

        I'm making the assumption your colo-rectal health is otherwise good, that is, you are younger with no other symptoms referable to the lower rectal tract or if you are older you've had appropriate colo-rectal evaluation by a physician, like getting started with periodic colonoscopies if you are near or over 50. I've seen extraordinary situations where someone had a low lying rectal cancer and the physician couldn't even squeeze a finger up inside through it on rectal exam but it's hard to imagine someone not realizing something was wrong at that stage with the obstructive symptoms and bleeding that would be noticed.

        Please keep us posted with how you do and feel free to use this forum to ask questions.


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          Hey, safeuse! I've been on my aneros journey almost 3 years now; and, several months into my first aneros use, I too experienced pain. My pain would appear several hours or up to a day after use; and, it would be uncomfortable enough to cause me to miss work OR at very least to lie low. It was always in the lower left portion of my abdomen AND I experienced it only after VERY vigorous sessions with my peridise, helix and Ice. In fact, I retired my Ice for several months due to the pain (I've just now restarted using it with no pain to date). My doctor determined it was "muscular-skeletal" in nature; and, told me to take some Tylenol. After backing off the use of these aneros models AND focusing on my mgx and eupho, I have enjoyed painfree sessions thereafter. Now I'm using each of my models again; and, everything seems to be going well. I would suggest trying some of the other models, spacing out your sessions until your prostate and body get adjusted and seeing how things go. It is a magnificent journey once you get off the ground! Take care my friend AND God bless!