AVN Fan Awards - Vote for the Helix Syn!

Hi Everyone,

In the runup to the 2018 AVN Awards, AVN is holding an online vote for a bunch of different categories, and the Helix Syn is one of the nominees for "Most Amazing Sex Toy". We'd greatly appreciate it if you would go to to cast your vote. You can even cast your vote daily. Voting runs from now until January 18th. Thank you!

The Aneros Team
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Unofficial chat available

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  • Unofficial chat available

    Unofficial Aneros Chat

    You can then either join the chat or view the logs. (The interface to the channel logs is currently very rough.)

    When joining chat using the web browser interface, you will be asked for a nickname to use (one is randomly generated for you, but you can and should change it) and the server password, which is currently helix (all lower case). Then click "Connect".

    This will be available 24/7 for at least the next four weeks, unless the facility is abused or Aneros support request that I close it.

    Feedback is welcome.

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    Cool beans.


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      Thanks so much twlltin!!

      And Support for allowing this very worthwhile experiment/demonstration!!

      Had several great conversations in this chat room yesterday, and with some who do not typically show up in the regular weekend chats! A key finding! Let's see how "established" this communications channel seems to becum over time...

      Thanks again all!

      all eros sparks eroticism in all corporal and spiritual communications channels, the metaphorical landscapes of the body/mind and the art form of our being in the world all



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        hey thanks a lot! Much appreciated!


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          It appears that Support haven't set up the official chat schedule for this weekend yet. If they forget, the unofficial chat is still open. (But I would say that, wouldn't I? )

          PS. If you're on a Mac, I suggest Firefox rather than Safari for connecting to the chat server. Safari connects but then drops the connection after a few minutes.


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            Thanks, Twll.

            Your alternate chat system works fine.

            Best Regards,



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              It's giving me the error just now that says "maximum connection for that IP have been allotted.
              So I'm assuming that's exactly what it means, that it is full.
              Out of curiosity what is the max # currently allowed?
              Also this has proven that we need a idle auto kick, there has been a idle user in there for a few days. that issue needs worked out.

              Edit: i got in and apparently it was not full, then i got dropped and it took a few tries to get back in. So it would appear whatever the trouble was it was just on my end.


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                Maximum connection from that IP sounds like a problem in the server config…

                Yes, it was 2 per IP, which would cause problems with the web client connections all coming from the same group of IP addresses.

                As to idlers, that one is using an IRC client, not the web client. I'm not particularly bothered by that. Over two days of idling is excessive, though.


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                  One of Mibbit's servers has gone bad. I've changed the chat web page to link directly to one of the working ones rather than to the pool.


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                    Unofficial chat is still open.


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                      Thanks a bunch, twlltin.

                      The unofficial chat room is nice to have during the week.

                      Best Regards,



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                        Bump! Unofficial chat will continue to be open 24/7 until at least the middle of November. I'm considering making it permanent.


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                          Thanks, again, twll.

                          I appreciate the effoit.




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                            A couple of commands that are useful:

                            /MUTE turns off the sounds
                            /NICK nickname sets a nickname if you've forgotten to do so


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                              Unofficial Aneros Chat

                              It's possible to have a private chat with someone on this system too. If you're using the web interface, click on the person's name from the column on the right, and select "PM". That will open up a new tab for the private chat with that person.

                              To "whisper" you use the /notice command, like this
                              /notice twlltin What does your nickname mean?
                              It will appear to the recipient in a different colour on their screen.