AVN Fan Awards - Vote for the Helix Syn!

Hi Everyone,

In the runup to the 2018 AVN Awards, AVN is holding an online vote for a bunch of different categories, and the Helix Syn is one of the nominees for "Most Amazing Sex Toy". We'd greatly appreciate it if you would go to to cast your vote. You can even cast your vote daily. Voting runs from now until January 18th. Thank you!

The Aneros Team
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Aneros effects on professed orientation

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  • Aneros effects on professed orientation

    Regrets if this complicates 'orientation' in a quagmire of terms. But, we Anerosians might have some unique issues with orientation labels. Given that, whether gay, straight or somewhere in between we seem to develop orgasmic responses in much the same manner, and we have a strong bond of communication and understanding regarding matters of sensual arousal and orgasmic response. (we just don't cherish the same vid-clips of porn.)

    Further, as we mature in our Aneros-based practices, we tend to migrate from penile arousal to prostate arousal. This migration may have a minimizing effect on our values regarding personal sexual orientation.

    A number of our polls open by asking the respondent to first self-categorize his (or perhaps her) sexual orientation as str8, bi-curious, bi, bi-homosexual or Gay, using arbitrary labels that along Kinsey's seven point scale (0-6).

    Dr. J.M. Bailey of Northwestern has published multiple papers on sexual orientation which focus in-part on two views males have regarding their orientation. (A comprehensive book is his, What is Sexual Orientation and Do Women Have One?) For males, the first is their 'public sexual orientation' (the one they display and discuss with others) and their 'private sexual orientation' (which is introspective). The element of anonymity seems assumed in Bailey's 'private' view and therefore isn't a factor in the 'public' view.

    Bailey's litmus test for orientation involves lab testing of arousal and most of his discussion is based upon standardized tests for arousal either by erectile impulse measurement or fMRI.

    On the other hand, other writers allow males to self-classify their orientation by assessing their attraction to members of the same or opposite sex or, by the gender of mates they repeatedly choose and return to.

    Members of the Aneros Forum and Chat venues might develop a third view of their sexual orientation. They live in a world where they can compare and test their introspective observations with other Anerosians (both gay and str8) while being isolated from the more 'public' environment of friends and family.

    Perhaps the Anerosian view is the more accurate of the three.