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aneros two days in a row/ everyday ok?

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  • aneros two days in a row/ everyday ok?

    Hey all,

    I was wondering if using the Aneros everyday is ok? Also, how long can you hold a really strong contraction until it starts to be harmful to your prostate, if ever?


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    Two days in a row every once in a while won't hurt anything; day in, day out can become problematic.

    If you can hold a strong contraction hard enough, long enough, man, you've got some kegel muscles. The Aneros was designed to not hurt the prostate when using just your anal and kegel muscles.


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      Parts of the human bod do thrive better with some blood circulation. A constant flex can curtail that. The cavernosa of the penis need some circulation every 4 or 5 hours. Brain tissue won't last more than a few minutes without oxygen from the bloodstream.

      No clue on the Anal sphincters, Prostate, PC muscle group and the lining of the Rectum. To my knowledge, the Aneros Company does not give medals or other awards for the longest contraction.


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        It might even depend on the length of your sessions.

        During the past week I have found that an hour to and hour and a half at night, followed by an hour on waking in the morning has worked very well for me.

        I must admit that I am now taking a couple of days break but have had no ill effects that I can detect.


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          This depends on each different,if there is no discomfort or pain go for it.


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            About a month after getting my MGX, I decided to experiment. So, January 1st this year, I began a nightly session, yes EVERY night... for three months straight. The length of the sessions varied from 30 minutes to falling asleep with the MGX in place. Results varied, but did not experience the elusive Super-O. Had wonderful mini-O's and a few dry-O's. I did not notice any ill effects from nightly use, although I would not recommend this for everyone because everyone is different. I am able to sleep in the same position all night long without tossing and turning when completely relaxed. Not everyone can do that.

            Listen to your own body, and go with the flow. If you are sore, take a break for a few days. Your prostate will whisper to you when it is time for a session... trust me and others here on the forum who have mentioned this before... there is a subtle (I call it a yearning) call that can be felt when a session would yield the best results for the moment. The way I feel it, my prostate begins to pulse slightly, almost as if it is asking for the massage. Listen carefully to your own body and you will know how much is enough and when enough is enough.




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              Hello, thecandy.

              The responses above to your questions are all good.

              My only additional comment is that I sleep with Aneros inserted every night, varying models from one night to the next to avoid pressure spot wear and tear. It's been over 4 months now and I haven't noticed any problems at all. Of course, I use lubrication that will last all night (Vaseline covered with Walnut Oil). The Aneros models I have with curly tails have all been bobbed to remove the curly part, leaving a flat tail section that doesn't catch on bedding.

              I don't use voluntary contractions at all so I can't address that issue.

              Please note that the manufacturer discourages sleeping with Aneros.