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lots of lube, aneros seems dry

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  • lots of lube, aneros seems dry

    I use frozen coconut oil as lube. after an hour of aneros use ,i pull out the mgx and its dry. I try inserting it back in but there just isnt enough lubrication. The weird part is , when i go to the bathroom i fart out lots of lube(pretty, eh?), so i got plenty in there.

    I had a thought, is it possible that the frozen pieces of oil are being drawn up far into the rectum and melting there? i dont have a way to inject the lube in a liquid form .

    another question i had, dont want to make 2 threads. I want to try douching to see if it gives me better results.How sanitary are they?, i`m worried about stuff growing in the bottle.

    what douching bottle should i get? i read a lot of posts and every one seems to have a different one. IS there one which everyone agrees is good?

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    Hey legace,

    A couple of years ago I started compounding my lube from Shea Butter and Coconut Oil using 's formula. More recently I've switched to Shea Butter + Walnut oil. I do absorb some of the oil in either of these compounds as I sense their aroma during my session. Perhaps it's the Shea Butter that helps the "durability" of these lubes -- either holds up beyond two hours. The Walnut Oil formula seems more 'lasting' but is a bit more 'greasy.' You might also look at rumel's Natural Jelly forumula -- I've not bothered with adding the beeswax but guys who do tend to stay with 'Natural Jelly.'

    A discussion of lube migrating well up the lower bowel is in this thread: -- --

    A summary of the underlying study is linked in post #21 by Badger. Here's a direct link to that summary: -- AEGiS-CATIE News: Intriguing findings from study on lubricants - March 29, 2007 --

    What isn't reported is how thoroughly the 10 subjects were cleaned out before the lube was applied. I tend to think that minimal douche, endorsed in the Aneros Wiki, may help keep lube in the rectum where it's needed. OTOH, if those guys were subjected to a more thorough cleansing with either large or multiple enemas, that may have set them up for the lube to wander upward to the 40cm point reported in the study. Aside from being scoped, the study also doesn't address the activities of the subjects after they were lubed. However, despite it's shortcomings for our purposes, this study is all we have to go on.

    Regarding douche/enema gear -- you could probably put five Anerosians in a Chatroom and hear seven opinions. I share your concern for sanitation. To speed things up and keep the fluid out of the Sigmoid colon I prefer to douche standing up rather than lying down. That can cause some backflow into the bulb/bottle. (at home I use a shower-shot which is easy/quick to clean.)

    Cleaning any douche gear then keeping it dry and mold-free is important (particularly in tropical regions.) Some airborne molds can overpower the beneficial flora in your rectum and and colon. The cure, medicating then loading up with probiotics, can take days or weeks to get you back to normal. Post use, I clean any bulb syringe with soap and warm water and leave it open to dry. A periodic rinse with peroxide is good insurance.

    Using something with a transparent bulb is an option I like (a speck of mold is easy to see). Transparent bulbs have smoother inside surfaces than rubber bulbs so there are fewer hiding places for ugly stuff to grow. The Wiki's suggestion of adapting a Fleet disposable bulb syringe does the job. For travel, I carry a Neil-med Sinus Rinse bottle. I prefer it because it's quick to fill, has plenty of capacity, and works, standing up over a toilet. A 'fringe benefit' is that it doesn't look like typical enema gear. Only downside is that it has a very short nozzle that might not do the job for some guys. Both the Fleet disposable bottle and the Neil-med sinus bottle are less expensive than any rectal syringe. So, if you have questions about cleanliness, you can toss it and buy a replacement.



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      Just remember which bottle goes up the nose, and which bottle goes....


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        Thanks rook.

        Still worried about sanitation, especially with the bottles that dont open (thanks for scaring me with the mold) . I went to the drug store today and only found 2 things which i could see being used.

        the large suction bulb is nice but seems really hard to clean and dry out. i might go 2 weeks or more without using it, who knows what might grow and get stuck in there.

        the medicine dropper doesnt seem to hold enough, but if the top comes off it would make for easy cleaning.

        i Dont think there is a perfect solution. Unless they make entirely disposable bottles/nozzles, which come packed sterile.


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          @ legace: Ok, so you found a medicine dropper and a nasal syringe. Here's what you do... Remove the small bulb from the medicine dropper. Then, take the clear tube of the medicine dropper and slip it over the thinner tube of the nasal syringe, all the way up against the bulb. Take a marker and mark the bulb where the clear tube makes contact. Remove the clear tube. Measure 1/4" from the mark on the bulb toward the stem on the nasal syringe, and mark around this area. Cut along this second line. Insert the clear tube from the medicine dropper. Ream the hole in the bulb if needed, ensuring a tight fit. This will provide a bulb that is easy to clean, and a nozzle long enough to do the job.



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            not a bad idea. Just got to make sure the tube doesnt come out and get lost in my arse


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              What do you guys think of this?

              California Exotic NoveltiesUniversal Tube Cleanser Applicator

              its either that one or this