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6'5" using the MGX?

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  • 6'5" using the MGX?

    Just recently I discovered prostate massaging and after a full day of reading the forums here I decided to make the leap and purchased the MGX model. I'm fairly tall(6'5") and after reading reviews specifically on the MGX model there were some people over six feet tall that seemed to blame their height for the MGX not "working properly", which made me worry that I may have ordered the wrong model. So my question here is, is there really any correlation between a person's height and what model they should use?

    I appreciate the help!

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    I'm 6'4" and the only reason that I chose the Progasm over the other models is size and a better feeling of fullness. If you're experienced in anal play (i.e. using larger than average toys) and not a first timer then you might want to consider something larger, but really everyone is different. I've read that a lot of people like the MGX--it was going to be my choice until I found the Progasm.

    I've also read here that some people thought that the Progasm was too big on insertion. So either they didn't use enough lube, they weren't as experienced as they thought they were, or I"m a big whore that can take anything. You'd be surprised how many times I've chosen the last one.

    Hope this helps.


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      The MGX is a terrific choice for someone who is new to anal play. I am 6' 4" also and I've had many powerful Super-O's with it over the years. That said I own all the models and have had Super O's with every one of them, including the SGX (a smaller version of the MGX). What this says is that having this experience is more about opening oneself up to this alternate arousal pathway than it is the choice of the device. All of the Aneros massagers are capable of triggering some amazing orgasms. Each of the models has a little something different to offer. It's great that you've taken the plunge. Btw. if you purchased the MGX from this site, it comes with a money back guarantee as well.

      BF Mayfield


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        Thank you Deckard and BF Mayfield for the replies, they were both extremely helpful. I'm 24 and have absolutely zero experience when it comes to anal play so it sounds like the MGX was a good choice for me. I figured that I could always upgrade and buy another model if needed when I became more experienced, but I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't starting off with the wrong device.

        Thanks again for the help!


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          6 Ft even here.
          I started with the pro, but lately im having far more success with lighter sensations of the mgx.

          Technically there isn't a "wrong" aneros, simply one that is more appropriate for an individual.


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            More important is knowing how far in your prostate is. I'm finding that I may be overshooting mine with the Helix and Progasm, and would like to try either the MGX or SGX. Check it out with a couple of fingers and measure


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              If you believe that you're overshooting your prostate with the Helix then the SGX would be the way to go. The lengths of MGX and the Helix are too close to make a difference in that regard.

              BF Mayfield