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What is the Aneros really hitting?

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    @B Mayfield,

    While I agree with you this could be 'artform'having a little fun with us or it could be a bioenergetics metaphor.

    I've read in some spiritually oriented articles that we (human beings) are "beings of light" and from the Bible, "Then God said, 'Let there be light'; and there was light." The fact of Bioluminescence makes it entirely plausible we could have bioluminescent bacteria living in our G.I. tracts.
    The song "This Little Light of Mine" takes on a whole new meaning in that context.
    In any event, if the Progasm 'ICE' is tickling the fancy of our bacteria with external light transmissions, perhaps that provides added resonance to orgasmic pleasure waves, who knows?
    Good Vibes to You !


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      Well BigGlansDC, B Mayfield, Thomasheen and rumel!!!!!

      Look what an innocent aside has generated!! All I meant was having a largish clear acrylic object well inside one's rectum and protruding outside through one's anus was bound to let a little light into one's insides there...

      I have directed my south face into sunlight and moonlight (during some solo Full Moon Club events) comfortably ensconced on our Liberator ramps and wedges et al... So much for that light penetration enabling So I said what I said without any doubt about light entering via Ice...

      Before we begin on the subject of light emitting bacteria and communications, I invite all of you, and anyone else intrigued, to post in reply here what percentage of you (your complete body) is you (cells with your DNA) by living organic mass?

      While you are contemplating your self-image and your answer here is an actual orgasmic light experience to contemplate. KSMO Jack (Hydraulic Jack being his Anerosian identity) and Pan, a fellow Anerosian and multiple-practice guy too, and I have all had this experience, so I am not talking through my Crown Chakra!

      In the midst of penile vaginal intercourse with my wife, and it being a highly charged energies exchange session with energies orgasms shared back and forth between us, I felt a unique high charge build and WOW/FLASH/BLIND??? ENORMOUS ENERGIES PLEASURES EXPLOSION ECSTASIES and mrs. a and I experience a flash of extraordinarily bright light orgasm shooting from me all over the exterior and throughout my penis into mrs. a's vagina, and I suspect G-spot/prostate and elsewhere throughout her.

      Like all energies orgasms, this does not feel like an ejaculation at all; they are almost infinitely variable and a whole other level of sensations. In the Tantric tradition, these light orgasms are known, and perhaps in others as well.

      More about our bacteria symbionts, and others, and further light fantastics!!! After you post your percentage!!!


      PS You are all too kind


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        I haven't the slightest idea what you just said...

        But to quote one of my favorite movie quotes:

        I'll have what he's having....


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          "The Khasi of Kalabar: May the benevolence of the god Shivoo bring blessings on your house.
          Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: And on yours.
          The Khasi of Kalabar: And may his wisdom bring success in all your undertakings.
          Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: And in yours.
          The Khasi of Kalabar: And may his radiance light up your life.
          Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: And up yours.

          Carry On... Up the Khyber - 1968


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            I am still very curious about where the Aneros Maximus fits in this question. For those of you who have used the Maximus, what is it really hitting? Certainly your prostate, I am sure. But what other parts of your sexual anatomy does it hit?

            Thom./BigGlansDC, who hopes to use his Maximus later on today for the first time!


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              Hi BGDC!!

              Between your prostate and the inner sphincter of your anus are situated the "bulb" root of your penis right behind the rectal muscle wall there, and then your Cowper's Gland source of pre-cum, just before your prostate. Above the prostate are your seminal vesicles, which make most of the semen fluids/gels. Your prostate makes about 1/3 of your cum volume.

              The curved sculpted mid-body of many aneros models can stimulate your penis bulb and your Cowper's gland. Max plays very nicely with all your parts in this list!! If the aneros tip reaches higher than your prostate, it may stimulate your seminal vesicles. Many guys notice increased pre-cum using the larger aneros models in particular.

              I never had any pre-cum until I became a regular user of the Progasm Ice!! Now most of my aneros models stimulate increasing pre-cum amounts, when I am going for a BPH therapy session particularly!!

              Hope that helps BGDC. So, enjoy your penis root and Cowper's men!!


              as we rewire we are all reconnected

              PS Cum on guys; guess how much of "you" is "you"!!!!!??


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                I had my very first session with the Maximus early last evening and it was wonderful! I hope to post a more detailed account later on today.



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                  I've done the most radical of 'de-tailings' on my Maximus, turning it into a rather specialized tool. The entire tail is now gone, with only a smooth nub left. As a result, the tool settles into the anterior wall of the rectum and does the job artform describes, and quite well. When sucked in heavily the 'nub' is just inside the outer sphincter and massages the posterior of the anal canal.

                  The downside of this modification is that the toy lacks lateral stability (centering) and tends to have a lot of "road wander." So, prostate contact is intermittent and it no longer behaves as would a 'stock' Maximus.

                  Nice filling sensation and good for expanding the nooks and crannies of my den of pleasures, readying it for Dame Eupho's dance.


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                    I'm going broke with these things -- but I don't play golf, so what the hey! :-) I started with the Progasm last November and it was too big for a beginner; ordered the Helix but didn't get much use because of the holidays and guests until the first of the year; ordered the MGX because the Helix was too aggressive (hey, I'm a sensitive guy); ordered the Syn because of all the praise, but still prefer the MGX. Then -- finally getting to the point -- ordered the Maximus last week.

                    For now, I'm most pleased with the MGX for relaxing, longer sessions, and the Maximus for a fuller feeling but still effective. Which goes to show what you guys stress to everyone: we're all slightly different.

                    I'm 6'!" and slim, but that may not explain entirely the preferences I've found between the versions I've tried. Just thought I'd throw that out for anyone contemplating his next (or first) Aneros.