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  • Need help!!

    I haven't posted on here for a while and I need help. I have a lot of good feelings, like if I suck the aneros in and hold it and pulse with my penis muscle I get tingling in my balls. And somtimes I get the chilles that radiates from my prostate all the way to the top of my head and the tips of my toes. it feels good but only lasts for five to ten sec. Sometimes I get a warm feeling that travels too the tip of my penis and stops and I think that I'm going to explode and nothing happens . I feel like I am on the ege of a cliff Is their anyone that has had that problem? And I don't know why my last thread was closed!!!! I thought this site was the place to go for help!!!!!!

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    ssw1 - I would have no idea why your last thread was closed but this is indeed the place to come for help.... this place and the chat room

    my progress was much more slow in coming than most so perhaps my advice is not the best.
    It sounds to me like you are trying to make something happen. I too, did this once upon a time but have since learned to relax and let whatever happens happen. Maybe it will go nowhere (for now) but give it time and just enjoy it for what it is.
    My opinion is that you are not on the edge of the cliff and have a ways to go before you reach the edge. I thought I was on the edge for the longest time only to realize that as I progressed, I had a ways to go
    I think you can make good feelings happen but you can't make a super O happen. It sounds like you are progressing - just keep the faith


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      I agree with thhn. It does sound a bit as if you are trying to control what happens here. The type of orgasm you are seeking is quite quite different from a penile ejaculatory orgasm. You almost have to will a penile orgasm to happen and provided you physically do the right things, an orgasm is almost inevitable.

      From over two years experience of this activity I have learned that almost all responses happen when you least expect them to, and any attempt to replicate them by trying to do the same thing again usually fails! Bummer isn't it?

      Eventually though, you will reach a point where responses do become more regular and consistent and this will probably happen well before you have your first super-O. (At least that is how it was for me). You will however, come to realise that you are making steady progress and that your brain is steadily becoming rewired. It almost certainly won't happen suddenly but your very first super-O will be an experience unlike any other in your life.

      I should warn you that even after you have experienced your first super-O, the second one may not happen for a month or more (unless you are somehow blessed, which I wasn't)! Even now, several months after my first super-O, I still don't get them from every session, but every session does have its own sweet rewards and, for that I am extremely grateful. It's what keeps me going and I am having heaps of fun!

      Just enjoy the ride, and don't be tempted to jump off just because you don't seem to be arriving at your destination!


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        Thanks guys, but I have been at this for 17 months or so and I have tryed alot of different aproches. like putting it in and laying very still, I start with my feet by letting them totally relax then I move up from their till I reach the top of my head then I start my contractions. Somtimes I fall asleep before I get to my head. Lol
        I have been at a stand still for 3 months. I think the lube has somthing to do with what's going on becouse when I use anything with glycerin in it I feel like pushing but get good feelings out of it. And when I don't use lube with glycerin in it I get no feelings becouse it sticks to the inside walls, it still moves but it's stuck to the aneros so I have no rubbing going on!!!

        And beleve me I don't try to make anything happen becouse I enjoy whatever happens.
        I just was wondering if Im one of the few that it won't work for.


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          Hey, have you tried Slippery Stuff Gel? It's super slippery, lasts a very long time, and is anal-safe. I also rub a little Vaseline on the Aneros, to keep it extra slippery. I've had overnighter's that came out wet and slippery.


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            Originally posted by Badger
            Hey, have you tried Slippery Stuff Gel? It's super slippery, lasts a very long time, and is anal-safe. I also rub a little Vaseline on the Aneros, to keep it extra slippery. I've had overnighter's that came out wet and slippery.
            No I haven't , just the slippery stuff not the gel.
            Thanks I'll try that.


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              Male sexual energy is cold when unaroused and warm when aroused. When you feel the cool feeling on your head, it's good thing. Read some Taoist book about circulation of sexual energy, you'll understand.


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                I think I'm in the same place ssw1. I've been at it a while also and I still have to "try" to make things happen. I have tried the "do nothing" approach, and I got out of it what I put into it. Nothing. The only time I can even feel my prostate is when I'm contracting. Sometimes I think I can feel it, but don't know it I'm willing it to happen. Or maybe it's just my imagination. I would love to figure this sucker out.
                Pommie, do you do the "do nothing" approach? Is that how you figured it out? Cuz if your telling me that after weeks or months of the "do nothing" approach, it will eventually start to happen.....then I'll do it. I'll try anything at this point. Good luck ssw1. I'm pullin for ya.


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                  I don't know who started "do nothing" approach. Personally I think it's a big load of "nothing". You have to do something. The aneros doesn't move by itself. At least you should try to feel where the Aneros is inside you. The attempt to feel it make your system senstive. Read the wiki, muscle control, belly breath, binaural music, then you can try "do nothing" approach.


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                    Originally posted by ssw1
                    I just was wondering if I'm one of the few that it won't work for.
                    While this is a possibility, I doubt this is actually the case for you as you have reported receiving pleasurable sensations from Aneros use. IMHO, it may be a case of what you are not doing rather than what you are doing. By that I mean many men often have to resolve the issues creating the blockages before their journey can progress. These blocks are not necessarily directly related to Aneros practice, but not resolving them can definitely impact the rate of orgasmic success.

                    I invite you to read my post Identifying Obstacles to Progress for some possible insight into this phenomenon. You may be experiencing one or more of those obstacles which has stymied your progress, by clearing out these obstacles you may find yourself suddenly making progress using the same techniques you are currently using.