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Anyone else experience this?

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  • Anyone else experience this?

    Sometimes after a great aneros session, and finishing off with a amazing traditional orgasm from stroking off. after getting a few hours of sleep, i sometimes wake up feeling really run down and depressed. Sometimes i don't, sometimes i do. I was wondering if anyone else experience this?

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    Do you always follow the same routine? So, what would happen if you finished your session without going for a traditional orgasm or without sleeping afterwards?

    Also, by a few hours of sleep, do you mean a three hour-long nap? If so, do you do this on a regular basis? The lethargy and depression could just be products of factors like sleeping habits/eating habits/etc. A vigorous aneros session might just exacerbate underlying problems of energy deficiency.


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      Your diet may be to blame, there are too many variables to mention. If you eat or drink any foods or liquids that are stimulants you may be crashing. Sugars do it too. Are you a heavy meat eater. Do you eat too much salt.... as I said there could be mulitiple factors. Study your intake and adjust to healthy alternatives or cut out items that are overly processed, contain many chemical additives or may have too much fat or oils. Then see what happens.