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New Sensations--tingling/buzzing in hands

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  • New Sensations--tingling/buzzing in hands

    During a great session I had the other night, something weird happened. At one point, this tingling or buzzing sensation filtered into my body, mostly my arms and hands. It was slightly similar to the feeling of pins and needles, but much "warmer" and not at all unpleasant. It wasn't "pleasure" exactly, but rather it felt like energy. This feeling concentrated in my arms and hands, especially my hands, which I noticed were kind of seized up in one position--open palms, slightly curved fingers, rather rigid and slightly resistant to movement. (Once I discovered the resistance, I didn't try too hard to move them, not wanting to disturb the state.) At one point, I kind of held my hand palm down over my chest and felt it being buoyed up--rising higher off my chest without me telling it to. It was insane.

    I do no sort of drugs (except occasional alcohol, and I was totally sober at the time.) This was a very strange experience for me, definitely intriguing, but not exactly sexual pleasure. Again, it was in no way uncomfortable--on the contrary, it was rather thrilling.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I'll note that overall the session was incredible. Most of my sessions lately have been. I had one last night that ended up with my laying face down, my butt humping frenetically and almost uncontrollably backward into the air at a rapid pace while my dick brushed against the sheets underneath me. During this time I was experiencing those P-waves that are hard to put a finger on--they're not like traditional penile pleasure, hardly even tangible, but incredibly pleasurable. They seem to more be about a full-body state of bliss and arousal than about a sensation of the skin. This eventually build into a traditional orgasm primarily powered by the Aneros. Very powerful experience.

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    Hi Mind Travels... Congratulations on expanding the scope of your sensual and orgasmic feelings.

    Yes, more on my left hand and foot rather than on the right.

    I sometimes start an exended session by extending my core feelings outward to the hands (eventually getting the same sort of 'pseudo cramps you got) by very lightly interleaving the fingers of my left and right hands and gently rubbing them (sort of copulation between these hands.) As the energy and tingling builds, I shift to a gentle rubbing between the base of my left thumb and the LI-4 acupressure point (used to treat conditions in the large intestine and female uterus). Link: --> Acupressure Points. I don't own a uterus but find some interaction deep in my pelvis.

    Some of my acupressure points seem to work in reverse (e.g. pulling upward on the GB-4 toenail for example rather than applying compression force to it.)

    Enjoy exploring your body's "on-switches" to further expand your pleasure.

    hth.... rook


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      Yes, I too experienced that pleasant body buzzing in my first Super-O experience. It is just one example of the numerous sensations one may encounter in the realm of the Super-O. Remember, as our most experienced guide stated so simply,
      Originally posted by B Mayfield View Post
      ... Super O's come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued.
      The variety of sensations you will encounter on this journey is truly amazing. In my experience, no two Super-O Anerosessions are ever the same, the complex interweaving of physical and emotional sensations are always intriguing and entertaining. Each Anerosession presents an opportunity to experience the mystery and awesome power of your own body to generate altered states of being.